Friday Finds: Favorite Sweater & Spring Picks

Happy Friday, friends! Friday is the day I dive into some of my favorite finds over the course of the last week and/or sales happening now and this weekend. Let's get started...

1. Anthropologie's 25% of sale SALE is still going strong! I love everything, but I bought this sweater and it's AMAZING. I love the little silky part that comes out of the sweater, to add a big more length. It's my current favorite sweater and it comes in 4 other colors!!

I also bought this shirt and it's so comfy! (I'm wearing it as I type!)

Use code EXTRAEXTRA at Anthro to get your discount at checkout!

2. I'm dying over Serena & Lily's new spring collections! I'm now going to pitch this rug to all of my clients :) And these new lemon napkins? Perfectly dreamy for Spring!

Some of my other favorite finds:

3. I love booties, so it was fun to find some new ones on Sole Society this week! You get FREE shipping on orders of $30. I especially love these two:

4. Finally, since we're still in a frozen tundra of ice and snow, I'm dreaming about the day it reaches 50 and I can wear flats instead of boots! Is it too soon to browse?! I don't think so ;)

That's it for today. What are your favorite finds? I hope you enjoy your weekend! You can follow along on Instagram to see what I'll be up to. 


How to Get the Most out of a Creative Workshop

We're so excited and honored to have an interview about The Bloom Workshop up on Glitter Guide today! We're also dishing our best tips on how to get the most out of a workshop AND how to choose a workshop that suits you!

Head on over to Glitter Guide to read the interview! There might just be a little surprise over there for those of you who want to come to one of our events :)

Happy Thursday!

DIY Reupholstered Bench

Let me tell you the story about this bench. I bought it on a whim at Target when I first moved into my apartment and used it as an ottoman/coffee table. After I realized I had quickly purchased things for my space without really thinking about the style I wanted and loved, I knew it needed a makeover. While it's a fun fabric and pattern, it's just not "me". I love more muted and feminine patterns. I decided to go with a seaglass-turquoise color print with subtle dots, perfectly coordinating with my pillow fabric (I'll show you those soon!)

Here's how I reupholstered the bench...

Step 1: Remove the nailhead details with a screw driver. 

Step 2: Lay your new fabric out on the ground, pattern face down, after ironing it. Put your bench on top of it, making sure it's centered. 

Step 3: First, I pulled up one side of the fabric, making sure it was tight against the leg. I cut a slit in the fabric right by the legs so I could tuck them under the original fabric.

Step 4: My boyfriend, who is clearly much strong than me, staple gunned the new fabric on the bench while I was pulling it tight around all the corners and edges.

I love the new fabric and can't wait to show you how well it goes with my sofa pillows!

Have you upholstered anything before? Any tips?! Do share!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

How to Stay Creative in a Pinterest Obsessed World

In a world that is so obsessed with Pinterest and all the same trends, it can be tough to stay creative and continue creating fresh content. Something I teach about at The Bloom Workshop is how to stay true to your self and avoid making your work look like everyone else's. I will admit, it's hard to stay on top of staying authentic, especially when something is trending so clearly like gold, blush, and confetti, among other things. Here are my tips for staying creative in a pinterest-obsessed world:

1. Develop your own creative process. I will share about mine in the next few weeks! It involves lots of tea ;) What inspires you? Do it often! Then come back to your desk with new ideas.
- Drink coffee or tea that awakens your senses.
- Take breaks.
- Go out into nature for a walk.
- Make a list of things that fill you with joy.
- Listen to classical music.
- Bounce ideas off a friend in another creative field. I do this often with Lauren!
- Cut out pictures that inspire you from glossy magazines. Yes, those still exist ;)
- Stay educated in your craft. There's always more to learn!

