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Happy Wednesday, all! I am super excited to continue in my Wednesday series- She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not.  Today I have a special blog friend here dishin' on her loves for the week. Welcome Nicole of Consider the Lilies
Nicole has the sweetest and most genuine heart, a great eye for crafting, and is a wonderful photographer! She also just bought her first home with her husband, so I'm excited to see some decor posts soon! Nicole and I are meeting up for a little date in the city this Friday and we are so excited :) Hooray! Let's listen to her loves and love-me-nots...
Hi friends! I’m Nicole and I blog over at Consider The Lilies. I’m so excited Michaela asked me to share some of my loves and love me nots today!

She Loves Me:
1. This photograph! It's a group of bridesmaids before a wedding and there's nothing but pure joy here. Everything about it screams, happy people enjoying themselves with other happy people. The colors..the location..all of it warms my heart completely.
 via: Sun & Sparrow

2. White subway tile. Please please please be in my home someday! 

both via: pinterest

3. Lately I have been totally obsessing over bright, white spaces with pops of greenery. I hope someday my dream home will have a little nook like this where I can relax in the morning with a cup of coffee, my journal, and my Bible opened, ready to be enriched by my Jesus :) 
via: pinterest

4. Candles! Oh my goodness you guys, candles are my weakness. I burn them, every day. I've heard that's bad and releases toxins and what not, but let's be real..they smell SO good and make any space feel homey. So I just can't stop. 
via: pinterest

She Loves Me Not:
Sepia Pictures. Please, for the love of goodness..just don't.
oh, and for the record..that's my own picture that I distorted, I wouldn't ever publicly put down another's work :) 

Thanks so much for having me over Michaela! I love reading what everyone loves and doesn't love each week and it was so fun to share mine! Happy Wednesday everyone!!
Thank you, Nicole!  Who doesn't love candles?! I'm always a fan of bright spaces with greenery, too! 
Go visit Nicole over at Consider the Lilies and say hello! 

What are YOU loving this week? 


  1. I did a whole post on what I was loving here:

    And I agree with the candles, they're just too pretty!

  2. I love the white spaces and white tiles!!! I would also love to have that in my home someday :)

  3. Oh, no! I love a good sepia picture. Oh, well. I sure do agree that those tiles are fabulous!

  4. Oh, I am so with you on absolutely everything, down to the "Don't" of a sepia photo!

  5. thanks again for having me over :D you're just the sweetest...can't wait for Friday!!

    love you my dear!

  6. I absolutely adore candles! They add so much to any event or room. I'm using hundreds of them in a project for theatre a few weeks from now and I can't wait to see how it turns out. Thanks for sharing!

  7. pretty white kitchens and candles, YES please.


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