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photo by Michaela Noelle Designs

It's Tuesday! I'm flying from California to Michigan today, which means I'm leaving my precious family and heading back to my sweet and handsome boyfriend, my little apartment, and a month full of workshops

Life has been different, fast-paced, and I haven't been in my normal routine while I've been home in California. And you know what? I kind of liked it, despite being a routine type of a person. I was able to go on a day trip with my beautiful mama, play with our golden retriever, see some friends, visit with my cousins and their new babes, and soak up the sunshine (it was 90 here yesterday!) Blogging has a been a little sporadic since I've been home, but I'm ready to get back into the swing of things. 

One thing I'm really excited about is starting a new series where I'm going to share about my design school days, all the way until where I am now; a business owner. I want to be more candid here on the blog and encourage others to seriously pursue their dreams, so this is one way I plan on doing that. I also want to open up today's post to you guys. If you have ANY questions for me -- be it about blogging, running my business, personal questions (love those), how I started the Bloom Workshop, time management, interior design / decorating tips, what shampoo I use (hey-- I said anything!) etc. -- ask away! I'm going to answer them all in a blog post next week.

I always love learning more about other bloggers, so I figured it was time to open up the floor and let some questions pore on in. If you don't want to comment, and instead feel more comfortable emailing me, feel free!

Enjoy your Tuesday!


Friday Finds: Dresses + Home Decor

Happy Friday, friends! I'm popping in to let you know about two awesome sales! 

1. Anthropologie is having a 20% off dresses sale! The price is reflected at checkout. Perfectly in time for gorgeous weather, I scooped up this Chambray dress. I got it in an extra small petite-- it runs a little big!

Here are some other favorites...

Simple black dress: only $69 + additional 20% off.

This simple, comfortable knit dress:

Striped linen dress:

And because I like dreaming....this butterfly floral dress. I'm in love:

2. The other sale you need to know about is Lulu & Georgia! Here's how it works:
Spend $250, get 15% off
Spend $500, get 20% off
Spend $1000, get 25% off

Here are some faves:

Have an amazing, restful weekend!


DIY Spring Flower Arrangement

Photos by Michaela Noelle Designs

You all know I'm obsessed with flowers! Today I'm over on Desiree Hartsock's blog sharing how to make a pretty arrangement for spring. Head over for the details! 

Have a great day!


Fashion: Stripe Skirt

DETAILS | Striped skirt (that one is almost sold out, so this one is similar) / White top (similar, similar) / Shoes / Elephant Bracelet / Denim Jacket

I like to keep things simple when it comes to what I wear. I love stripes (probably half my wardrobe is made up of stripes!) so I couldn't pass up this $10 skirt last week. Yes, $10! Wearing this with a classic white top or a fun floral one are two looks, both giving the outfit totally different appearances. I'll have to show you the floral look soon, too! I think it's also key to note that this skirt is by far the comfiest thing I've ever worn. It's like pajamas, but in skirt form. Get it and thank me later ;)

Side note: I wear this elephant bracelet every single day and always get at least one compliment on it. It's so simple and cute! And you can't even feel it on your wrist.

Happy Wednesday!


How to Run a Successful Business with Your Best Friend

As most of you know, in addition to my interior design business, I also am the co-founder and co-owner of The Bloom Workshop. This is a creative workshop for women who want to learn about blogging, business, social media use for your business, photography and design. You may have heard the phrase, "Never live with your best friend or you won't be friends after!" I think that is a true statement (at least it was for me once in college!) so when Ashley and I were thinking of starting Bloom, I was nervous. I didn't want to hate my best friend in a few short months! However, my mind was quickly changed. It is totally possible to own a business with your best friend, if you keep these tips in mind.

1. Have an established friendship first. This is your strong foundation. Ashley and I have known each other for years and knew we worked well together in other areas (for example, we once took a 14 hour road trip together. If you can survive that, you can survive anything! We have also had two flat tires together. I mean, seriously...was that preparing us for business stress or what?!) If we didn't have this established friendship, we wouldn't know each other's weird, annoying, quirky habits and would probably grow tired or irritated with one another.

2. Divide up tasks. There's a lot to be done when running a business, especially when it has so many moving parts like a workshop that travels across the country. We are sure to divide up our tasks so we know what each of us are in charge of. For example, Ashley runs Instagram and I run Facebook. When it's time to converse with sponsors for the workshops, Ashley takes one city's workshop and I take another, so we are sure we stay organized. 

