Fashion Friday (or Sunday) #11

Sorry for the delay this week in my fashion post.  I could explain how I really had no time because of decorating for Christmas here and here, but I hate excuses, so I'll just say I'm sorry!  Here's what I wore on Friday:

Jeans: Citizens
Shoes: Report (Nordstrom)  They're so comfortable and sparkly!
Shirt: My favorite boutique in Seattle called Meadow.  I have some exciting news about this boutique coming soon! (:
Headband: Whippy Cake {I'm obsessed. That's all.}

Here's a close up:
So cute and fun.  Tempting, I know (: Go here to buy your Glamour Band!

This week for hair ideas, I found some adorable hair accessories on Ellegirl that they suggest for spicing up your hair for the Holidays!

I'm all about a flower clip, pin or anything sparkly (:  It's a great way to stand out and be unique!

Here are some styles I've seen and loved this week:

I actually do my hair like this a lot. For me, it's easier and faster to curl my hair, because it doesn't have to be perfect.  I have super thick hair, so straightening it takes forever.  I use a Hot Tools 3/4" curling iron rod and love it.  Been my secret weapon since 8th grade (:

I'm still trying to get the messy bun down.  I'm noticing how popular buns are becoming.  Especially the high ones pinned at the crown of the head.  Love those!

How bout you? What's your favorite hair look (on you and others)?  Do you prefer straightening or curling your hair?

Love and Fashion,


  1. Your style is so elegant, love it!!!

  2. I prefer straightening....even though I'm wearing hijab...

  3. great way to layer the denim, two different washes, love it!

  4. this is great! you are so pretty!


  5. first thing's first: you are absolutely gorgeous and have awesome taste in clothes! the hairstyle in the last picture, i've been trying to re-create for the longest time. sadly, my hair refuses to cooperate.

    i think it's really cool that you're from seattle, because i am too! that's awesome that you want to be an interior designer! best of luck with everything!

    SWEATshirt DRESSshirt

  6. Love thos of my fav brands. Still trying to perfect the messy'd think it should be easy right?!

  7. Fun outfit! I love love love the headband :) I'm also a huge fan of Citizens! I wish I had an option for my's always curly. haha. xoxo {av}

  8. I think Fashion Fridays are my favorite Michaela posts :) probably because I like to live vicariously through your cute clothes!

    ps- I'm jealous that you're not wearing a coat and you're wearing flats without socks. The worst part of winter is that when I'm not wearing skinny jeans, I have no clue what kind of shoes to wear to work!


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