Fashion Friday #41: It's Gettin' Hot in Here

It's Friday! I kind of can't believe it's here already.  I survived my first day of being at work at 6am. And I rolled in 2 minutes early holllaaa (:
This week has been unbearably hot. Today is the first day I could actually breathe when I first got into my car.  Shorts and dresses {and lots of AC} were a must this week, and since I wear dresses a lot in my fashion posts, today I mixed it up.  I actually really don't like wearing, ever.  I'm not sure why- maybe it's because I wasn't allowed to wear them to high school or because I never need to wear them in college. Or maybe it's purely because I'm still 6 and like to wear dresses everyday(: 
Nonetheless, today my favorite pair of shorts are making their debut on the bloggity. 

I'm also so excited to show off my new necklace from Ex Voto Jewelry! The lovely Elizabeth was so super sweet to send me one of her stunning pieces. Take a look!

Top: Nordstrom B.P.
Shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch
Shoes: Anthropologie {on sale!}
Necklace: Ex Voto Jewelry
High Bun Tutorial: go here.

I'm loving the necklace for many reasons- it's comfy, it's bold and it's gold. I'm really into gold right now.  I love that it goes with my shoes so well. I've worn it almost every day since receiving the kind package in the mail!
The exciting part is that if you keep on coming back here, you'll be able to enter to win the same necklace during my Blogiversary's week of giveaways! {Last week of July} (:
Thanks Elizabeth- you rock! Go explore her shop here. And follow her on twitter, too, why dontcha!

*I was not compensated for this review. All opinions are mine. I genuinely love Ex Voto Jewelry's products (:
What do y'all have planned for your weekend?
We're currently trying to nurse my little buggaboo back to health. Poor thing has a fever and some other little sickness that is too long {and too hard!} to spell out.
Shasta is beyond thrilled that her new diet is boiled turkey and brown rice. What a health nut.

Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. o.m.g. you my dear are gorgeous! i love love the high bun :)

  2. Another great outfit. Love the shoes. and I have been trying to find some white shorts I might just have to hit up A&f. Hope your sweet puppy feels better. Have a great weekend!

  3. Cute outfit! Love the up-do! Hope that sweet little pup of yours feels better soon!

  4. I always hated shorts too, but I think thats because I could barely get myself to weigh over 100lbs in highschool, and had the skinniest stick legs EVER!

    I don't mind them now, but I would choose a dress any day.

  5. You could rock ANY hairstyle! You look so cute!

  6. LOVE that high bun!!!! So gorgeous <3

    Hope Shasta gets to feeling better! That pic is so cute!

  7. Cute top!

    Hope Shasta feels better and y'all have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I'm not big on shorts either (I'm 32 and this is my first year wearing them! lol), but I kinda like them. Your outfit is beautiful and i LOVE the back of that top! Heading over to see how to do that adorable bun!

  9. Super cute outfit! Hope Shasta is on the mend soon.

  10. Oh I just love that shirt. The cut of the back is great. We are just hoping to be a little less busy then last weekend. Temps are supposed to go back down to high 70s so it should be much better. Counting down the days to meet up.

  11. LOVE this tribal look on you...the bun is perfection! The necklace is awesome too! Happy Weekend!

  12. love the shoes! and hope your dog gets better :)

  13. Looking adorable, as always!! And that necklace IS stunning! I love it, and all things gold. Have a great weekend! Xo, Katie

  14. You are way too cute and I love that necklace.
    Message yo Shasta "Heal"

  15. It's supposed to get to the 70's by the end of the week! :)

    Your outfit is adorable and I love your 'do! Chic and very cute!

    Have a great weekend!!!!!

    xo, Ana
    PS: Check out my giveaway!

  16. shorts are k%l! ps. thats how all the popular people spell cool! ha!

  17. I like your bum :) hehe it's cute! Just like you so I wouldn't expect any less. Have a fabulous weekend darling! Oh and why weren't you allowed to wear shorts in high school? Xoxox

  18. I am 6, too!! :) I love wearing dresses, but your shorts are so cute!! I came over from Mackey Madness and fell in love with your cute little blog! :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  19. love it!! my hair has been living in a bun all summer :)

  20. Ahhhh, shorts!! I kinda feel like we are reaching the next level of our relationship. Haha.

    You are precious! Hope Shasta feels better soon!!

  21. it is SO nice of you to get those sandals for me. you are such a good bff.

  22. You look beautiful Michaela!! Love that necklace, too.

    Poor little Shasta... what a sweet picture of her. Hope she's all better SOON! :)

  23. I love that top! I've been looking for a top with a fun print... yours is great. I just went back and watched the high bun tutorial... just might have to give that a try soon. (:

  24. I LOVE your hair in a bun like that! Loving this summery/tribal outfit! Those sandals are funky gorgeous!!

    Hope your little baby gets to feeling better! Have a great weekend, Michaela!! ;)

  25. You look adorale, hair bun, awesome, especially since you have that great necklace on. I want one! No really, I may buy one, what a great peice. I also think you need to wear shorts more often they look great on you. I found some really cute girly pairs at Urban Outfitters and I live in them, so comfortable! You just have to find the right pairs for you, I actually only own 4 pairs but I love them all! I have this issue with skirts though, cannot stand them.

    I hope your pup feels better, its such an awful feeling when your puppy is sick.

    Hope you have a good weekend!

  26. cutie patootie!!!!!
    I'm jealous everytime I see you do something different with your hair. Just when I see a cute short cut and consider it, I reconsider when I see your hair!

  27. Dang, you look good! I want to borrow that top, please! And the picture of you laughing is definitely a keeper.


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