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Happy weekend, my friends! Just popping in to do some housekeeping here on my blog.

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Enjoy your Saturday & Sunday :)

Chicago Townhouse Tour

*images by coach house pictures // styling by Eva Daiberl  for The Everygirl

When I first laid eyes on this townhouse in Chicago over on The Everygirl, I knew I had to share. It's something a little out of my style realm {with some modern touches that I wouldn't normally choose, but sure do love!} Ever since living in a small space, I just adore coming across other smaller abodes {granted hers is WAY bigger than my apartment!}  Eva did such a lovely job decorating her townhouse. Here are a few of my favorite design elements:

- Gold polka dot accent wall. Need I say more?!
- Owl wallpaper. Although it's out of stock, I think it was from Anthro
- Exposed brick
- Modern tufted sofa
- Peonies. Duh :)
- DIY terra cotta pots. I've seen them everywhere on Pinterest!

What's your favorite part? 

What are you up to this weekend? I'll be throwing one of my best friend's her bridal shower on Sunday. It should be lovely, except for the 100 heat.  And yep, the shower's outside. To see some peeks of the day, follow me on instagram!

Enjoy your weekend!
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{Graduation Party} An Afternoon at the Winery

Last weekend was my graduation party. We had it at Regale Winery in the Santa Cruz/Los Gatos area. Such a gorgeous setting! Although it was cloudy, the temperature was perfect and the fellowship was even better. We had a whole array of cheese, crackers, fruit, veggies, and some seriously cute bundt cakes. If you live in the Bay Area and haven't tried Nothing Bundt Cake yet, you're missing out! They're a great alternative to the typical cupcake and they taste equally as good {if not better!} 

I just love this winery. My family has been members for about a year now, and we always enjoy going up together and sipping on a glass of wine.  Sometimes Hope gets to come, too! I think this is where I'll want to get married one day. What do you think?! A pretty place for a wedding, right? :) Here are some pictures from around the winery...

My sweet friend Stephanie gifted me this beautiful print with one of my favorite verses from Proverbs 31 on it.  Get one for yourself here

My beautiful mom and I:
My grandma and I {she's the interior designer I often talk about! I know, she doesn't look like she could be my grandma!}
My good friend Kate and I. She's adopting children from Ethiopia, which means major playroom and nursery designs are coming soon! :) Read about their journey here.

Okay, I promise this is the last you'll hear of my graduation! I'm off to continue planning for one of my best friend's bridal showers this Sunday.  It's going to be close to 100 degrees and the shower is outside...this should be interested. If you have any ideas on how to stay cool, do tell! This girl needs all the ideas she can get :)

Back tomorrow with a lovely home tour! Happy Thursday!

PS!  I also wanted to give you a heads up that Google Friend Connect is going away on July 1st. If you follow blogs through your blogger and GFC, you'll need to find other ways to do so from now on. You can follow me these ways:
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She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: College Prep

It's Wednesday again already, which means another favorite blogger friend of mine is here sharing her loves and love-me-nots. I'm extra excited today because the ever so sweet Carly is here from College Prep

This girl's got it going on. From impeccable design style, wonderful writing, spot-on fashion  sense and a heart of gold, I adore every ounce of her. You're going to love her, too! Enjoy her loves and love nots!

Hi everyone! I'm Carly from College Prep!

I'm really excited to be sharing some of the things that I absolutely love (and a few things that I can do without) with you.

I had a really hard time narrowing down the things that I love because the full list is just too humongous. But... I did whittle the list down to six things that I just love love love.

Margaritas + Guacamole | I love margaritas and I love guacamole. The two together is a match made in heaven. After a long week at work, my friends and I almost always meet at fun restaurants to relax and catch up! Finding the best guacamole in the city is one of my goals this summer.

Monograms | It's true. I'm obsessed with monograms. While I don't think everything should be monogrammed (you have to draw the line somewhere!), it does add a great personal touch. 

Warby Parker Eyeglasses | I've worn glasses since I was a toddler. I must have had about fifteen different pairs of glasses over the years, but Warby Parker ones are the best. They're affordable and chic... plus for every pair they sell, they donate a pair to someone in need. My pick? The Ainsworth!

Coffee | Uh oh. Coffee is totally my kryptonite! I started drinking coffee when I was at Georgetown and now I am officially addicted. I am already thinking about my morning coffee when I go to bed. I love grabbing coffee on my way to work every morning, but I also love slowly sipping on coffee with friends at brunch on the weekends.

Macarons | The little treats are super sweet and just downright adorable. If I stumble on a place that sells macarons, I simply cannot walk away without a few. I'm a big fan of the raspberry, pistachio, and vanilla flavors!

Nail Polish | I must paint my nails three or four times a week. My handbag always has a few options, just in case. I am open to experimentation with trendy colors, but reds and pinks are my true go-tos.

