Happy Weekend, friends! I'm heading to Tahoe with my family for the week to celebrate 4th of July. Ashley and her husband are coming, too! I can't wait for fireworks and boating and exploring with Hope. It will be her first time up there...she can't wait. She told me:)

Anyways, here's what I've ben up to this last week. Some of my favorite moments and things captured on instagram...

1. favorite pencils // 2. pinky/red shellac for the 4th! // 3. my first coffee drink at Starbucks
4. sparkly headband from Anthro // 5. vanilla cupcake with sprinkles from Kara's // 6. Hope saying, "Play frisbee with me sis!"
7. new desk in my bedroom // 8. sweetest smelling peonies // 9. awesome pillows Cristin of Simplified Bee designed for a client {I'm interning for her again this summer!}

Have the best weekend!

Pillow Talk

We're all looking for ways to freshen up one room or another in our homes, and one of the most inexpensive ways I have found to do that is to do one of the following: a new pair of curtains, paint the walls a new color, or pick up some new throw pillows!

Today I'm here to help you on that last one. My sweet sponsor, Karen, of Simply Pillow, makes lovely pillow covers that are oh-so-affordable! So, look no further if you're trying to find some cute and budget friendly pillows as a fun way to dress up your room.  Take a peek:
2. Yellow Chevron {my favorite!}

These pillows are all at a huge discount right now, coming in at only $11! What a steal.  Karen's other pillow covers are equally as cute and are only $15, but she's offering a 10% discount to my readers with this code: MWD10 {this only applies to the regular priced $15 pillow covers}

Thank you for all your input on my room paint colors yesterday! Continue to weigh in over the weekend :) I'm taking a little family vacation this weekend, but can't wait to decide and paint the room soon.

What's your favorite way to add new life to a room?
Happy shopping and happy Friday!! 

PS. Now accepting sponsors for July! Email me for rates and info :) michaelawarner90@gmail.com

{Help Me Choose} Paint Color!

Alright, my fabric swatch that I'm basing my room around has arrived! As soon as it came in the mail, I headed to Home Depot and got 2 paint samples I thought would work for the room. 

Here is my color inspiration board for the room, just in case you missed it last week:

I choose this lovely Mint Fretwork fabric by Caitlin Wilson Textiles to be my fabric inspiration for the room:
Here are my two paint sample colors up on the wall. I know it's a little hard to tell the "true" color because of the periwinkle color still on the wall behind it, but try your hardest to block it out :) 

I have a direction I'm leaning, but want to get YOUR opinion first! Which paint color would you choose?? 1 or 2?

1. Is a bit more green and little darker than the second one.
2. Has a tiny bit more white/yellow to it. 

So similar...yet oh so different, right?! hehe:)

Vote in the comments!
Thanks!! Enjoy your day!

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

Happy Wednesday! As you know, one of my favorite days of the week as I get to introduce you to a new life and style blogger each week. Today I invited Hannah, of Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget, to share some of her favorite trends, and also let you in on a few things she's not loving this week. 
Hannah is a girl after my own heart; she writes about adding fun pieces {on a budget!} to her new apartment and also adores fashion and the fun of putting together new looks.  Enjoy this week's edition of She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not...

Hello friends!  Hannah here, from Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget.  I am so excited to be posting on Michaela's blog today as I have been a fan of it since I first started blogging!  Without further ado, here are my loves and non-loves as of lately!

She Loves Me:
1. Malachite
I blame Jessica for re-incarnating my malachite obsession. Her DIY malachite boxes are too amazing and have me itching to try it out!

2. Skulls
I have been on the lookout for a skull sculpture to add to my abode. I think it can give a really girly space a touch of "bad". I also really love them on jewelry and clothing.

3. Wallpaper in Bathrooms
I think part of what entices me about wallpaper in bathrooms is the fact that because I live in a rental, it will be a long time until I can do something like this in my own place.  Nevertheless, there are so many gorgeous options floating around like these...
You had me at doggie wallpaper...

4. Floral Prints
I've already decided my next clothing piece purchase will be something bold and floral. I can't get enough of it for spring!

She Loves Me Not:
1. Non-Potty trained dogs.
Despite my most adamant efforts my 2 year old dog still thinks it's okay to pee in the bathroom when I don't take her out every 2 hours on the dot. It's the most frustrating thing in the world and I will never recommend potty pads for potty training!

 2. Gas Prices
I'm talking to you, California! Cut it out! 

 Thanks so much for having me, Michaela! 

Thanks, friend! I'm loving florals right now, and seriously...if gases prices go up again, I may be turning to the bus system. Ha!
Be sure to stop by Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget to say hello!

What are YOU loving this week?!

