Fashion Friday #14 + a Rope Twist Hairstyle

Since I was given my Canon Rebel T1i for my birthday in November, I've loved trying to learn new things on it.  So I took my parents down to the railroad tracks in front of our house for a little photo shoot.  Then my dad took pictures of me for Fashion Friday!  Here's my favorite from the photos I snapped of them.  Aren't they cute?

{Yes, Shasta stuck her tongue out for the picture...}

This week's outfit is one I received for Christmas.  My favorite part must be the cowgirl boots, though! 

{Had to try on my new hat, too (: }

{Whoever did the graffiti on the freeway wall this week, we thank you.  It made for a great back drop. This is the one time we liked your illegal behavior}

Dark Skinny Jeans: Vigoss
Pink Top: B.P. Nordstrom
White Sweater: Forever 21
Boots: Nordstrom
Hat: Macy's

For the hair portion of the post, I'm showing you how to do a simple twist to the side of your hair.  It ends up looking like a rope in the end.  I do it a lot to keep my hair out of my face.
{I hope you enjoy hearing me say "our" hair, "our"head etc...not sure why I said that! I was doing MY hair!}

{If you try any of the styles I show on here, please send me pictures and I will feature them on my blog once I get a few people to submit!}

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!  What are your plans?  Doing anything fun for New Years Eve? This is my last weekend home, as I leave for Seattle on Monday.  Such a wonderful break! 

Happy New Year to all of my lovely readers {commenters and silent followers, too!}, friends, and family!  I appreciate all of you for the encouragement, inspiration and gift of friendship you've given me. Can't wait to see what 2011 has in store!

Love and Fashion,

Good-bye 2010!

This past year has been a whirlwind! Lots of laughs, cries, new experiences, new friends, lots of creations, a new home, and much more! Here's a photo re-cap:

In June I finished my first year of college.  I did this project in my color theory class where we were given certain proportions of each color that had to be implemented into the final project.  So, given these colors, I made a doll house:

After I got home from school, I started a little blog I called Michaela Noelle Designs.  I thought it would be fun to share projects with family and friends, but instead welcomed LOTS of new friends into my life! So thankful!


I was a busy bee this summer making lots of crafts and projects:

Painted bottles {as seen in the bathroom above}:

I made this flowered lampshade for my new apartment:

Our guest room went coral:

Did some fun wall art for my new apartment in Seattle:

I also reupholstered my bulletin board in a fun green fabric:

We threw a wonderful 80th 1930's themed birthday bash for my Grandma:

I painted this butterfly painting for my friend Jessica who was in a car crash 1 1/2 years ago and who suffers from a traumatic brain injury.  Go here to learn more about Jess and how to help!

Back to school.  In September, I moved into my first apartment in Seattle!
I had a total blast decorating it:

I created a large cork calender in order to stay organized:
{To see how I displayed the photo's, go here}

Then I flew home to visit family for my 20th birthday! My dad guest posted for me on my birthday.  Super sweet (:

Oh, then the Giants won the World Series on my birthday!!

Went back to school and finished up the quarter by making this color board for my drafting class. Got an A, might I add (:

Christmas Break:
Lot's of decorating for the best time of the year- Christmas!

Yep, that about covers it!

And I already have a project to show you that I completed today.  That will have to wait for next week, though, as this post is entirely too long! 

This year has been lovely.  I've learned what's important to me, been reminded to love with no bounds, met lots of talented friends through blogging, made memories with family, designed, crafted, and baked lots of goodies.  Can't wait to see what 2011 brings!

Come on back tomorrow for Fashion Friday!
PS. I'm linking up with Rhoda at Southern Hospitality for Top Projects of 2010.

Love and the New Year,

What Inspires You?

