Whirlwind Week Wrap-Up

Since we had quite the week over here, I thought I'd recap all the giveaways so you don't miss out on any you realllyyy want to win (:

Monday: Ex Voto Jewelry necklace
Tuesday: Ten June e-design package & Alisha's Photography
Wednesday: Whippy Cake $30 gift card
Thursday: Dani Notes Stationary set of notecards & Silk Way's pair of ikat pillows
Friday: Meadow Boutique's make up pouch & Dear Lillie's screen printed shirt

Thanks so much to all of the amazing vendors and etsy shops! 
Also- in the midst of the craziness, I forgot to let yall know that I guest posted for Emily, of Simply Southern, dishing on my Summer Must-Haves in the world of fashion (:  Emily is a shoe collecting, fashion loving, food indulging, student who blogs about all things beautiful.  You're sure to find lots of inspiration from this sweetheart over at:

Happy Sunday, friends! What are you plans for today?
We're spending lots of time with our pup, trying to get her back to feeling okay. More on Shasta tomorrow.


  1. I'll have to check out your guest post. Thanks again for such a great week of giveaways! :) OH and I hope Shasta feels better soon!

  2. You've had quite the week. Sorry to hear Shasta is feeling well. One more week til school starts here. Volleyball tryouts start tomorrow, so it will be a busy week.

  3. Sorry M! Kelly Dutcher was actually me! Oops! :)

  4. Holy smokes sista!!! Quote the week, I'd say :) You should come here to Michigan and take a break or something! hehe xoxox

  5. Hi - thanks for the giveaway updates (and thanks to Coastal Blue for telling me, too!)

    Am your Newest Follower!

    Best Wishes - love your blog - designs and features are lovely!

    beachside cottage


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