Million Dollar Decorators: Mary McDonald

Have y'all been watching Million Dollar Decorators?! I am clearly obsessed with it.  It's crazy, bold and outrageously expensive and ornate design.  I'm not sure if I watch it so I can laugh at how seriously funny some of the comments the designers make are, or if it's to see the gorgeous spaces come together.  While I have issues with the tardiness and snootiness of a few of the designers, there's one designer who has my heart.  Mary McDonald. {and her pug!}

First of all, she's hilarious. She has spunk and she is genuinely amazing at her job.  Mary is also super up on fashion and always looks perfect.  I SO admire her ability to use color, pattern, and FAB accessories in her designs.  To spend a day with her, even if it was to bring her coffee, would be a dream! 

Mary's style "combines old-fashioned elegance with a modern sensibility resulting in a fearless, joyful exuberance. Her ability to combine bold patterns, Chinoiserie, and Indian influences with contemporary lines and an impeccable sense of color has established her signature style."
~From Mary McDonald's website

Here are some of my favorite images from her portfolio:

I mean really, don't we all just want to transport here for the day?!
So do you love her yet? 
If you do- she just wrote her first book. Get your copy over here!

Be sure to watch Million Dollar Decorators on Tuesdays (:
End TV commercial to promote the show ha!

Happy Thursday!

PS. I'm working on a Design Dilemma's post for next week...if you have a design dilemma you'd like me to address, please leave it in the comments or email me!! Fun way to get free advice on what to do with a space you're stuck on (:
You can also catch me over at Kristy's know, the one with the painted chair! She's letting me participate in her 4th of July decorating ideas!
Check it out over at Hyphen Interiors


She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: A 'La Mode

We're hearing from my sweet and spunky friend Shelli, who blogs over at A 'La Mode, today! 
I'm sure you've seen her baby girl's adorably chic nursery floating around blogland.  We clicked a few months back and have since bonded (:  I so admire Shel's seriously stylish home and her ability to put things together so well. She's also the queen at finding good deals! Here she goes...

Hi Ya'll!  I'm Shelli from a'la mode and am so giddy to be sharing my loves and love me nots here today at sweet Michaela's blog!  

She Loves Me:

1.  Sun hats!  Okay, so I think I look pretty ridiculous in mine, but my little hot mess, K, looks pretty stinking cute in hers!

I know I am biased, but I could just eat her up with a spoon!

2.  A settee! I am obsessed with them.  I have two in my home.  I love how versatile they can be in your home.  Such a tailored, chic addition to any space.

Pull one up to the breakfast table, mixed seating is so fun!
Use the settee as a fun way to add a bolder print to the space- I chose a blue chevron to add color to my neutral breakfast nook.

A neutral settee in a casual flax linen is housed in our guest room as an alternative to a club chair.

3.  Sunglasses!  I can't get enough.  My favorite pairs are from Oliver Peoples. Oh, and can often be found on top of my head when I think I have misplaced them.  

Like mommy

Like daughter

4.  Lululemon athletica.  I could seriously live in the groove pant (I kinda do).  I have a bajillion pair because they are comfortable and make your butt look good.  Add one of their tanks and jacket and you even look cute while you run errands.

She Loves Me Not:

1.  Socks.  Although functional I realize, I just don't like the look of them.  If I am wearing tennies, I wear the 'no see' socks, the REALLY low rise style that you don't see.  I think it is more feminine to see your ankles.  I know, I'm kinda weird.
2.  Mayonaise.  It looks yucky.  I can't get past it.


3.  Running.  I wish I was a runner.  I've tried! I stink at it.  The only thing I run is my mouth.  
oh, and I look just like her.  I Do wish.

4.  High waisted bikinis.  So.  Not.  Flattering. 

Thanks for letting me participate in your fun series Michaela!
xoxo, Shelli

Thanks, Shelli! I love lulu and big sunglasses.  And I'm so with you on the running- just can't do it!

Stop by A 'La Mode...right now...and say hi to Shel (:


Happy Wednesday!
What are YOU loving this week?


Last weekend my family got together to have a goodbye party for my cousin and her husband.  They're moving to Australia for a year! My aunt {my cousin's mom} throws great parties.  And not only that, but she's the best gardener I know.  Sometimes when I'm doing a craft or putting something together, I ask myself how my aunt would do it (: She has a serious eye for details and I love that.  We get along really well! Her garden and party details were so cute, I thought I'd share!

Mason Jars...see where I get the obsession?! 

Prepare yourself, friends.  Her garden is in full bloom!

The addition of old chairs and wheelbarrows is what makes her garden so special and shabby chic in my opinion (: 

Look at these purple speckles! 

The best gardens always have a water feature.

Amazing, right?! Hey Martha, House Beautiful, Better Homes and Garden- we're ready for you to stop by!
Really though (: It's magazine worthy.

Next week I'll show you my family's backyard. My mom's been a busy bee out there and it's looking good!
Do you love gardening? 


PS. Catch me over at Nicole's blog, Bloom!

I simply adore her.  And I'm talking about my two know- Seattle and the Bay Area! Lots of fun pictures and must-see places! {I didn't even plan that her blog's name is Bloom and I posted on gardens today...really, it's funny how things work out!}

The One with the Wisdom Teeth

Well, friends. I'm here to recap my post-wisdom-teeth-week for you.  And really, there were no bumps in the road, just a few funny stories!

Here's what went down.

