Gearing up for Fall: Shoes I Love

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Dear all the above shoes, get in my closet now. Thanks :)

I actually purchased the first shoe shown above, but in the darker brown with gold studs. They are comfortable and perfect for Fall! I can't wait to wear them to school in October. The classic Tory Burch  flat is on my wish list for my birthday in November {hi mom!} I'm fully aware they would be my only present for the next five years, considering the price...ha! What trends are you loving in shoes for Autumn??

Happy, Happy Tuesday!
PS. Remember to take a moment today and pray for all the families affected by the horrible tragedy our country faced years ago on this very day. Thank you to all the men and women who have served/are serving our country, and thank you to those who gave their lives on September 11th.  May the Lord bless your families, and may this country never forget your courageous acts.


  1. After researching the Tory flat before making the splurge to get them, FI opted not to because from what I had heard the Tory flats are extremely uncomfortable until they are really broken in. I've heard that the backs take a while to break in and that the buckle above the toes really hurts (I have a pair of heels and can vouch for that). I couldn't bear the thought of spending that much on shoes I knew were going to kill me!
    Have you heard of Tieks? I splurged and bought the red pair. Seriously THE MOST COMFORTABLE shoes I have ever worn. And the teal sole is so cute!

  2. I love all of these--particularly that teal pair! I'm slowly but surely transitioning from sandals to flats and I forgot how fun and pretty they could be. Looking forward to picking up a few pairs for fall!

    The Glossy Life

  3. Great line up Michaela! Posts like these are my favorites :)

  4. I love these. I think my favorite trend for this fall are booties. I'm so excited to have an excuse to wear my booties again!

  5. I'm totally craving some loafers for the fall. I saw a similar pair to the leopard ones in Target and I so should have snagged them up a while back!

  6. Where do I begin because I love them all!! The TB reva flats are my favorite and I am convinced I need some leopard shoes in my life.

  7. Love the leopard loafers! I got my pair from Target for $20 and couldn't be more happy with them. xo

  8. I received the Tory flats for Christmas last year. Love them, but agree with the other commentor...takes awhile to break them in!!

  9. Great roundup! I hope your mom comes through! Aren't moms the best?

  10. Good thing for birthdays and Christmas to get all the expensive gifts! Haha!!


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