What Would You Say?

Forever And Ever by He Is We on Grooveshark
These are the lyrics of one of my very favorite songs from He Is We. The words are completely cute and catchy, but also totally make you think. One breath.  Just one...what would you say?? I would have so many things to say....

1. Know & love God
2. Do what you're passionate about in life
3. Be kind to people & smile
4. Eat dessert often
5. If you're in a rut, or a trial, or in a season in life that is troubling: don't fear. It will get better. You will get through it. God is love.  He will deliver you.
6. Puppies make everything better, usually :)
7. To my family, I love you with all my heart

Your turn to tell me what you'd say in the comments!
Happy Saturday!

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Charleston Naturally + Discount Code!

1. cleansing lotion // 2. whipped moisturizer // 3. shampoo //  conditioner // 4. clay spot treatment 
A few weeks ago the awesome girls at Charleston Naturally sent me a goodie bag in the mail with lots of sample products so I could come rave to you about how great their products were. I have to say, I LOVED each of the products they sent me! 

Here's a bit about the store:
Charleston Naturally is an organic beauty boutique offering everything you need for the good life. With a full line of organic skin care and beauty products, Charleston Naturally appeals to the discerning shopper who appreciates exceptional quality. At Charleston Naturally, we strive to be the ultimate organic beauty shopping experience.

What I love about these products is that they are all natural and GOOD for you! So often beauty products can clog pores, cause your skin to get oily etc...these do not! Out of all the goodies they sent, I think I loved the shampoo and conditioner (#3) most. It smelled great and left my hair nice and smooth. Basically, 5 stars for Charleston Naturally :)

The girls over at CN are kindly offering my readers a 20% off discount code! Just use MND20 at check out.
Start shopping here.

Happy Friday!

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{House Update} New Bathroom Knobs

About three years ago I redid our hall bath with my mom. This included tearing down 90's floral wallpaper {the worst experience ever, may I add!}, sanding, repainting, and picking out all new decor.  We were really happy with our bathroom, except that I have always wanted to change out the knobs.  If you haven't noticed, cute little knobs are a total weakness of mine.
My cousin happens to be living abroad working for Google, and while she was on a trip to India, she found a vendor on the street selling Anthropologie-esque knobs for a fraction of the price. And by fraction, I mean the knobs were 80 cents. EIGHTY CENTS, people!!  Why, yes, I'll take 10! It turns out these blue knobs are identical to the ones at Anthropologie. Perfect :)

Today I'm showing off our 80 cent knobs that make our bathroom look like a million bucks. Here's the before and after:

I think it's a small and very cheap update that added a great amount of personality. 
Don't you just love fun knobs?

What's your latest DIY project??
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She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Caught On A Whim

I'm thrilled to introduce you to one of my new favorite bloggers, Erica from Caught On A Whim.
Caught On A Whim
Erica is beautiful and oh-so-creative. Her blog is filled with cute crafts, hair do's and do-it-yourself projects. You should probably head over there today and say hi, because I'm giving this new blogger only a few weeks before she explodes in blog land and is all sorts of famous :) Let's hear what she's loving and not loving this week!

Hi guys! My name is Erica and I blog over at Caught On A Whim.  I'm thrilled Michaela asked me to share my 'loves' and 'love me nots' with you today.  And, get ExCiTeD, because I'm a DIY kinda girl, so a lot of the loves you can make for yourself.  Let's start with the good stuff, shall we? Here are a few of my latest loves...

She Loves Me:

Can anything else make jeans and a t-shirt look more glamorous? I think not.  

P.S. You don't have to get a pricy brand.  There are some great bold colors at your drugstore.  I'm wearing Cover Girl's Lip Perfection Lipcolor in Hot. And, best of all, it only cost a few bucks.

Nothing makes you feel more feminine than a pretty flower in your hair.  This hairstyle is surprisingly easy to do. Check out the tutorial here.  Just be prepared for a 1980s flashback.  You've been warned ;)

Just a touch of bold color is all you need.  I love how neon can even make storage boxes fun. Wanna make your own neon edged storage boxes? Here's the tutorial.

I've been obsessed with these ever since I saw this photo by the street style photographer Vanessa Jackman. So far these mint ones are my favorite.  An added plus... they are really easy to make in any color your heart desires.  Want to make your own?  Hop on over for the how-to.

Alright, ladies, we talked about the good.  Now it's time for the bad and the ugly...
She Loves Me Not:

Ick! Luckily, I have a simple remedy... baby powder and dry shampoo.  These two have been my hair's best friends and have given me many a good hair day without the need to wash my hair. (TMI, I know, I know.) Just apply to the roots and you're good to go. 

These I could definitely do without.  Especially when they cause you to lose power for a week.  Not fun.  Uggg!  Mother Nature, why are you so cruel?!!

Thanks for hanging out with me guys!  It's been fun.  And a special thanks to Michaela for inviting me over today.

Thank you, Erica! Told you she was creative- look at all those tutorials she linked to! Check them out.  Dirty hair is the worst...but baby powder is a great remedy. Go say hello to Erica today!

