Studio Apartment: Entry, Bedroom & Bathroom Tour

Earlier this month our studio apartment was featured in Rue Magazine, photographed by Monica Wang Photography. What an honor it was to see our little abode across the pages of my favorite online magazine! Alexa and I decorated our little hearts out. Today I'm sharing the pictures of our apartment that didn't get shown in the magazine spread. You may have been wondering if we had a bathroom in this tiny 600 square foot place of ours! We sure do :) I'll get to that, but first I wanted to show you the floor plan of the studio so you could get a feel for the space layout. 
It really is small, but luckily we made it feel very open. First up is the entry!

This is my favorite shot, so I just have to show it again :) You can sort of get a feel for the whole space. The kitchen is to the left, the bedroom area is to the right, and the living area is straight ahead.

My chevron dresser is a fun piece and is where I keep my clothes, a few school supplies, and double as a buffet/bar when we have people over.

The bedroom area is tight, but it works well! We did a beautiful gallery wall of our cross collection above my bed and topped it off with my Grace, not Perfection print.

Here's our bathroom! I actually LOVE our bathroom and it's rather spacious for a loft apartment. We have the washer and dryer over there to the right, which is very convenient.  Our "linen" storage is that cute green cabinet, which we got very lucky with and were able to steel it from Alexa's dad's work.

Splashes of hot pink brighten up the space, while the concrete wall provides the perfect back drop.
*all images by Monica Wang Photography

There you have it! Below are a few sources for my favorite items:
Entry console table: Lulu & Georgia
Doormat: Lulu & Georgia
Framed artwork on entry table: Jill Atogwe (email for custom art:
Kitchen rug: Lulu & Georgia
Kitchen Island, artwork, club chair, sofa, linen storage unit: my roommate's dad's storage. He is a builder and stages homes after they are done. We were able to get most of our furniture from his leftovers! 
Chevron dresser: DIY by Michaela
Blue bedding: April Cornell
Pink bedding: Pottery Barn
White headboard: Restoration Hardware
Crosses: Collected by both of us
Grace print: Emily Ley Shop
Soap tray: West Elm
Soaps: Design Darling
Pink hand towel: Anthropologie

I can't believe I'm moving and saying goodbye to this place TODAY.  That's right, I'm packing up and moving back the Bay Area today. I can safely say this is my favorite place I've lived over my college years. After 5 moves in 4 years, I'm ready to be home with my family and make life happen. Thank you for letting me share my college living situations with you, and hopefully they inspire you to make wherever you live feel like home-- even if it's temporary! That's my biggest piece of advice.  Wherever you live presently deserves a little love, and in turn will make you so much happier.  Love where you live, friends!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. GORGEOUS. I love your place. These photographs will be amazing in yours and Alexa's portfolios!

  2. Looks absolutely stunning!! Be careful traveling back home!

  3. Oh my, this is absolutely gorgeous!! Can I move in now that you're leaving? ;)

  4. so gorgeous! i really adore the bathroom design! the entire loft is simply flawless. well done, my friend, well done. :)

  5. You guys did such an amazing job with the small space–I'm super inspired for my apartment!

  6. That is one pretty amazing apartment...especially for a college space- you did a fabulous job with it!

  7. Michaela, it is beautiful. You all made such great use of the space you had. Best wishes for a safe move. I know you are anxious to be back home for a bit.

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love the green industrial piece in the bathroom, especially. You are way ahead of me- my first apartment was a hot mess! ;)

  9. Such a beautiful space, Michaela. You have a true gift!

    I am so excited to have found your blog! I too just graduated with a degree in Interior Design from Oregon State University, and actually I am from Manteca, CA. Kind of funny, right?! I mean we we're close enough growing up in CA and close enough in the Northwest and even share the same passion ☺

    I am looking forward to following along with you here. Congratulations to you and happy travels back to the Bay Area!

    xo, Kylie Rae
    Shimmer Me Pretty

  10. No! I don't want you to move!! I have never swooned at such a small space in my life. It is just gorgeous!

  11. I love what you did with such small, open space. It looks great!

  12. love seeing the little details! and i really love your console table. i might need to get the same one once i have a space to put it. good luck packing and moving! have a safe drive!

  13. Such a beautiful space! You girls did an awesome job!! xo

  14. You did an amazing job decorating! It looks beautiful! Can I move in? :-)
    Jeans and a Teacup

  15. Love this space Michaela, and can't wait to see what you do with your next place, I know it will be beautiful. :) Good luck with your move!

  16. so fun!! I absolutely LOVE what you guys did in the bathroom. That green dresser is amazing, wish I had resources like your roommate to get awesome furniture like that :)

  17. I adore this! Looks like we have a lot of the same styles!

    love where you live-- my new motto!

  18. Your place is so cute! Now you get to decorate a whole new space!

  19. What a cheerful, stylish apartment! Love that print, great reminder :)

  20. Your place is perfect! I love the colors and everything about it! You did an amazing job!


  21. You did an amazing job Michaela! What a fabulous apartment. Now on to the next chapter of your life! How fun!

  22. You definitely made a home out of your cute little space. Such a bright and cheery place.

  23. WOW GIRL! IT looks FANTASTIC! You should add it to my design in your home link-up! I loved featuring your bedroom before and I am sure my readers would love to see this :)

    XO Samantha

  24. Stunning, Michaela!

    I can safely say that I could have you design our whole home, without complaint. :) Really gorgeous!

  25. I love how beautiful your apartment was even though it is tiny! You made the most of every bit of space and how cute is that candle pairing?!


    Five Minute Style

  26. this place is seriously stunning michaela. I would live there in a heartbeat...except downtown LA gives me a little bit of I am sure you can understand now. lol. ugh why cant spaces like that be in the suburbs? lol.

    random question though...does that bathroom have a door?

    1. i just looked at the blueprint again and answered my own question. gosh with the washer and dryer space that bathroom is HUGE for loft. you guys got so lucky.

  27. It is beautiful Michaela! Especially love your bathroom with the green storage cabinet and hot pink accents. Such a fun space!

  28. Wow, Awesome! its very beautiful. I really like these type of apartments..


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