Hour Tour: Traditional & Charming

Originally found on Lonny / Design by Jessica Helgerson / Photography by Lincoln Barbour

As I was pursuing Lonny, I found this stunning home tour and realized it would be a disservice if I didn't share it with my readers. I mean, every single detail-- from the vibrant, saturated reds in the rugs, to the small herringbone pattern in the bathroom floor tiles-- is absolutely perfect. One major thing I love about this home, is how it feels well-designed, but not over-designed. It's stylish and sophisticated, yet comfortable and livable. I always want that trait in my home and client's homes. 

What's your favorite element about this charming, traditional home tour?

Happy Wednesday!



  1. I love this home, too. Lately I've been really attracted to white walls, vibrant Persian/oriental rugs, and antiques with warm wood tones. I agree that it doesn't look over-designed but every detail is intentional and interesting. I think my favorite part is the little writing desk nook with all the windows and greenery - how cozy and beautiful! I also LOVE the light fixtures throughout.

  2. That banister and those dark hardwood floors are totally swoon worthy!



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