Happy Wednesday! What are YOU loving this week?

Loads of Color: Pantone's Picks

images via Pantone

I was so excited to see Pantone's beautiful hues for this coming Spring. I know, we're barely into Fall and the colors are already out, but hello- they're stunning, so we're talking about them early! You know I love me some purple, but even better is the complimentary color mix of purple with some yellow, as done so beautifully in the gown above.  This new "Grayed Jade" is equally as lovely and serene.  Another favorite is the Emerald.  I've already been seeing lots of it in stores...have you?  While we're at it, I'd also like each of the ensembles sketched above. These are just my favorite looks- each Pantone color has it's own fashion spread to accompany it. I can't wait to see how these saturated hues will translate into the home. I'm already loving what I see.

Which Pantone Spring 2013 color do YOU gravitate towards most?!

PS. Thanks for all your sweet comments on yesterday's post

Goodbye San Francisco, Hello Los Angeles!

Tomorrow I leave the San Francisco Bay Area to move to Los Angeles. Another new adventure with more memories to be made, lessons to be learned and character to be developed.  For those of you who don't know, I'm still enrolled at my university in Seattle, but am taking part in our direct transfer program with the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in LA {you know- the school Lauren Conrad, from The Hills, went to!} This is a nine month program and then I will fly back to Seattle to graduate with my class in June. I. Can't. Believe. It.  Through this program, I'll obtain two interior design degrees in four years: one from Seattle Pacific and one from FIDM. 

I couldn't be more thrilled to have the chance to go to FIDM. I'm so looking forward to attending my dream school and taking classes in nothing but design.  The fact that my parents have allowed me to pursue my degree in interior design is something I'll be forever grateful for. I couldn't ask for more supportive, encouraging, and loving parents. Pursuing what I'm passionate about is such a blessing... and I totally encourage you all to do the same. While money may not be pouring in all the time in this field, happiness will. I know this because when I'm designing I feel right. When I'm helping people with their homes, doing projects for my own house, or merely having a conversation about color, furniture, houses, or the like, my heart is happy and that is what matters most. 

In saying that, I'm also nervous, because guess what?! I'm going to a new city, I don't know a soul at my school {no one from my university in Seattle decided to do this program}, and the kicker-- I don't find out my roommate until move-in day. So if you think of me this week, say a little prayer for that, because we all know how roommates are make-it or break-it situations most of the time :)

This week and next will be super busy, but I still have lots of fun posts planned {and no guest posts for vacation time- cue the cheers!} If I'm slow to respond to comments or emails, you can blame it on my frantic, last-minute packing :) Thank you for following my journey! If you have any recommendations for places to visit or restaurants to try in Los Angeles, tell me in the comments below!

So, today I say goodbye to Northern California in all of its beauty and hello to sunny, Southern California. Let the new adventure begin!
And also, I graduate in June. JUNE. I think I just stopped breathing there for a second. Ah!

Happy Monday!
PS. Did you notice my new layout design over on the right of the blog?! I decided to go to two columns to keep everything better organized and more visible. The cute new headers should be helpful when finding things, too!  Be sure to follow along via Google Friend Connect over there on the side bar, or follow by email if you'd like :) HUGE thanks to Lindsay at Scenic Glory Designs for designing the two columns for me. She is FABULOUS:)

Weekend Features + Shops to Know!

Happy weekend! I have two awesome sponsors here sharing a bit about themselves today. Read on!
Hi! I'm Katy Roberts, the owner of Twenty Three Oh One, a fabulous Etsy shop that sells printable announcements, invitations, and new to the shop: holiday cards! My design style can be described as casual, simple, a little whimsy, and a lot of fun. I love playing a small part in celebrating those sweet moments of others' lives through my designs. I am married to my high school sweetheart, Bryan, and am completely over the moon for our sweet baby boy, Parker, who was born this past April. We live in a small-ish city in Texas and enjoy spending time with our family and friends. In my free time, I love to read, run, and decorate our very first home. Please visit my shop and head on over to my blog to keep up with our sweet little life!


Charleston Naturally is an organic beauty boutique offering everything you need for the good life. With a full line of organic skin care and beauty products, Charleston Naturally appeals to the discerning shopper who appreciates exceptional quality. At Charleston Naturally, we strive to be the ultimate organic beauty shopping experience.


Be sure to visit Katy & Charleston Naturally! What are you up to this weekend? I'm going to be running errands and packing for my move to Los Angeles next week! AH. Nervous. Excited :)

Enjoy your weekend!

{Fashion} Maroon Pants & the Perfect Jacket

all photos via ashley slater photography
Jeans, Shirt, Jacket: c/o Apricot Lane Los Altos
Shoes: Steve Madden via Nordstrom (similar)

This is the perfect jacket, especially for Los Angeles {where I'm moving next week}. It's lightweight, fashion forward, soft, comfy and stylish. It's a great layering piece- I could pile another coat on top or add a scarf and it'd be lovely. The maroon pants are the epitome of Fall. Everyone loves a pair of colored jeans, and let me tell you...I think this color is one of the most flattering I've seen. Pair the colored jeans with a flowy white blouse, and you're good to go! Once I start feeling the chill in the air, I'll throw on my boots to complete the look. 

