On My Desk & In My Lap: No. 2

This week I'm showing you what's on my desk and what's in my lap :) Meet Sadie and Tiger, my roommate's adorable pups. I'm so excited to have little friends in the apartment to keep us company.  Aren't they the sweetest?! 

On my desk this week is lots of school work! Above you can see a project I hand drew in perspective, then markered, and scanned into my computer to finish rendering in Photoshop. Talk about a crazy project! I thought I would use this post to share what classes I'm taking this quarter. I'm excited about them and can't wait to learn lots and then hopefully share it here with you!  Here are a few of my classes:

- Architecture Survey: I'll be learning about the history of architectural and furniture styles. SO excited about this one. I'm such a nerd :) Who's with me??
- Computer Graphics 3: I will be learning Advanced Photoshop and Google Sketch Up. Sketch Up will be such a great tool to add to my arsenal of design skills. 
- Marketing for Interior Designers: I will learn how to best market myself by interviewing a design firm and analyzing their marketing plan. I'll be interviewing my adorable friend Jessica at With Love, Design
- Internship with Lulu & Georgia: You already know how much I love my job :) Can't wait to style more photo shoots and work more on the shop. Lots of fun things in store, including 2 new collections launching soon!
Also in the works are some fun side projects that I'm over-the-moon-excited to share soon.  That's all I can say. Eeek!

There's a bit into my life this week. Will definitely be back with a sneak peek tour of my apartment next week.  What do you all have planned this weekend? Don't forget to enter this stunner of a giveaway right here


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  1. Sounds like such an amazing term! I love whats on your laptop, and of course the pups are cute too. Every one I've talked to at my school in later terms rave about Google Sketch up, I hope you like it!

  2. Those pups are way too cute. You'll have so much fun with them since Hope is at your parents house! Your school schedule sounds like it would eat me alive... you are talented, sister. :) I can't wait to hear more about how your semester goes!

  3. THEY ARE SO CUTE!!! Dogs make me excited :)
    All the best this term with school love!

  4. Roommates with little dogs are the best! My roommate has an adorable shih tzu named Lulu and she's our apartment mascot :)

  5. Those puppies are adorable! And I am jealous of your classes...my master's classes are so blah!

  6. Oh my goodness she has two dogs?? So lucky. I keep begging the boyfriend to get another dog to no avail :(.

  7. such cute dogs! I have been puppy hungry lately and seeing their cute faces makes me want a dog even more!

    love from NYC,

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  8. Such sweet pups! I know you are glad to have them around since Hope is back home. Wow, you've got quite a schedule.

  9. Cutest pups! Congrats on the internship! Love Lulu & Georgia!

  10. Oh my gosh, they are SO cute!! Hooray for having puppy friends!

  11. Your classes sound awesome, wish we had,had some like the marketing one.

  12. Have so much fun with your internship!! Love Lulu and Georgia!

  13. I just LOVE Lulu + Georgia! In fact, I reached out to them recently to see if they wanted to work on a collaboration with GlamourMash! Truth be told, I didn't know you interned with them = very cool! These classes look sooo interesting! Have a blast! My college courses leaned towards math = gross :)

    Holly Foxen Wells

  14. Those pups are adorable! How fun to have them around. I am sure they bring a smile to your face every day. You have a busy schedule Michaela! Your classes sound interesting. Hope you have a nice weekend.

  15. Those fur babies are the best!!! P.S. We're working on a few projects around the house, and luckily Daniel is a google sketchup pro! So handy!:-) xoxo

  16. BAH! Nothing better than a cute pup. Good luck with classes, I'm sure you'll be knocking em out of the park! :)


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