Being Late | I used to never be late. But now that I live in New York City and rely on (sometimes unreliable) public transportation to scoot around, it's so hard to make it somewhere on time. I mean, it could take thirty minutes to travel a mere mile! Sheesh!!! I try super hard to leave extra early, but with back-to-back meetings, that's not always possible. The worst is when I'm underground waiting for a super late train and can't even text the person that I'm running late!

Ketchup | Ugh. I hate it. I can hardly even type the word without cringing.

Mean Girls | (Not the movie!!! Don't worry, I like that!) I just don't like it when girls are judgmental, catty, or downright mean. Why can't we all just get along???

Thanks Michaela for having me guest post!!


Thanks, Carly! I'm on the pink and red nail polish train, too. I also agree that girls can be so catty and rude sometimes, it makes me so sad. This world needs more love and kindness, ladies :)

Go say hello over at College Prep today!

What are YOU loving and not loving today?

{Fashion} High Low Dress

*all images by Michaela Noelle Designs
Details | Dress: Gifted (similar); Shoes: Jessica Simpson; Jean Jacket: Nordstrom (similar); Bracelets: Tiffany's and Stella + Dot 

I've never owned a high-low dress until this cute tangerine one came in the mail from my sweet friend Ashley. This little number was part of my graduation present from her. SO sweet, right?! This is a color I don't always gravitate toward, but I'm diggin' it now. 

Over the weekend we had my graduation party at a winery in Santa Cruz.  It was so fun to have my whole family there celebrating.  I am one blessed girl with such a great and encouraging family-- thank you, God!

Check out this ADORABLE feature on Chelsea in the City, where Chelsea recreates my apartment! 

Happy Tuesday!

PS!  I also wanted to give you a heads up that Google Friend Connect is going away on July 1st. If you follow blogs through your blogger and GFC, you'll need to find other ways to do so from now on. You can follow me these ways:
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On My Desk: Final Commercial Design Project

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I was busy unpacking, finding a place for all my things from school, relaxing and celebrating at my graduation party. More on that tomorrow!

Today I'm going to give you a peek into my final projects at FIDM. What you're going to see are renderings from my commercial thesis class, created in Google Sketch Up and rendered in Photoshop.  The project was to redesign an existing club/restaurant in Hollywood. Now, because clubs aren't really my thing (ha!) I just turned the plan into a classy, upscale, industrial, succulent-filled space for people to enjoy brunch, lunch and dinner.  In my proposed plan, a live band will play in the evenings. That's much more my style :) 

Cafe style seating with a huge picture window:
This artwork is by Jen of Cocoa & Hearts. I loved it so much, I couldn't resist putting it in my project! 

Bar area & chalkboard wall with the menu written on it:

Main bar: 

Outdoor patio area:

There you have it! If you can even believe it, this project took me close to 60 hours. There was so much more to the project than what I've shown here, but this is good enough to give you a general idea.  Even though I'm not extremely interested in commercial design, I came away happy with my project and excited about the restaurant I created.

Enjoy your Monday! I'm off to pick up some beautiful rentals from my friend Erin for my friend's bridal shower this weekend. Hooray!

June Sponsors to Love

Hey friends! It's the weekend, so I have the honor of sharing my sponsors with you. Have a look around and meet these lovely ladies.

Hi there! My name is Marcela Barraza, I was born and raised in Chile, South America.  I came to the US following the love of my life who I met when we both were 18 years old. I’m the mother of a beautiful 10 year old girl.  I love everything that is home related: organizing, decorating and cleaning!  

I’m the founder of MB Green Cleaning, a home cleaning company in NYC and my mission is to teach everyone I can the importance of a green cleaning and how we can live healthier by making small changes on items we use on a daily basis, whether it be in our homes or on our bodies.  Tu Casa Blog was born last year and it is the outlet of my daily routine.  I hope people get to see what I do there and hopefully get inspired.


Hey y'all, I'm Caitlin from over at I'm a Transplant From California! I'm a Southern California girl who made the move to a tiny town in New Hampshire four years ago and never looked back. I blog about small town life, DIY, crafting, photography, and whatever else strikes my fancy that day! I run a small photography business as well as being a full time EMT and volunteer firefighter, and love every adrenaline filled minute of my days! Stop on by and have a visit (I'll bring the lemonade)!



Hopefully you'll pay these ladies a visit this weekend!

I also wanted to give you a heads up that Google Friend Connect is going away on July 1st. If you follow blogs through your blogger and GFC, you'll need to find other ways to do so from now on. You can follow me these ways:
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I found a link on Jenni's blog sharing how to move your Google Reader blogs over to Blog Lovin. So helpful!

Happy Saturday!
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