Thankful Challenge + The 1st of Fall Decor

 Pillow cover c/o Dear Lillie. I just adore this shop :) Be sure to get pick a pillow cover up for the holiday season! There are so many lovely ones to choose from.
This adorable pillow is the first of our Fall decor. But really, it should be out all year round to remind us to give thanks each and every day! As you know, I'm keeping a list of 1000 things I'm thankful for (inspired by Ann Voskamp's book, One Thousand Gifts) and sometimes I list a few of them here. Here are a few things I'm thankful for as of lately:

A new beginning just around the corner, with lots of opportunity. 
That no matter what, God is in control. Of our world, our safety, our politics, our hearts.
Cute new flats for Fall.
Creative minds that inspire and challenge continually. 
Trips to the Flower Mart in San Francisco with Cristin-- learning about design from her is something I'm always thankful for. 
Baskin Robins ice cream :)
The very rare minutes of the day when our puppy is sleeping and calm. 
My parents allowing me to pursue what I'm truly passionate about. And further, they show excitement about my future! 
The promise of Isaiah 23:3-4
A once broken heart that is mending a little more each day. I'm grateful for the healing, the encouragement and friends who have poured out their love in my life.
A pillow that reminds us to give thanks. Every day. 
The arrival of Autumn!

Now it's your turn to share some things you're thankful for below!
Happy Thursday:)


  1. Love these posts Michaela!
    One on one time with hubby now that we are offically "empty nesters"
    Katie LOVES and has adjust to life at college without batting an eye.
    Elie got a 100 on a much dreaded accounting quiz!
    Book clubs!!

  2. You have a beautiful thankful heart :)
    You should link this post up with me ;)



  3. Such a cute pillow! I'm thankful for my little family of 3 this year! xo

  4. I'm thankful for so much this year. I think I might have to do a Thankful Thursday post. It's so great to be reminded of all the things we are blessed with.

  5. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to be learning at an incredible school! It has truly been a blessing.

    Also, when are you leaving for LA??!!

  6. Love that pillow. Sweet list you made. I am very thankful for my loving hubby healthy littles.

  7. What a sweet post Michaela. Such a great reminder to be thankful and grateful for what we do have. I keep a little gratitude journal that I write in each night before going to bed. Today I am thankful for my sweet and supportive hubby, my loving family, good health, a roof over my head and my adorable and every so loving puppy, Lars. He always puts a smile on my face and makes sure I get my daily walks! I bought that pillow, too. Love Dear Lillie!

  8. pretty pillow! can't wait to get into fall decorating :)

  9. Beautiful Pillow. I am thankful for a world of opportunities and amazing friends and family.

  10. What a wonderful post, Michaela! I am so glad you like the pillow!

  11. i need to get my fall stuff out! that reminds me!


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