2. Don't just be a follower. Inspiration is a good thing, but idolizing, comparing and drooling over other's work in your specific field is a disaster in the making. At least it is for me! I work really hard to not go visit the instagram accounts and website of other designers, because I quickly fall into the ugly comparison game. Here's what I do instead:
- Find your strengths and work to refine them. Maybe this is newborn photography, kitchen and bath interior design, branding for creative businesses only, etc.
- Look at other creative professionals in different fields for inspiration, being careful not to copy those in YOUR field. I love looking at fashion trends for inspiration in the interior design and decorating world-- what's coming down the runways? What are the current trends in graphic design and photography? Chances are those trends will translate well into your own field and give you inspiration for your next project.
- Instead of sitting behind a screen wishing you could create something beautiful, get out and actually execute!

3. Mix it up and generate your ideas before searching Pinterest. Pinterest is a great tool, but only after you have dreamed up your own initial ideas.
- Generate your own ideas first (even if they are far-fetched) then look at those sources for project ideas and details they used to create something fresh of your own.
- Take old ideas and breathe new life into them. How can you use blush and gold in interiors and make it look like a brand new thing? How can you turn a regular midwest barn wedding on it's side and interpret it differently than anyone else?

All event design photos Ashley Slater Photography 

For more tips and creative business owners strategies, come to The Bloom Workshop! We'd love to meet you. What do you do to try to stay creative and original?! 

Happy Tuesday!

Backyard Tea Party Bridal Shower

Photography: Ashley Slater Photography // Event Design: Michaela Noelle Designs // Design & Décor:Mrs. Freund & Co. // Calligraphy: Graceline Art // Bakery: Nantucket Bakery // Makeup: Sarah Lettow // Floral Design: Spring Sweet // Rentals: The Rental Company // Hair: Urban Modern Hair // Location: Private Residence in Michigan.

We were so thrilled to have our bridal shower tea party featured on Burnett's Boards last week! This was one of my favorite shoots to date, because I love the color palette. (PS. I may or may not have wanted to do this palette as a trial run for my wedding one day... ;) It's confirmed...I love it!) You can also catch part of the shoot in print in Cottage Hill Magazine (on news stands in Barnes and Noble!)

One of my favorite parts about this shoot is the "make your own floral crown" station. The girls got to have fun making their own crown, engaging in laughs and conversation. I think it's such a sweet get together idea!

What's your favorite element from the inspiration shoot?


Friday Finds: Help Me Choose a Dining Room Rug

Happy Friday! I hope you had a wonderful week! I'm back with my Friday Finds this week. There's so much I want to share with you, so let's dive in!

1. My new blog friend, Sheaffer of Pinterest Told Me To, enlisted me to help her find a rug for her dining room. I was honored and thrilled! We narrowed down the rug options to two reallllly pretty ones from Lulu & Georgia, and we need your help! Head to Pinterest Told Me To to vote for your favorite of the two rugs and see Sheaffer's current dining room:

RUG 1:

RUG 2:
DETAILSChairs / Chandelier / Buffet 

You'll also want to follow along with Sheaffer! She's one of the funniest and sweetest ladies in blog land. You'll love reading her blog, as she shows us what Pinterest is telling us to wear! I loved her post this week where she showed us how to style Camo Pants HERE!

2. If you love The Bachelor (like me-- except I'm not loving Chris this season...he kissed all the girls SO early on!) then you have to read Sheaffer's Bachelor Recaps HERE. Holy cow-- they are laugh-out-loud-till-you-cry hilarious! Thank me later :)

3. I have to admit, I don't wash my hair every day. Usually I'm a every 2-3 days gal! This blog post from my friend Katie was very validating! Why you Should Wash Your Hair Less.

4. Anthropologie is having a big additional 25% off sale SALE! Use code EXTRAEXTRA for the discount at checkout.

I got this shirt and this sweater. Can't wait!! Here are my favorite looks:

5. Nordstrom's Clearance Sale ends on Monday! Don't miss out! Up to 40% off!! My favorites from the sale:

If you missed anything around here this week, here's a recap:

- I revealed the workspace in my apartment. Lots of readers loved the paper tray I have on my desk!

- One of my West Michigan client's homes is starting to come together, so I showed you the design direction.

- I chatted with Wicks Nest about her home, style and design tips!

- Dishing on 9 of my favorite home decor pieces.

That's all! Happy Friday, friends!
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PS. I'm linking up with Erika today for Friday Favorites!


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