Whirlwind Week Wrap-Up

Since we had quite the week over here, I thought I'd recap all the giveaways so you don't miss out on any you realllyyy want to win (:

Monday: Ex Voto Jewelry necklace
Tuesday: Ten June e-design package & Alisha's Photography
Wednesday: Whippy Cake $30 gift card
Thursday: Dani Notes Stationary set of notecards & Silk Way's pair of ikat pillows
Friday: Meadow Boutique's make up pouch & Dear Lillie's screen printed shirt

Thanks so much to all of the amazing vendors and etsy shops! 
Also- in the midst of the craziness, I forgot to let yall know that I guest posted for Emily, of Simply Southern, dishing on my Summer Must-Haves in the world of fashion (:  Emily is a shoe collecting, fashion loving, food indulging, student who blogs about all things beautiful.  You're sure to find lots of inspiration from this sweetheart over at:

Happy Sunday, friends! What are you plans for today?
We're spending lots of time with our pup, trying to get her back to feeling okay. More on Shasta tomorrow.

Week of Giveaways: Dear Lillie

Back for round 2?! Hooray! This is our last and final giveaway. {It rhymed...what can I say?! Okay...stopping now!}

I've been an avid follower of the absolute most adorable blog called Dear Lillie.  Jennifer's house is perfectly designed with all sorts of dreamy neutrals.  She's crafty, has a super talented eye for design, AND she has the two cutest little girls, Lillie and Lola.  Her Etsy shop, Dear Lillie, is full of lots of goodies...but it is closed as of now since she's still on maternity leave.  
Lucky for us, Jennifer and the rest of her family at Dear Lillie, are giving away your choice of two screen printed shirts!

Here are your choices...

ONE: Think Lovely Thoughts
Just think lovely thoughts and they shall lift you up in the air... 
TWO: Jane Austen
there is no enjoyment like reading...

I love her use of classic silhouettes. They definitely strike my fancy (:

First...to Enter:
Please be a follower of Michaela Noelle Designs & comment telling me you are, as well as letting me know which shirt you would choose!

Then...Extra Entries: {leave a separate comment for each}
*Be a follower of Dear Lillie blog
*Follow Dear Lillie on Twitter and tweet about the giveaway. {Example: @DearLillie is sponsoring a giveaway of a darling screen printed shirt on @michaela_noelle 's blog!}
*Follow Dear Lillie on Facebook

Important: Be sure to leave your email in you comment if you are a non-reply blogger, anonymous, or don't have a blog.
*Giveaway is open until Thursday, August 4th and announced Friday, August 5th*

Good luck to everyone!
TGIF! I'm off to go swimming with a friend and her little kiddos.  Can't wait(:
PS. Don't forget to enter the Meadow Boutique giveaway right under this post.

Week of Giveaways: Meadow Boutique

It's Friday! Clearly we're pushing on in our week of giveaways.  How fun has it been so far?! I want to say a special thanks to all of the amazing vendors!!

Since it's Friday and normally I do a fashion post, I thought it'd be the perfect day to run the giveaway from Meadow Boutique, the adorable shop I write the blog for in Seattle.
If you've visited Meadow's blog, then you know how undeniably cute the boutique is. I'm not just saying that because I work there (: We have sweet and unique clothing, accessories, home goods and decor, jewelry, and lots of other goodies!
Here are a few of my favorite pieces from Meadow as of lately:

Got this for my mom's birthday!

Remember this one?! 

It was a keeper(:

You believe me now when I say Meadow is my favorite store (:

Let's get to the giveaway!

Shelley, the sweet owner of Meadow, is giving away this brightly colored makeup pouch:

Since turquoise is still alllll the rage, I thought it was perfect.  I'd love to store my makeup in that...what about you?!

Here's what you do...

First...to Enter:
Please be a follower of Michaela Noelle Designs.

Then...Extra Entries: {leave a separate comment for each}
*Follow Meadow's Blog
*Tweet about the giveaway. {Example: Meadow Boutique is giving away a fabulous turquoise makeup pouch over at @michaela_noelle 's blog.
*Like Michaela Noelle Designs on Facebook


Week of Giveaways: Silk Way

Everyone needs some ikat in their lives! Let me help y'all out.  

