DIY Heart Garland

We're gearing up for valentine's day around here this week! Who says you have to have a boyfriend to enjoy this holiday?! I certainly love hearts and red, purple, and pink, so I'm doing a few things to spruce up the place. Today I'm showing you a simple heart garland I made for the apartment. 

Materials: Bakers twine, heart cut-outs, mini clothes pins, gold marker {I got all my materials at Paper Source!}

Step One: Use pencil to write out your saying, then go over it with the gold marker.
Step Two: Use the clothes pins to hang up your hearts on the bakers twine.

How's that for a 20 minute DIY?! What do you it up your alley? What are you doing to prepare for Valentine's Day?
You can find my other Valentine DIY's here Happy Thursday!

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: iHeart Organizing

Well today is a fun day, because I have one of my very favorite bloggers here sharing her loves and love-me-nots.  Welcome Jen of iHeart Organizing!

Jen is the woman I aspire to be-- her home is gorgeous and filled with uniquely organized nooks and crannies, her heart is so kind and genuine, and she's a wonderful mama.  Between her three boys and adorable blog, I'm not sure how she keeps up...but she does, and I'm so thankful for a friend like this who continually inspires me to pursue a happy and healthy home :) Let's hear what she's loving {and when you're done reading, go stop by iHeart Organizing for Jen's feature on my bedroom}!

Hello darling friends!  I am so honored to be stopping by today from iHeart Organizing, to share some things I adore, and a few that I do not!  Let's get started shall we?
Fresh flowers.  Especially during the winter months when our outdoor trees and gardens are in hibernation.  Something about the smells and colors of lovely stems make the whole home feel happy, clean and cheerful and always brighten my days!
Kate Spade gem earring studs.  I am pretty sure I wear these 90% of my earring wearing time. 
Rich navy walls.  I am totally digging navy walls, especially in dining rooms, with crisp white linens, gold accents and natural wood tones.  Swoon.
Honeycrisp apples.  I am quite certain these are the best apples on the planet!  In the fall we make trips to the orchard to pick this fantastic fruit, and in the winter, I cross my fingers that the local market has some in stock to provide me with my daily "treat".  Yum.
Glitter!  And I don't mean the movie.  Small pops of glitter gets me glowing inside, whether it is on a table runner, in nail polish or used to embellish a pretty vase, a little bling is a good thing!

Being cold.  Sure winter is absolutely beautiful to look at, there is no denying that snow can create some beautiful landscapes, but at the end of the day, I am the biggest freeze baby around.  After months of being wrapped in layers of clothes and outerwear, I am ready to whip out the flip flops!
Overplayed tunes.  What's up with radio stations playing the same song twice within an hour?  Seriously, overplayed music makes me want to turn it off, not tune in longer.

Stepping on Legos.  If you know what I am talking about and have experienced the pain of Legos under foot, you have my sympathy.  Ouch!

Thanks so much Michaela for inviting me over today!  This is such a fun series and it was a joy to be apart of it!
Thank you, Jen! You know I can't say "no" to glitter and I'm a flower-lover as well! How hilarious is that lego image?! 

Stop by Jen's blog, iHeart Organizing today to say hello and check out the little feature she cooked up on my bedroom. It's always so fun to blog swap with one of my favorite gals around :)

What are YOU loving this week?


{Take Two} Simple Valentine DIY's

Since this week is all about Valentine's Day {which I can't believe is on the horizon already},  I'm showing off two of my favorite crafts to do for the month of love.  I did both of these last year, but think they're too darn cute not to share again, in case some of you missed them. So, here I am with two simple Valentine DIY's.

One of my New Year's goals was to write more hand written notes and send more packages, so this first craft is a great way to check that goal off the list.  By using colorful ribbon, paper, little gift tags and writing thoughtful notes to friends, you're sending a little bit of love right to your friend's doorsteps.

Next up is one of my favorite DIY's to date.  Using pink, red, and purple tissue paper, I cut out hearts and glued them onto a mason jar I had laying around.  When lit, this really gives off a beautiful glow! 

*All photos taken and edited by Victoria Carlson Photography

Best part about both of these projects is they cost almost nothing, because chances are you can find most of the materials around your house or in your craft drawer closet.  Are you doing anything sweet for the month of February? Leave links to your Valentine DIY's in the comments!

Happy Tuesday!

Pink, Purple, & Red: Love List

sources | one / two / three / four / five  {wife goes on & my private cabana} / six / seven / eight / nine

Good morning {or afternoon or evening, depending on when you're reading}! I hope you all had a restful and enjoyable weekend. I spent the weekend catching up on homework, grabbing dinner and dessert with a close friend, and going to church.  This week will be deemed Valentine's week on the blog, as I want to show some adorable things I'm loving for February, as well as some quick crafts you can do to spruce up your home for Valentine's Day. And, the best part- none of these things require a boyfriend.  That's right...I'm saying it. I'm embracing the single Valentine's Day this year! We can totally have a great time with just girlfriends, right?! :)

Let's get to the good stuff.  I'd definitely wear either of the two dresses pictured above -- be it Valentine's Day, or any day! I'm also loving these pretty pink and purple shoes, adorable jewelry and of course, the tiny heart printed jeans.  I have polka-dot jeans, but I think these would be a sweet addition to my closet. You can't go through February without painting your nails pink and red. I can't wait to get my nails done with my mom next weekend when I'm home.  Pink or red?? Last but not least, pick up some girly pillows for your couch or bed.  Your home cannot be forgotten! 

What are you loving this time of year?
Make it a great Monday!
PS. Welcome to my sponsor, Katie, of Standpipe and Sprinkles.

Katie is one of the sweetest souls around and writes beautifully {seriously, such a lovely writer! I could read her posts all day!} about her life, love and adorable little family.  Go say hi today!