1. Michaela panicked entirely too much, like always (: Especially after my initial consultation. My goodness, why would they sit you in front of a video where they list everything that could go wrong?!

2. I took a Valium an hour before my surgery and let me tell ya, we mixed well...that valium and I. I don't remember any of the following....but this is what happened: I took the pill, then my mom told me to go wash my face and get ready.  No more than 10 minutes later, I walked to my mom's bathroom with my face dripping wet while cracking up.  I told her it started working and gave her a thumbs up. I was in 5th grade. 
 I could barely walk to the car... I was so relaxed!  Laughing all the way to the dentist, I was texting Megan {don't remember it, but I checked my phone after and saw I did...awesome} that...and I quote, "Wow this valium is strong. I am so high right now hahahahaha. This is so funnnn." Oh dear God.
I'm embarrassed already. This isn't even the best part.

3. I got to the office and made it inside somehow.  My mom told me multiple times to keep my voice down in the waiting room.  Apparently valium makes me loud?

4. I went back to the surgery room and got the IV started right away. This was the part I was most scared about, and I don't remember it hurting at all! As soon as the IV started, the doctor started asking me questions. My head was spinning and I was still giggling like I was 10.  He asked me what my favorite subject was in school, to which I appropriately answered, "interior design".  Then he asked me what my dogs name was.
You may be thinking he was talking about my pup, Shasta, at home. But no! In fact, he was asking me about the stuffed animal dog I decided to bring in surgery with me.  My mom said I wouldn't let her take it from me.  I told him her name was Mia. Perfect...he thought I really was 10. Or had a stuffed animal infatuation!  Good thing I left my baby blanket in the car.  That would have just been inappropriate.
Good call, Michaela, good call.

By my side the whole time.

5. I woke up in a recovery room with Mia on my chest. I was looking around so confused, and then I had realized I really brought a stuffed animal with me, a 20 year old college student, to my wisdom teeth removal surgery.  Embarrassed again.

6. Got home and my sweet mama took care of me all week. She's the best.  I'm so blessed to have a nurse as my mom!  She even gave me a bell to ring if I needed something:

Yep, it's a Christmas angel bell. It's all we had, so I made it work.
And you would be correct in thinking I rang it more than necessary.

7.  I got swollen a little on one side but it wasn't bad at all! Still didn't want to show you though (:

8. I learned that on Vicodin, I'm a happy camper:

But without it, my mouth hurt real bad.

9. I also learned that if I was a good patient my mama takes me to Anthro and lets me pick out a prize. I got this little bowl to hold jewelry. It's on sale for $4 so go get yours right now!!

10. In closing, I learned it wasn't that bad. I'm not even scared to get an IV anymore!  I also can acknowledge my unnecessary anxiety before something that is out of my comfort zone {hey mom...aren't you proud of me? how bout another one of those bowls for saying that??}
And one last thing...if I see another Ritz Cracker I will die. I'm sorry, it was the one of the only things I ate for 5 days straight.

I will never talk about teeth again on my blog. I swear it (:

Happy Monday! And please share funny anesthesia or surgery stories!

Live Fully

"Dare to live FULLY right where you are"
~One Thousand Gifts

I just love the quote found on the front cover of the new book I'm reading.  Before you even open the book you are challenged. Challenged to embrace the present.  Sometimes I focus on the future and where I want to be down the road.  And while I'm so excited to do what I love for the rest of my life, I am called right now, today, and in this present moment to live fully.  Give my whole self to the stage of life I'm in right now.
Living fully may mean something different to each of us, so I dare you to uncover what you're meant to be doing with your life at this time. Do it with your whole heart, run toward it with passion. It's always worth it.



Fashion Friday #39: The Maxi Dress

Happy Friday, Friends! I'm on the mend! Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement.  

This past weekend was Father's Day and my dad's birthday, so we had a family gathering at our house. It was so hot out, too! Which I'm not complaining about (:  Remember when I said I had self control in not buying that purple maxi dress a few weeks back? Yeah, well all self control left me when I spotted this cute maxi at Meadow {the boutique I work at while I'm in school.}  Pure adorableness.  So clearly, I wore it to our family dinner:

Maxi Dress: Meadow Boutique
Wedges: American Eagle
Flower: H&M

I'm just going to throw this out there: you can literally do anything you want in a maxi dress. You don't have to worry about sitting lady-like, because hey- you're wearing a dress to the floor! You can bend over and not have to worry about exposing anything. AND I found out that if it's a little chilly out and you're going to the beach, just wear leggings under the one will ever know!  Genius, I know.

Side Note: While my mom and I went to the outdoor mall the other day, we counted 10 maxi dresses walk by our table while we were having lunch. So jump on the train, ladies! 

Because I've spent way too much time reading blogs this week {and not leaving too many comments...don't worry, I'll be back fully soon!} I thought I'd share some posts that stuck out...

Here are some of my favorite projects and posts going around blog land this week:
Kerry is dollin' up her little peanut's nursery...she's almost here!
Two words: Girl Cave. Rhiannon's new office is too gorg for words.
Michelle chatted it up with HGTV's Emily Henderson over at Kate's blog and we learned Em's tips on how to style & accessorize
Cassie's Babygirl's room is finished and lookin' FAB.
Right when I didn't think Cocoa and Hearts could get any better, Jen added more beautiful paintings to her new line!

That should tie you over for a while (: I'll be back on Monday sharing my full wisdom teeth experience. You will laugh, I promise.

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