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I'm excited because today is the second edition of my new series, Designer Files! In this series, I will ask some of my favorite designers and other artists some fun questions for us to get to know them better. You'll want to keep reading and meet Kristy of Wicks Nest, because this new friend of mine has one of the most beautifully designed and lived-in homes. Her house is gorgeous, comfortable and inviting. 

What is one of your favorite home projects or pieces in your home?

My favorite home piece and project most certainly has to be my large white mirror that hangs in the Hallway. I found it tucked away in a consignment store. It was originally black and gold without a mirror. I saw the potential, grabbed it for almost nothing then painted it and had a mirror placed inside. I love how it opens up my home... The wall it hangs on allows you to see 3 different spaces which makes my home feel larger and more open.

How did you get into design?

I've been into design my whole life without realizing it. It all started with my Mom. She always set an example with everything she touched. Whether it be the several homes she has built and decorated from start to finish all on her own, her Master Gardening skills and floral arranging talents or even her knowledge of entertaining and cooking (she often held dinner parties for generals and important political figures)... she has introduced a broad spectrum of talents from which I have learned a great deal. Everything from paint color to decor pieces has a special meaning or purpose in my Mom's home. I love that. She has in turn influenced everything my sister and I do when designing, decorating and entertaining. Having lived in Greece, Washington DC, Santa Barbara and Sante Fe we have learned to respect a wider grasp of styles and an appreciation for different cultures.

Stripes or plaid?

Stripes. I love the clean look of stripes mixed with Floral.

Geometric or floral?  

Floral because I have to have a little 'natural' beauty in every space whether it be through real flowers, fabric patterns or art.

Symmetry or asymmetry?  

Symmetry always!

One decorating "rule of thumb" is:  

Never hang art work too high! Art needs to have a sense of belonging in a space not float high on a wall. Eye level is usually a good way to gauge this. (depending how tall the person is) If you're unsure, hang on the lower side. :)

I couldn't live without _____ in my home.

My ottoman. We love having somewhere to place our feet that is large and comfortable but can also act as a coffee table when used with a tray centered in the middle. My ottoman provides another way to introduce texture and beauty. I love that my ottoman is leather so it never gets dirty but I am able to constantly change the look and feel of the room by the design and color of a throw placed on top. One more element I always like to add is a Tray. It provides the same added benefits as a throw but it also gives us a place to put our drink.. Both provide a way to add color and style depending on the season.

A design don't:

I have 2 that drive me bananas...

~Don't use an area rug that is too small! Often times people buy rugs that are tiny in comparison to their seating area. I really feel it's important that if you can't fit all of your furniture on a rug, the front legs of larger pieces need to sit half way on the rug. When a rug is placed in front of furniture it tends to look like a postage stamp. ;)
~Don't have too much clutter or too many knick knacks. I love rooms that are uncluttered with pieces that accent the space but don't overwhelm it.

What is your favorite spot in your home?

My family room is my favorite room as I consider it to be the heart of our home. I love that it's a wide open space yet still feels cozy. My family room also spills into my kitchen and that is where you will always find my family and friends gathering.

What has been one of your biggest design challenges?

My biggest challenge by far has been designing my small, narrow backyard. Almost all of my interior windows face the back yard garden so it was important I get the view just right. I needed light and I knew grass wasn't an option so I added a pool to soften the hardscape and offer reflected light. I also included a built in fire pit with recycle glass for added interest and texture. The materials used in my landscape design are glass tiles (which can be found on the pool wall and columns), a stamped concrete patio surface, a long travertine retaining wall and last but not least a beautiful large painted wooden Arbor which sits in the corner softened by climbing roses. I love that the retaining wall allows me the garden space I crave for my flower and garden obsession. I knew it was important for my exterior space to mirror my interior in style and color and I'm thrilled with the outcome.


Amen to the don't hang art too high and don't get too small of an area rug!! I also love that Kristy's love for design stemmed from her mom! Isn't her home lovely?! 

Visit Kristy at Wicks Nest today! Catching up? Check out past Designer Files here

Have a lovely day!


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