Sweet Savannah Row House

Before I dive into today's post, I want to take time to say thank you so much for the sweet, kind and genuine words of encouragement you offered me yesterday. I can honestly say this blogging community is filled with some of the most inspiring and wonderful ladies. You sure know how to make a girl's heart fill up with hope, even in a hard time! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Today I'm sharing a pretty little Savannah row house. When I saw this feature on House Beautiful, I knew I needed to share. The design is timeless, fresh, open and airy. Take a look!

My 3 Favorite Things:
1. Combination of blue and green- so soothing and stylish.
2. The kitchen's floor and ceiling finishes...yes, please!
3. Touches of gold throughout.

Okay {I couldn't help myself}... 4. That outdoor patio. I could see a sweet little tea party taking place out there :)

What's your favorite part?
Have a lovely Tuesday!

A Piece of My Heart

Today I'm sharing something personal; something I wouldn't normally share on the blog. I'm not writing because I want people to feel sorry for me, or because I think I owe this information to readers, but rather because I think I owe it to myself to write it out. Get it off my heart and into the open where girls who are going through the same sort of thing, can relate.  As a lifestyle blogger, I invite people into my home and life, and this is a very raw part of my life as of lately.

Two months ago I was so full of bliss, joy, every good and lovely emotion you could fathom. I sat writing in my journal about how lucky-- blessed, rather -- I was to be in a relationship with a man of good character, one who treated me with respect, one who adored me and showed me that everyday.  One who loved the Lord and whom I prayed for and with- I was dating a guy with so many deeply good qualities...I just couldn't believe it was truly happening to me. You see, I'm good at being single. I've been single for most of my life, and the guys I did date throughout high school meant little to nothing to me in retrospect.  I was content being single, but when this man happened into my life, I was left feeling more joyful than I had been in a long time.  For the last 5 months, I was the happiest and luckiest girl in the world.
Then about a month ago my heart, mind, and soul were sent into shock.  The relationship was ending unexpectedly and I just couldn't understand it. The thing I worked to build for the previous 5 months was coming to an end. The person I cared about most wasn't going to be there anymore.

How do you even properly say goodbye to someone you've given your heart to when they're 2,250 miles away and you're doing it over the phone? You can't. 
You just can't.

A month ago I not only lost the most special man in my life as my boyfriend, I also lost him as a best friend. We would talk on the phone every night and share our days with one another. I miss that. I miss sweet text messages and looking at the cute pictures we had of the two of us. I miss hearing his voice.  Not a day goes by where I don't think of him.

Through this heartbreak I've learned a few things, which is why I'm here spilling a piece of my heart onto the pages of my blog {which is normally about design and pretty things...so I apologize}. I discovered that I've never been truly heartbroken before, and this is real and it's a true grieving process. I've learned time heals and that God has something else for me right now {though not sure what it is}. Although it's hard to trust, I must believe God has both of our greater goods in mind.  I've also learned that sometimes you don't get the answers you need or deserve at the end of a relationship, and it's okay to be upset, frustrated, questioning, and sad. Tears are good- something about crying makes the pain seem to slip away. 
Relationships are hard work, and I learned that they are risky. It was a huge risk and leap of faith to start dating a man who lived so far away, it was a risk to share him on the blog here knowing it may not work out, and it's a risk sharing my heart with you today. Were those risks worth taking? I think yes, because from each risk I've learned things. Yes, I learned them through pain, but I'm trusting this feeling will go away and I will be a better woman, wife, mom, friend, and Christ-follower from it.

Sometimes people and things float into your life for a short period of time, and as much as I wanted/want to hold on to him, I know I can't. Even in the midst of confusion and aching, there are a few things I know for sure: I know Christ loves me and my worth comes from Him alone, not through man. I also know what I deserve in a relationship. This past relationship showed me exactly what I deserve and how I should be treated, and friends- I encourage you {if you haven't already found the one} to set the bar high for men you date. Don't settle for less than what you deserve. Even though my heart is aching now, I feel blessed to have experienced such a healthy relationship. In time, my heart will heal and I'm confident I will become a better, stronger and more loving person because of this.  But until that day, I'm taking one day at a time, remembering it's okay to be sad and mourn the loss of someone special to me. Sometimes doing just that and reflecting on the time we did spend together is what my heart desires. Sometimes going shopping with my mom or blasting the song "Payphone" is what I need {ha!}. But the one thing my heart always needs is Jesus. He's all we ever need, and the only safe place we have to run.

So today as I share my struggles and pain, I pray you could see the hope in my story, and if you're struggling, you could feel that same hope. And remember {as I have to remind myself every morning as I wake up} that actively choosing to be thankful for what we do have in our life is what leads us to true, undeniable joy. 

