She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Fairytales are True

It's my favorite day of the week again! I just love reading what my favorite bloggers are loving each week.  I'm glad my readers enjoy it, too!
Today my always adorable, stylish, and talented friend Sarah from Fairytales are True
is here. I'm thrilled! Sarah is the kindest, sweetest soul.  I love her blog for her stunning photos, creative eye for color, fashion and design, for her honesty, and her ability to always leave me smiling.  So excited she's here dishing on what she's lovin and what she's not.  

Hi Michaela's Readers!  I'm Sarah.
Michaela is the sweetest blogger out there.
Literally. if she hasn't been awarded that yet, I just did. boom.
no power is vested in me or anything, but I think we can all agree.
I always love reading this series so when she asked me if I'd tell y'all what I'm loving and what i'm "eh" over ... I was thrilled to share.
Here it goes ... 

She Loves Me

one of the best things ever.

2. our Croatian Vacation in July

3. boston terrier pup pups.

4. we love each other. 
and i don't care who knows.
5. this movie.  One of my faves. 
6. being a fool in love.

7. ina garten's roasted brussel sprouts

8. big chunky necklaces. 

9. Pinterest.
Because pinning is winning.

She Loves Me Not

1. not much of a fan these days.

2.  sorry kate, but that is complete bologna.
and ms. moss, have you ever tasted nutella?
3. Mad Men's next season being postponed ...
will i ever know how Don's new marriage is going ... hurry up, ok?

4.  sorry brits, but i'm flat out over them.

Thank you, girl! Pinning is definitely winning (: And chunky necklaces are the best.  I agree- Kate needs some nutella...Yikes!

Now go pay Sarah a visit! I just picked out some of her photos from her etsy shop and got them printed on canvases. I'm so excited to share soon!

What about you? What are you loving and not?


  1. Great post! I just love this series. Planning a trip to Croatia in August - that picture just made me even more excited!

  2. i loved this post! i totally agree about facebook, and keep calm!!!
    and i also love brussel sprouts and will have to try that recipe.

  3. This is definitely a favorite post of mine! LOL @ facebook and keeping calm, ha!! Love it.

  4. Great list!

    Pinterest is definitely one of my new favorites things!

  5. love it sarah. and yes. those keep calm posters are ollllllllllllllld.

  6. Such good loves and un-loves! I'll try anything for Ina! :)

  7. yessss. i have to choose between coratia or london and i think croata just won.

  8. Fab list!! Definitely checking out her blog :)

  9. I heart Sarah!! She is just lovely. And her pictures?! Be still my heart.

    Love her loves - Pinterest, boston terrier pups, and big chunky necklaces!!


  10. Loved this post! Sarah had me laughing through all her NOTS!!

  11. lol totally agree on the keep calm posters!

  12. Croatia is def. on my list of travels "to do"! That chunky necklace photo is so stylish. Nice selection Sarah!

  13. Your Croatian vacation looks to die for! Honestly, how I'd love to travel there one day in the future!

  14. I want a Croation vacation!

  15. 100% agree with Mad Men being postponed!! Hurry it up!!

  16. Going over to check out Sarah blog. I agree with Facebook since I have never been a very big fan of it but it's a great way to connect with people. And who doesn't love Pinterest these days!

  17. Agreed. I'm a brit and i'm hating those keep calm posters...! Facebook is kinda bore-off too.

  18. Just when I think that I can't like Sarah any more...then she goes and coins the phrase "pinning is winning" and I'm in love all over again! (c: Too cute. And I was in stitches over the keep calm posters, I'm with you there, girl!

  19. Omg! I love Sarah's blog, and I'm so glad she led me to you! Your blog is adorable!!

    I'm now following you, won't you follow me too?

  20. I love Sarah's blog! & I love your series, too :)

  21. that necklace is AMAZE. And a Croatian vacation? I'll take one. :)
    xo::Lauren @ tickled.

  22. Hahahaha....I love this. Such great "love me"s and "love me not"s.....Great post.

  23. The line about nutella made my day!



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