The fabulous Jonali, the talent behind Silk Way, is giving away a PAIR of her ikat pillows.

Take a look at some of the beautiful choices you have!

There really is a pattern and color palette for everyone.
One reader will win a pair of their choice, but for everyone else, Jonali is being super sweet and extending at 10% off discount code for my readers at checkout.  Just enter:  MICHAELANOELLEDESIGN for the discount.  Thanks, Jonali!

To Enter:
Please be a follower of Michaela Noelle Designs.

Extra Entries: {leave a separate comment for each}
*Visit Silk Way's Etsy shop and come back to comment with which pair of pillow covers you would order
*Tweet about the giveaway. {Example: If you love all things ikat come enter the giveaway by Silk Way over at @michaela_noelle 's blog to win a pair of ikat pillows!}
*Like Michaela Noelle Designs on Facebook

*Giveaway will be open until Wednesday, August 3rd and be announced Thursday, August 4th.*

Happy entering!
PS. Be sure to enter the Dani Notes Stationary giveaway right beneath this post!

Week of Giveaways: Dani Notes

Well this week is flying by with giveaways coming at you left and right! Hope you're enjoying it. I'm excited to get back to regular posting next week, though (:

Today we're continuing on with our 4th day of giveaways...

A while back I found Danielle's adorable Etsy Shop called Dani Notes. I was immediately smitten with her notecards, custom iphone cases, and monogrammed everything.  There's just something about seeing your initials on something (:

Today, the super sweet Danielle has a treat for us!  One of my readers will get to choose between two fabulous sets of notecards from her collection.  Here are your choices:

1. Monogrammed:


2. Cupcakes:

If you're anything like me, then sending and receiving cards both make your day!  Note cards are one of those things I just "accidentally" walk out of a store with...can't stop myself.

So...now that you want them, let's get to entering!

To Enter:
Please be a follower of Michaela Noelle Designs.

Extra Entries: {leave a separate comment for each}
*Like Dani Notes on Facebook
*Follow Dani Notes Blog
*Comment telling us which note card set you would choose!
* Tweet about the giveaway. {Example: Head on over to @michaela_noelle 's blog for a chance to win some fabulous stationary by Dani Notes!}

*Giveaway will be open until Wednesday, August 3rd and announced Thursday, August 4th.
US and Canada only please!*

That's all! (:

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Me!

Today I'm popping in to do my own installment of She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not.  This is one of my favorite posts to write, so I decided to do it myself this week (: Hope ya don't mind!  Here we go...

She Loves Me:

1. These photos.
My friend Emily is the seriously amazing photographer behind Gem Photo and she took these photos on her most recent vacation to Europe.  These pictures were captured in Burano and Em has left me wanting to go real bad! Can we just talk about the colors?!

2. My new sparkly flip flops from J. Crew for only $6.99!!

3. The color Turquoise.

4. This dresser I found from a cute new blog I discovered, I Just Might Explode.
I mean, really...how genius is this?!

5. JP from The Bachelorette.
I won't lie, I'm addicted to the show, but am the least bit impressed with Ashley. However, I loveeee JP. But if he doesn't win, it's fine...I guess I'll take him off Ashley's hands (:

6. Baskin Robbins Cookies 'N Cream ice cream.
With Rainbow Sprinkles.
The only way to go (:

7. I'm loving that Whippy Cake is giving away a $30 gift card to one lucky reader of mine!
{Comment on the post below this one to enter}

She Loves Me Not:

1. That my brother has been gone on a trip for a few weeks now.
 I miss him!

2. That Million Dollar Decorator's had their season finale last week.  
What am I going to do without those hilarious decorators each week?! I already miss hearing Martin saying "Oh, darling!" every 5 seconds.