You know, I'm inspired by each of YOU each day.  The drive and passion you have makes me more motivated, more eager to learn and create.  I love how fabulous each of you are in your own way.  We all have little things about us that make each one stand out from the other.  We have quirks, talents and characteristics others do not.  And that's what I love about blogging.  Each day I learn something new from someone who continually inspires me.  Whether it be about interior design, crafting, where to shop, fashion, mommy-hood, being a good wife etc., I'm contantly learning, soaking in, and enjoying every bit of knowledge.  So today, lovely friends, I ask you the question: where do you get your drive?  What inspires you

Is it your family?

A graceful photograph?

The colors you see at the market?

Your favorite coffee, or in my case, tea shop?

Anthropologie window displays?

Your favorite coffee table book?



Sweet gestures done specially for you by loved ones? {Thanks mama!}


Is it nature, water, trees, sand, snow, sun, or the beach that your draw inspiration from?

Architecture or your favorite houses in the neighborhood you dream of living in?


Soothing interiors?

Do you find inspiration in just taking time for you?



Or is it the windy road ahead, that comes with bumps and smooth sailing, that drives your soul to keep going?  Is it the joy, smiles, and laughter that keep your passion alive for what you love?

For me, combined with everything else above, the joy that fills my heart, the smile that comes to my face and the faces of others, and the laughter along my journey is what feeds my soul.  People, places, nature, photos, fabrics, tears, interiors, fashion, color, serving, flowers, notes, hurt, need, sweet treats and friends like you are things that inspire me most.  I'm curious as to what inspires you, because you are fabulous, beautiful, and unique.

Love and Inspiration,

Design Online!

I'll admit it.  I'm addicted to, obsessed with, and mildly in love with this new site I found.  I've always wanted to be able to make mood and inspiration boards online, or some type of collage presentation, and I finally found it.  I came across this great website that, after you make a quick (with no strings attached) account, you can create as many mood boards as you want!  The options are endless.  You choose the style and pick out the furniture and accessories to put in your "room".  I've had so much fun creating rooms for, well, no one in particular.  {Confession: sometimes I'll make up clients who "need" certain things in their room, just to make the process more fun!}  The website is called Olioboard.  And it's awesome.  If you like design, playing around with color, furniture, and accessories, you will love this website.  Careful though, you may spend lots of time on it now, like me (:

Here's one of my creations:
I even got to put the little pillows on the couch!

I chose to go for some traditional furniture, paired with some modern pieces and an organic wallpaper for one wall to achieve this sweet, girlie, and whimsical look.  The main color is the Color of the Year, coined by Pantone called Huneysuckle, said to give any room the sense of confidence and joy.  I thought the small burst of yellow gave the room energy, while complimenting and balancing the darker TV credenza nicely.

The possibilities are are endless!  Go make an account and have some fun (:

Love and Color,

HGTV Dream Home 2011

I'm being honest with you today: I'm still wiped out from the weekend! Is anyone else with me here?!  I did, however, manage to find you some fun eye candy to start out the week.  Have you seen the HGTV Dream Home 2011 yet?? If not- now is your chance!  It is a stunning lodge-like retreat in a beautiful mountains of Vermont.  Sit back, relax and imagine yourself on a mini vacation in this very home!


Adjacent Dining:

Love the cluster of candles on the table:

Ceilings throughout the home are grand and gorgeous!

Great Room:

Down Stairs Bonus Room:

Master Bedroom:

Master Bath:

And here's a floor plan of the house in case you're a nerd like me and LOVE floor plans (: {Read a funny story about my First Date & Floor Plans here}

First Floor:

Bottom Floor:

To view more of this beautiful home, go to HGTV.  You can even take virtual tours!

Do you like what you see? What's your favorite part of the home? Mine is the high ceilings and peaceful lodge feel it has.  I also adore that bonus room down stairs.  The punch of lime green is so fresh and fun!

Side Note:  My friend Lisa, from Serendipity Chic Design, who had her blog unexpetedly deleted last week because of a lost e-mail address, got a new blog!  If you were a follower of Lisa before, go here to add her again.  If you've never visited Serendipity Chic Design, please do! Lisa is super talented and sweet.  You'll find beautifully redone furniture and her lovely home over at her blog (:

Happy Monday!

Love and Dream Homes,

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