DIY Reupholstered Bench

Let me tell you the story about this bench. I bought it on a whim at Target when I first moved into my apartment and used it as an ottoman/coffee table. After I realized I had quickly purchased things for my space without really thinking about the style I wanted and loved, I knew it needed a makeover. While it's a fun fabric and pattern, it's just not "me". I love more muted and feminine patterns. I decided to go with a seaglass-turquoise color print with subtle dots, perfectly coordinating with my pillow fabric (I'll show you those soon!)

Here's how I reupholstered the bench...

Step 1: Remove the nailhead details with a screw driver. 

Step 2: Lay your new fabric out on the ground, pattern face down, after ironing it. Put your bench on top of it, making sure it's centered. 

Step 3: First, I pulled up one side of the fabric, making sure it was tight against the leg. I cut a slit in the fabric right by the legs so I could tuck them under the original fabric.

Step 4: My boyfriend, who is clearly much strong than me, staple gunned the new fabric on the bench while I was pulling it tight around all the corners and edges.

I love the new fabric and can't wait to show you how well it goes with my sofa pillows!

Have you upholstered anything before? Any tips?! Do share!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. I have that exact same fabric draped over my ottoman in the living room as we speak. I checked it out from calico corners on Tuesday. LOVE IT!

  2. Great fabric!! Although I liked the first one, this one suits your style and home more :) Love it

    Now you make me really want to take on a reholstery project

    Lauren | LB Designs

  3. I like the new fabric! And I like your floral screwdriver :)

  4. Did you read my mind? I've been thinking about doing the very same to my bench (the same one!) so that I can use it in our little girl's nursery. I bought it on a whim too, mostly because it was 12 bucks! Thanks for posting this friend, I'll have to show you pics of when I attempt to change the fabric.....


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