Advertise in February & A really Cute Puppy Picture

*image by Gem Photo

Hello! I hope your weekend is lovely. Just poppin' in to let you know I'm now accepting advertisers for the month of February.  I love to promote blogs, shops, and small businesses that I think my readers would enjoy. Visit my sponsor page for more info and of course,  don't hesitate to email me for packages and pricing. Hope and I would love to have you :)

Email: michaelawarner90 {at} gmail {dot} com

See you back here tomorrow!

Friday's Letters: Tea & Warm Socks

Dear Friday, I'm really glad you're here this week. Dear Wednesday Night, you kicked my bootie. Why oh why did I feel so sick to my stomach and WHY did you only let me get one hour of sleep?! The girl who never misses class actually skipped her morning class. Oh yes, that was me.  Dear Tea, I'm not really sure what I'd do without you.  I so enjoy my vanilla tea every morning. Thanks for getting me through the day! Dear Warm Socks, on rainy days like this, you are my favorite.  Dear Lulu & Georgia, a really pretty photo shoot is in store soon. I'm having so much fun putting together the details at work. Dear Beautiful Bouquets,  how I adore thee. Above is a sneak peek of a photo shoot I did with the lovely Christine.  Dear Morning Bible Study, you sooth my soul and give me a purpose for the day.  I'm currently doing a study with my sweet friend Nicole. Dear Northern California, I'm coming for you next weekend! I can't wait to go home for my cousin's bridal shower. It's going to be gorgeous, darling.  Dear Hope, I miss your little face so much when I'm away at school. Mom says you're so hyper she's turning to the dog whisperer.  She plays Cesar Millan videos to try and find new ways to train you, but the best part is you actually watch the movies, too.  Hopefully you're not learning to outsmart us! Dear Friends, thanks for being you. Have a restful weekend!

What do you have planned?  You can follow me on instagram for weekend happenings: michaelanoelle.

Happy Friday! I'll be back next week for all things Valentines.

PS. Linking up with my BFF Ashley at The Sweet Season 

Colorful and Chic TriBeCa Loft Tour

*images via traditional home

This is the ever colorful, perfectly tasteful, and beautifully curated TriBeCa loft of Bethenny Frankel.  It's 3,400 square feet of pure goodness.  I knew I loved this woman.  Here are my favorite elements:
1. The neutral walls in the public living spaces, decorated with pops of bold color and BIG art. Small art is a pet peeve of mine, especially on gigantic walls like hers! :)
2. Her daughter's room is sweet and elegant.  I love little girl's rooms that don't feel too "little girl"...know what I'm sayin'?!
3. That. Wallpaper.  Enough said.... but I will say more :)  One of the best ways to design a large room with tall ceilings is to highlight that feature and play it up with an equally large pattern.  A small patterned wallpaper would have been way too busy on that big scale wall.  This organic flower paper is soft, neutral, but with a touch of whimsy, while the rest of the room is sophisticated and a bit traditional. The wallpaper is the perfect touch to this sassy girl's haven.

What's your favorite part?
I'm pretty sure it's safe to say her condo is great. On a side note, have you tried her cocktail line, Skinny Girl?  It's quite delicious and easy on the calories!

Happy Thursday!

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Chartreuse & a Twist

Happy Wednesday, all! I'm so excited to introduce you to one of my favorite people in the blogosphere.  Meet Brynn of Chartreuse & a Twist
Is her header not the cutest thing you've ever seen? I can assure you, the cuteness does not stop there. Brynn has a lovely zest for life and passion for design, events, DIYs and everything pretty. Her own wedding was completely gorgeous, so you should go check out the feature here.  Brynn and I quickly bonded over the little places we love to go in Seattle. I think we'd make great friends. And I think you would, too! Here's what she's loving and what she's not this week...

1. I seriously can't get enough polka dots in my life! I was getting my hair cut on Saturday and I was wearing this top...then, when I went to pull out my wallet to pay, what do you know?! My wallet totally matched my is black with white polka dots, too! Hmm, a problem? I think not ;)

2. I know it is still 2 (long) months away, but I can't help but dream of spring...
slightly warmer & sunnier days, beautiful blooms, hurry up spring!!!

3. It's funny, Michaela & I had a little side conversation over instagram about this photo. It was concluded that we both love Madewell's flats :) I own 3 pairs & I will not stop there! They are the simply the cutest & the comfiest! So Parisian chic :)

4. The chilly weather makes me crave nothing but comfort food! And ramen is most definitely one of my favorite comfort foods! I have been in search of the perfect bowl since my visit to Japan several years ago & I finally found I can not get enough!

1. I can't really complain too much...we have definitely had a very mild winter so far here in Seattle. There have been many sunny days, BUT there have also been a fair share of gloomy & gray ones...
& those are the days that feel like they last forever. I am over it! Please, sunshine, I beg you to come back to us soon!!!

2. I am officially blaming the holidays for raising my sweets tolerance! ;) I have been trying so badly to take the sweet stuff out of my diet...but they just keep smiling in my face & taunting me! 
*Le sigh* Maybe I just need to stop getting coffee at the doughnut shop! (but their coffee is SO good!)

Thank you so much, Michaela, for inviting me over today!
I loved getting to think about all of the things I am loving (and not so much) right now :)
XO Brynn

Thanks, friend! I do agree- those Madewell flats are my favorite. SO comfortable, too! I totally know what she means about the Seattle gloom, and have to say I don't miss that. I'm also not mad about the 80 degree weather here in LA this week :) Isn't Brynn the absolute sweetest?! Go say hello to her today over at Chartreuse & a Twist.

What are YOU loving this Wednesday?

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