3.  My sweet Shasta is in the hospital.
She had her spleen removed the other day after it ruptured and is currently recovering at the overnight doggy hospital.  It's very possible the reason for the rupture is because she has cancer, so they ran tests to find out. If she does have cancer, we'll need to put her down to put her out of her misery after we spend the week at home soaking up all the joy she brings us.  I'm in shock. I can't imagine my life without our girl. I just love her so much! Please say a prayer for our pup (:

4. Our house has been crazy the past few weeks.
We've been doing lots of work and small repairs to the home, and lots of little repairs= lots of a big ole mess. Our Pottery Barn rug came today, though, and the painting is finished.  I'm stoked to show you the reveal next week.

My mom is going to kill me for posting this mess (;
5. Burnt Hair
Last week I was curling my hair and somehow the electricity was crazy messed up! Meaning, it was like 1000 times hotter than normal. It totally fried off a chunk of hair...right in the front. Adorable.

Have a wonderful Wednesday! What are YOU loving?
PS. Don't forget to enter the Whippy Cake giveaway right below this post!! (:

Week of Giveaways: Whippy Cake

Okay, ladies...special treat today. 
If you like cake and you like hair accessories, you're going to ADORE this giveaway! Whippy Cake is by far my favorite hair accessory shop, so you can believe me when I tell you I almost wet my pants when I read the email from Becki saying WC was going to sponsor a giveaway(: Every time I wear a glamour band, I always get compliments and asked where I bought my hair piece.  It's safe to say I'm obsessed with flowers, ruffles, buttons and sparkles, so it's no wonder I own close to 10 Whippy Cake headband appliques (:
You may have seen me wear them in my Fashion Friday posts.

If you're just learning about Whippy Cake, here's the deal...
You buy a headband with a velcro piece attached, and then go nuts and buy as many appliques as you wish! Each applique has velcro on it as well, so you can stick it right to the headband.  They also have little alligator clips so you can simply clip the flowery goodness into your pony tail or wherever you'd like.  They come in mini sizes, too! Perfect for your little ones.

Becki, the talent behind my favorite glamour bands, is just the sweetest and she's giving away a $30 gift card to one of my lucky readers.  That's enough for one applique and headband! You'll be stylin' in no time.

This is why they call them Tempting Accessories!

Here's how to enter:
Please be a follower of Michaela Noelle Designs blog before entering!

Then: {leave a separate comment for each}
*Like Whippy Cake on Facebook
*Visit Whippy Cake's website and tell me which applique is your favorite!
*Follow Whippy Cake on Twitter and tweet about the giveaway.  {Example tweet: @whippycake is sponsoring a giveaway on @michaela_noelle 's blog... join the fun and get some cake! www.michaelanoelledesigns.com}

Important: Leave your email if you're a non-reply blogger or don't have a blog!
*Giveaway will be open until Tuesday, August 2nd and announced Wednesday, August 3rd*

Now go enter to win some CAKE!

Week of Giveaways: AFC Photography {Closed}

Giveaway number 2 for today! Hooray (:

I love photography, so I was thrilled when Alisha contacted me saying she would donate a print from her shop.
Alisha is giving away a beautiful photo from her photography etsy shop to one of my lucky readers!  She's such a kind hearted person and of course, an awesome photographer!  Check out some of her photos:

Awesome, right?! I know I'd love to have one of her photos hanging in my home somewhere! So, let's get to the good stuff:

To Enter:
Please be a follower of Michaela Noelle Designs & Alisha and Brandon {Alisha's blog}

Extra Entries {leave a separate comment for each}
*Visit Alisha's Etsy Shop and come back to tell me which print is your favorite
*Follow Alisha on Twitter and tweet about the giveaway. {Example: @alisha_aWISHa is giving away a photograph from her Etsy shop! Hurry on over to @michaela_noelle 's blog to enter!}
*Like Michaela Noelle Designs on Facebook

Important: Be sure to leave your e-mail if you're a non-reply blogger or a reader without a blog! 
*Giveaway ends Monday, August 1st and will be announced Tuesday, August 2nd*

Happy Entering!!
PS. Don't forget to enter Ten June's E-Design Giveaway right below this post, too!


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