Ballerina's & Bathrooms: an Unlikely Pair

A while back I guest posted on First Time Fancy, written by my lovely friend, Kerry!  I shared my apartment's bathroom as part of her Perfectly Imperfect series.  I just realized I never shared photo's here on my blog, so thought today would be a perfect day to do so.  {I'll be at my desk all day putting finishing touches on my final paper for history class.  Praise the Lord that this class is almost over!!}

Here are some details about my bathroom:
*We are in college, so we did this on a budget.
*We're not allowed to paint the walls :(
*We both did ballet when we were younger (& even took it from the same studio without knowing!), so decided to incorporate ballet as our theme. Not your every day bathroom inspiration, but we sure adore it!

The sweet black and white organic print of the shower curtain reminds me of the laces of a point ballet shoe (:

Okay.  This light is a little ridiculous!  As we're all well aware of, fluorescent is not the best for doing make up in the morning.  But that's how it goes when you live in an apartment complex with standard builder fixtures.

Here are some of our accessories on the counter.  I love small jars and vases and candles.  Really, I love anything breakable (: So glad I don't actually break things anymore, because when I was little, it was quite a problem.  Sorry mom!  The cotton ball holder is a plastic container from Target and I found a printed ribbon to go around it to add more interest. Cheap way to spice things up.

Our splurge of the room: Anthropologie candle.  Well worth the money though, let me tell ya!  It's like Heaven in a jar!

Since we chose a ballet theme, we selected pictures of ourselves from when we were little all dressed up in our tutus.  I got cheap frames from Michael's and hot-glued colored rhinestones to the frame.  Then I matted the picture with a colorful pink piece of card stock, also from Michael's.

I painted this ballet shoe for the middle of the display.  Over summer I taught myself how to watercolor and decided to give a ballet shoe a try.  It's not perfect...but it has character, goes with the theme and was my first attempt!

The wall across from the mirror has some cute fashion prints I found for a bargain in New York last summer.  Only $5 for all three prints!

Here's the oh-so-tiny sink area.  Nothin' fancy or functional about it, really.  I'm pretty sure the sink is the smallest I've ever seen and the amount of counter space from the edge of the sink to the end of the counter is about an inch, so washing my face turns into quite a disaster zone (water everywhere!). The countertop is just a laminate...but I'm dreaming of granite, quartz or marble!

And finally, our beautiful linoleum floor.  Isn't it lovely?! (Hardwood or ceramic tiles, please!)  We do have a fuzzy pink rug infront of the sink to add some needed color.

Although the bathroom doesn't have high-end finishes, it's clean {which is a MUST to this germ-a-phob!} and works just fine for little ole' me.

If I could give advice to those who are on a budget or can't paint/upgrade standard builder features, it would be to get creative and personalize.  Adding photos, fun prints, and color through wall art is a great starting point.  Lively printed towels and accesories are a must!

What about you...what does your bathroom look like? Is it ready for the cover of House Beautiful, or is it a humble little room in your home?  Be honest!  And if it's ready for the pages of a magazine, please send me pictures, because I'm nosey like that (:

Love and Ballerina Bathrooms,


  1. How CUTE!

    Love the shower curtain and the pictures of y'all when you were little :)

  2. Cute bathroom! our bathroom was super small so I dont think my roommate and I even bother to decorate it back in college.

  3. Love the shower curtain!!

    Looks like you have made the best with what you are allowed to do! Good job!

  4. Absolutely incredible! So talented. I love all of the little touches and the "breakable" items!

  5. my master bath and extra bath are still works in progress...only the guest/kids bath is 'done' But I wouldn't call it magazine worthy!

  6. I love it, especially the shower curtain and prints!


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