My Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is just a week always seems to sneak up! I will be honest, my love language is gifts, so I can't help but create a wishlist of a few things I might like to spend my b-day money on ;) Here's what I'm crushing on!
Hand cream set: I'm a lotion addict. I definitely got this from my mom, who always is applying lotion ;) This set of 3 all have different smells and they are each incredible. They're soft but don't make your hands oily or sticky, which are both important factors when choosing a lotion, ha! 
 T3 curling iron: I've been hearing amazing things about this curling iron. Things like, perfect curls in one pass and curls that last overnight without needing to touch up the next day! This is definitely at the top of my list.

 Throw Blanket: this is the throw blanket we have in our living room, but in another color. They are just that good :) I love the dusty blush color!

 Penny riding boots: I have this boot in black and have had them for 3 winters now. I love them so much and always reach for them, when I saw they had them in brown, I thought it would be worth putting on my list! They are so comfortable. I've walked all over Chicago in them before.

 Homebody by Joanna Gaines: Of course JoJo's new book is on my list! And if I don't get it for my birthday, I'll be transferring it swiftly to my Christmas list.

 Cardigan poncho: My mom mayyy have already gotten me this as their gift to me and I'm in LOVE! It's not itchy (my main criteria) and it's warm! A coat can also fit on over it if need be (and I can assure you need will be here in Michigan ;))

 Rothy flats: I've heard nothing but good things about Rothy's from all my wedding industry friends who work long hours standing up. I love flats but have a hard time finding comfy ones, so that's why these are on my list! I love the leopard pattern, too. Since I wear a lot of neutrals, these could be perfect to spice things up a little. 

 Black coat: Girls, I need a new black coat. I try not to say "need" unless it's true. But it's true, I tell ya! I have had the same black coat since the year before I moved to Michigan, so it's pretty beat up. And to be honest, it's never really been THAT warm. My mom has this one and I loved borrowing it while she was here, so to my wishlist it went.

 She reads truth bible: I have a Bible I love (The Gospel Transformation Bible ESV), but I've heard that this one is great because of the devotional content pieced throughout the verses and chapters. It's also just beautiful!

  Pecan pie candle: Have you ever had one of Ellery Mae Candle Co.'s candles?! If not, you're missing out. This one was my favorite from last year's holiday collection! Also, stay tuned next week for a little giveaway on my Instagram :)

Earrings: I rarely change my earrings. I love my simple studs. But these I think are so sweet and feminine and would be easy to change out without making a massive statement :)

That's my list! Anything else you're loving that I should add?! Can't believe I'm turned 28 next week!
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  1. I just got leopard rothy's and I love them!

  2. I've been eyeing up the Rothy's too! They look so comfy and versatile!

    1. Agreed!! Top of my list! Let me know if you get them!


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