What's your favorite color jeans for Fall? 
Have a blessed day!

{DIY} Make Your Own Bouquet + A Blog Date

Last week I had the opportunity to meet up with one of the sweetest bloggers around, Nicole, from Consider the Lilies.  We connected about a year ago and have been blog friends ever since. Because we live relatively close, we finally planned a blog date and it was SO much fun! Nicole is so delightful, talented, genuine and stunningly beautiful. I just loved our time together. 

We met up at the San Francisco Flower Mart to look around at pretty flowers. Let me tell ya, it's blooms for miles there, friends! Any girl's dream :)  Because we were in the midst of so many flowers, and because Nicole is a wonderful photographer, we put together a Do it Yourself bouquet. With just three types of flowers, we created a lovely, whimsical bouquet -- perfect for your dining table, centerpiece at an event, or for a bride perhaps.

Bouquet Recipe:
1. Veronicas
2. Lisianthus {new favorite flower}
3. Hydrangea
4. Finish it off with a few more Veronica and Lisianthus on the outside
5. Wrap tightly with twine
all photographs taken and edited by nicole

After the flower mart, Nicole and I went shopping at the big mall in SF. It was such a fun-filled day! I'm so happy blogging has brought so many wonderful girlfriends into my life. Nicole is no exception! Go say hello to her today:)  Have you ever been to the Flower Mart in your city?

Have a beautiful Thursday!

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Five Kinds of Happy

Hi friends! Wednesday is here again and I'm thrilled to introduce you (if you don't already know her!) to Amy of Five Kinds of Happy
This girl brings a smile to my face every time I read her blog, look at her instagram pictures, and see her cute little home decor projects. She's an all around sweetheart and also quite the jokester. I happen to think she's pretty funny. A funny, gorgeous girl who loves design and has a cute house: what a perfect combo! Read on to find out what Amy's loving and not loving this week :)

I am stoked to be here today! MND is one of my favourite blogs ever ever.
I'm going to do this backwards... just to be different.

She loves me not

1. Dolls - it's an actual phobia. But recently I touched a Barbie, so there's progress.

2. When I see a hair somewhere that a hair shouldn't be. Have you ever had to play Islands trying to cross the bathroom floor without getting them on your socks? I don't like that game.

3. Having no control over workout tracks at the gym. Every time they play 'Karma Chameleon' on the big screen directly infront of my treadmill I feel the energy physically draining out of my body. Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez on the other hard... weirdly energizing. Our little secret.

She Loves me
1. Virtual room designs. It's an addiction. Remember when Michaela mentioned the burning-eyeballs from using photoshop obsessively... they burrrnnn. And it's oh. so. much. fun. I get so excited I can't sleep after.
Just sayin.
{Traditional family room with lavender pops}
{Girl cave/Mom cave room with the same tufted lavender chair because I love that thing} 
{..messing with people's houses regardless of whether they want a makeover or not.}
 2. Being a creative type.
We can't get bored. There is always something to do. I usually have 5 projects going at once and somehow trash the whole house in the process, whilst scampering  from room to room in my undies snapping pictures. On those days I forget to shower, or have breakfast... and sometimes lunch. My face is all just-woke-up (I'm talking first class cotton-mouth) and I sure as heck am not answering the door to anybody.

Later, after about 10 minutes instagraming my outfit (just kidding. That's vain...) I head off to class where I get a text from the husband all "who launched a hand grenade up here?". Pfft. That's how I do cleaning.
{I was so proud of organising this dresser, but he couldn't see past the piles of clothes on the bed... PUN!}

3. Having a house to play with.
We call ours The Nest and it's my favourite place. Not so keen on the street-brawlin' that has happened outside 3 nights this week... or the fact that I am sometimes uncomfortable walking out the front-door depending who is lurking outside. Although that's mainly because I know that when I get into the car they'll see the embarrassing job I did with my parking. Not that there's a law against being 2 feet from the curb on an angle. Or is there..??
{doing up our oooold bathroom without rebuilding}
{my favourite room}
 4. These colours: they look like happiness.

6. Dry shampoo! Because I frequently get lost in my world of projects-in-undies, and then end up running late, dry shampoo has been the saviour to my up-to-5-days old hair. 

7. Getting the truth OUT. Ever since I wrote a post called 'The Truth about Blogging' I have felt ridiculously liberated! Call me a class-A bottler but releasing that bi'nizz was amazing.

8. Gangsta talk. Something about non-gangstas pretending to be gangstas... it makes me happy.

That was a lot of points. Thanks so much for having me Michaela, and to you lovely ladies for reading! (and guys if there are any!)

Thank you, friend! I love those colors, too, and what fun designs! Told you she was funny! I like that she mixed things up by doing the love-me-nots first. My kind of gal:)

Go say hello to Amy at Five Kinds of Happy!  Have a wonderful Wednesday!
What are YOU loving this week?!

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