She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Name 5 Things

So sorry for my lack of posting was so weird to not post, actually. #obsessedblogger
I was so overly tired from our 4th of July I couldn't even compose a post when I got home. But I've got the total recap coming for you tomorrow!

Today is Wednesday, so we have another one of my fave bloggers here to share her loves and loves me nots!  Welcome Emily, the talent behind name 5 things:
She is stylish, loves good deals and made the BEST chevron bulletin boards {I think after I saw those I was off-the-deep-end-in-love with chevron} I love her and you're about to also! Take it away sweet Emily...
Hi everyone!  I'm Emily from name 5 things.  I was thrilled when Michaela asked me to be a part of her awesome She Love Me, She Loves Me Not series.  Michaela has to be one of the sweetest bloggers out there and is always a constant source of inspiration when it comes to decorating and clothes.


(1) Kerastase Double Force Hairspray.  This stuff is pricey, but it has the perfect amount of hold for keeping my side-swept bangs in place all day (even in the Texas heat and humidity).  After trying countless drugstore brands and being disappointed, I decided to bite the bullet and haven't looked back since!    

(2) An upcoming 2-week vacation to France, Italy, and Greece.  My husband and I are counting down the days until we get to leave work behind (see She Loves Me Not #2 below) and relax in some of the most beautiful places.

(3) My precious dogs, Riley and Zoey.  They are both Welsh Terriers and are the cutest things, if I do say so myself.  I am sure they would get along fabulously with Michaela's dog Shasta.    

(4) Banana Republic's upcoming Mad Men inspired collection.  I haven't been digging the selection at BR recently, but since I love all things Mad Men, I am hoping the new collection will be a winner.  From what I've seen so far, I am loving it.


(1) Sam Edelman Gigi Sandals.  I would love a pair of these sandals, but I guess my size is popular because they are sold out everywhere.  I am stalking Zappos and Nordstrom in hopes they will get more in stock soon!

(2) My current work schedule.  I love my job, but we are getting ready for a massive trial and things are pretty much non-stop.  I am ready for the trial to be over and for my schedule to get back to normal (and to catch up on some major overdue blog reading/commenting!).    

(3)  Early mornings.  I am not a morning person -- at all.  Thank goodness for the snooze button (although, I'm fairly certain they didn't intend for you to hit it 10 times before actually getting up)! 

Thanks again Michaela for letting me post over here today!

Thanks, Emily! I totally do the snooze thing...Who else is with us?? Zoey and Riley are so darn cute. Shasta says she'd like a play date (;
What are you loving this week??

Go pay name 5 things a visit!
Back tomorrow with a 4th of July recap.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. i love your dogs, too- sooo cute!
    have fun on your vacation- sounds like a DREAM!

  2. I'm so glad you told me about the Mad Men collection... my boyfriend and I are OBSESSED with Mad Men and oldschool clothing!

  3. you had me at the kerastase hairspray and upcoming trip to france, italy and greece!!! how amazing!!

  4. great list, emily! hoping that the lawyer crap goes by fast so you can fast forward to your trip : ) don't forget to email me your itenerary- i am dying to know!!!!

  5. These are great picks! I wish I was going over seas soon!!! How exciting!!

  6. Ooo love the Mad Men inspired line at BR! Looks so chic!

  7. France, Italy, and Greece.... what a dream trip! I visited the town in that picture, and it's incredible. Enjoy your time away from work. (:

    I'm not much of an early morning person either... but that clock from the picture almost makes me want to use the alarm. ;)

  8. I know Emily will be glad when vacation time arrives! Her dogs are precious!

  9. I love Emily and this post was great. I'll keep my eyes peeled for that hairspray and I'd love to snuggle with her adorable pups :)

  10. Love Emily and love her list! Her upcoming vacation sounds wonderful!!!

  11. Oh Emily...I am with you 100%...except the loving your trip, because I am insanely jealous and therefore, no likey (c: And I'm wishing I still had the luxury of a snooze button...unfortunately my munchkins didn't come equipped with those...hmmm, I should complain...they're like, defective or something (c:

  12. Ah Vernazza. I want to be there...

  13. Cute post! Your dogs are adorable and I love some BR! And Im really jealous of your upcoming trip!

  14. never "met" emily....but after this post...i'm thinking it's a must!!

    can't wait for the recap M! :)

  15. Sometimes days off blogging are necessary!! I love her loves...I totally need to try that hairspray for my crazy hair. And we both know that I'm all about the snooze!!

  16. Thanks, Michaela for letting me share all loves (and non-loves)! It was fun!

  17. Oh my goodness...Riley and Zoey are SO cute!

  18. yay - Love Emily! I'm so with her on the upcoming BR line!!!! I think I might need retail therapy after that line comes out :) I dislike early mornings too!


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