A heavy post for a Monday, but at least it's out of the way and the rest of the week can be back to all things lovely :) May your Monday be filled with hope and encouragement...

Lovely Sponsors

It's the weekend...we all love that :) I'm busy refinishing an entry table for a sweet friend. Hopefully I'll be sharing that with you next week over here on the blog. Here are a few friends I think you all will love...my beautiful June sponsors! They are all super creative and talented. I can't handle it. Be sure to stop by and say hello!

Brianne & Danielle. Together we're the Ravenna Girls. We are two Seattle gals who are trained as architects and are nerds for design. Our blog is a chronicle of home renovation on our 1922 bungalow, as well as our search for vintage treasure, crafty DIYs, and some other random life thrown in! We also have two etsy shops, one for vintage finds and one for vintage upcycled handmade items


Hey y'all! I'm Nicole. A blog designer, renovation addict, momma, & wife. I'm obsessed with all things fashion, design, and diy which you will all find on my blog. Along with a whole lot of my sweet little sidekick, L who turned one in May. Currently I am in the process of switching blog homes. You can find me on my new blog, Our Crazy Beautiful. So come on over to my little spot in blogland and be sure to say hi!


My name is Brittany Liljeqvist and I am a textile and interior designer based in sunny Los Angeles.  I am starting my own business, a small textile design studio, which is my biggest passion and I am excited to debut my collection this Fall.  My blog, Classically b, is where I share my design and style inspiration as well as my love of travel and adventures of starting a small business.

If you're interested in advertising on MND in July, shoot me an email! michaelawarner90@gmail.com

Have the best weekend xo

How Do You Do?

Hooray for Friday! It's no secret that I love doing hair and trying out new styles, but sometimes it's good to have a few go-to hairstyles that I know always work well and don't take too much time. Today I have compiled a few of my favorite ways to style my hair- they are relatively quick to do and all you need is a curling iron and some bobby pins {and maybe some braiding technique}!

For this ones, I just curl my hair with a 3/4" barrel and shake it out, then lightly hairspray it.

A side braid that continues into a messy bun is the quickest hairstyle I can think of!

This is a simple and timeless look that helps get your hair out of your face. 

Twist two pieces back and bobby pin them in the back of your hair. 

If I'm ever having a bad hair day, I just throw on a sparkle headband and hope that distracts :)

What about you-- what are your go-to hairstyles? 
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

{Trip Recap Part 2} Portland & a Road Trip Video

Incase you missed the first part of my Seattle adventure weekend with Ashley, go here!

We couldn't leave for Portland until I took Ashley to see the iconic Pike Place Market. I've been to the market many, many times over the last three years, but I've never in my life seen so many beautiful flowers there. I told Ashley she would be in shock and that the flowers go on for miles, but boy did they ever! We also stopped in for a drink at the very first Starbucks- yep, the place it all began- Starbucks Coffee in Pike Place. Did our drinks taste better from this Starbucks, as opposed to the other thousand we've been to throughout our lives? Well, of course they did :)

Before we left Seattle we a bit more fun around town:
seriously, is she not the cutest?! 
in front of one of my favorite houses. 
beautiful city views.

After our Seattle weekend, it was time to take off for Portland!  While there we had the pleasure of meeting and dining with Bonnie from the Whim Wham Life and Nicole of Running in Heels. Both ladies are some of the sweetest, funniest girls- I just adore them! Such a fun blate.

Bonnie, her too-cute-for-words baby Josiah, me, Nicole, Ashley

Because we only had less than 24 hours in Portland, our night wasn't over! After dinner we went to Huber's- a swanky restaurant.  We were told that watching the bartender making the spanish coffee was an experience not to miss! It was awesome...he lit the liquor on fire. Amazing! Although we didn't order the spanish coffee, it was still awesome to see him make it. I had myself a little blended margarita. Yum.

Our next stop was Voodoo Doughnuts- another Portland must-do {or must-eat, in this case!} There were some seriously crazy and weird flavor doughnuts, and after saying "okay, we're here...we HAVE to get a crazy flavor!", we both opted for the plain 'ole glazed.  Boring...but oh-so-delicious!

The next morning we woke up at 6am and were on the road to California.
so many pretty mountains along the way.
pit stop at Lake Shasta
In order to capture the memories of our 14 hour road trip, we documented the trip on our iPhones! If you feel so inclined, here is our road trip 2012 video.  It was a great drive with lots of laughs and memories.  Oh, and an unexpected bump in the road at the very end of the trip!

That concludes our Seattle/Portland Adventures! 
Enjoy your Thursday :)

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