3. Communicate. Even if we didn't run a business together, we'd probably still talk on the phone once a day, but because of Bloom, we talk at least 2-3 times a day on the phone. That excludes the excessive texting we also do throughout the day ;) Since there are so many moving parts with our business, we just like to keep one another in the loop of people we've secured to speak, ideas we have to make future workshops better, celebrate over successes (like tickets being sold or giveaways doing well) etc. Keeping each other in the know and making big decisions together is key. We are co-founders, so we need to act like it! Thankfully, this hasn't been a problem for us :)

Part of communication is also honesty. This goes without saying, but you have to be completely open and honest about things for a company to run smoothly and successfully.

4. Compromise. Sometimes Ashley has an idea that I haven't thought of and it wouldn't be my first choice to execute, but because we're business together, I trust her and we go with it. The same is true in the other direction! And you know what? Most things we've come up with have worked really well and been positive for our business as a whole. Compromising, or finding a happy medium, is a way of demonstrating you trust the other person you're in business with, which is also key!

5. Seek sound advice and counsel. We don't have everything figured out, so it's important to be humble and ask for advice about the business side of things. On the flip side of this, it's important to not discuss your business with people who both of you don't know and trust. We refer to our significant others, our friend and graphic designer, and our lawyer. 

6. Don't forget to just be friends. Remember, you're friends first and business partners second. Go to lunch, get your nails done, and chat about real life things together. If you have to, make a guideline for yourselves not to discuss business endeavors over lunch. 

Do any of you run a business with your friends? If so, let me know if I missed anything. For those of you who want to go into business with your best friend, maybe consider if you think you two would make a good team, as well as considering if you could do these pointers well. Your teamwork directly effects the success of your business. I, for one, wouldn't want to be in business with anyone else! We are blessed.

PS. Only a few tickets left for our next workshop! Register here.

Happy Tuesday!

My Life Lately: California Living

I love being home and visiting California. I love so many things about this home town of mine. For one, seeing my family is a treat :) And two, there are so many GORGEOUS places just a short drive away from the Bay Area. Last week my mom and I went to Carmel. Our first stop was the Farmer's Market, per my friend Amanda's recommendation. The David Austin Roses didn't disappoint! 

Hope loved the flowers, too!

She also met a white boy poodle who she played with for a minute. So sweet... 

My mom is so darn cute, especially with our pup by her side.

See what I mean?! These roses are to.die.for. If I could, I would have bought every single bunch they had available. They're only $7 per bunch!

After the market, we ate lunch at Grasings, one of the most delicious restaurants in town! Next, we took Hope down to the beach to run, and boy did she! The beach, much like my mom, is her happy place, that's for sure.

Again, the cutest.

Another shot, because wow.

Speaking of my friend Amanda, she was so kind and drove to down town Carmel just to say hello, even though she should be on bedrest ;) We said hi for a few minutes and I was reminded just how sweet she is. I wish we lived closer!! Follow her blog, Marshall's Abroad for some delicious recipes and gorgeous photos.
Outfit details | Top: Nordstrom / Jeans: AG brand / Sandals: Steve Madden 

We had a wonderful day! Have you ever been to Carmel, CA?! If so, where is your favorite place to eat and shop?

Have a wonderful day!

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Collection is HERE!

 You guys! Do you know what day it is?! Lilly Pulitzer's collection is finally in stores and online! I can't get over the gorgeous 250 piece collection. From summer dresses, suits, coverups, shorts, beachy bags, accessories and home decor, there is seriously something for everyone at GREAT prices. I can now own some Lilly for a budget my wallet will thank me for :)

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the collection:

Plates -- in store only :( 

Glasses -- stores only

Makeup case -- stores only

Shop everything HERE! 

 Happy Sunday! Let me know what you get. That romper right there is in my near, near future :)


Hour Tour: Traditional & Charming

Originally found on Lonny / Design by Jessica Helgerson / Photography by Lincoln Barbour

As I was pursuing Lonny, I found this stunning home tour and realized it would be a disservice if I didn't share it with my readers. I mean, every single detail-- from the vibrant, saturated reds in the rugs, to the small herringbone pattern in the bathroom floor tiles-- is absolutely perfect. One major thing I love about this home, is how it feels well-designed, but not over-designed. It's stylish and sophisticated, yet comfortable and livable. I always want that trait in my home and client's homes. 

What's your favorite element about this charming, traditional home tour?

Happy Wednesday!


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