She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: College Prep

It's Wednesday again already, which means another favorite blogger friend of mine is here sharing her loves and love-me-nots. I'm extra excited today because the ever so sweet Carly is here from College Prep

This girl's got it going on. From impeccable design style, wonderful writing, spot-on fashion  sense and a heart of gold, I adore every ounce of her. You're going to love her, too! Enjoy her loves and love nots!

Hi everyone! I'm Carly from College Prep!

I'm really excited to be sharing some of the things that I absolutely love (and a few things that I can do without) with you.

I had a really hard time narrowing down the things that I love because the full list is just too humongous. But... I did whittle the list down to six things that I just love love love.

Margaritas + Guacamole | I love margaritas and I love guacamole. The two together is a match made in heaven. After a long week at work, my friends and I almost always meet at fun restaurants to relax and catch up! Finding the best guacamole in the city is one of my goals this summer.

Monograms | It's true. I'm obsessed with monograms. While I don't think everything should be monogrammed (you have to draw the line somewhere!), it does add a great personal touch. 

Warby Parker Eyeglasses | I've worn glasses since I was a toddler. I must have had about fifteen different pairs of glasses over the years, but Warby Parker ones are the best. They're affordable and chic... plus for every pair they sell, they donate a pair to someone in need. My pick? The Ainsworth!

Coffee | Uh oh. Coffee is totally my kryptonite! I started drinking coffee when I was at Georgetown and now I am officially addicted. I am already thinking about my morning coffee when I go to bed. I love grabbing coffee on my way to work every morning, but I also love slowly sipping on coffee with friends at brunch on the weekends.

Macarons | The little treats are super sweet and just downright adorable. If I stumble on a place that sells macarons, I simply cannot walk away without a few. I'm a big fan of the raspberry, pistachio, and vanilla flavors!

Nail Polish | I must paint my nails three or four times a week. My handbag always has a few options, just in case. I am open to experimentation with trendy colors, but reds and pinks are my true go-tos.

Being Late | I used to never be late. But now that I live in New York City and rely on (sometimes unreliable) public transportation to scoot around, it's so hard to make it somewhere on time. I mean, it could take thirty minutes to travel a mere mile! Sheesh!!! I try super hard to leave extra early, but with back-to-back meetings, that's not always possible. The worst is when I'm underground waiting for a super late train and can't even text the person that I'm running late!

Ketchup | Ugh. I hate it. I can hardly even type the word without cringing.

Mean Girls | (Not the movie!!! Don't worry, I like that!) I just don't like it when girls are judgmental, catty, or downright mean. Why can't we all just get along???

Thanks Michaela for having me guest post!!


Thanks, Carly! I'm on the pink and red nail polish train, too. I also agree that girls can be so catty and rude sometimes, it makes me so sad. This world needs more love and kindness, ladies :)

Go say hello over at College Prep today!

What are YOU loving and not loving today?


  1. I love all of her loves and love not all of her love nots. I feel like that has to be a good sign, right? Thanks for the introduction Michaela. By the way, I LOVE your blog!

    Sisters in the City

  2. i love carly! i would add her pink couch to the love list too!

  3. Can we add sundresses to the loves <3 :)

  4. Those macrons look delicious!


  5. I love nail polish and Monograms too! Such a fun post!


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