To Grandmother's House We Go...

I promised you all a tour of grandma's beautiful home in the Tahoe Mountains.  She and my grandpa designed the home and decorated it all on their own.  Here's a quick picture of the floor plan:

Since the house is so big, I couldn't get the entire floor plan in one shot, so this part of the floor plan I'll be sharing today!  The great room, kitchen, dining and screened in porch. Enjoy!


To the right of the entry way is the kitchen.  Isn't it just to die for?? Excuse the cooking mess...I took these on Thanksgiving.  {Just keepin' it real}

A nice big bar is perfect for casual dining for a large group of people

The dining room is right across from the kitchen by a beautiful bay window.

My favorite part must be the beautiful, rich, tall ceilings! And boy are they tall! Just stunning.
To the right of the kitchen and dining room is this great screened in porch! So fun to sit out here in the summer (:

This is the great room straight ahead when you enter, and to the left of the kitchen and dining spaces.  Look at the's massive! A great place to watch movies.  Forget going to the theatres!

Other side of the great room.  I love the little nook up above the couch on the far side.  She has it decorated with deer and trees, which is fitting for the mountains! 

The house is so warm and cozy.  It really gives you the sense that you've arrived at the nicest lodge in town.  You can see my dog, Shasta, really enjoys it, too! (:  I love that even though it's such a big home, you're not overwhelemed, nor do you feel like you're going to break something.  It's simply relaxing.  Especially when it's snowing out their massive windows in the great room.

Stay tuned for more photos of the rest of the house soon!  There's 8,000 square we've got plenty more eye candy.  

Happy Wednesday!  What are you doing today?

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Love and Grandma's House,


  1. OMG..I am in love with this house...What an amazing place..Feels so warm and sweet:)
    Kisses, darling and I cant wait to see more photos

    Ps: I am hosting a beautiful scarf GIVEAWAY later today, just in time for Christmas.

  2. How beatiful! The views aren't too bad either :)

  3. Wow what a GORGEOUS home! And that view.. wow, just wow. I would love to be curled up in a blanket with some hot chocolate just looking out at that view!

    Thanks for the tour! :)

  4. That house is AMAZING!!! I would kill for a house like that someday.

  5. What a BEAUTIFUL house! I am in AWE!

  6. WOW, 8,000sf I don't think I would know what to do with that much space!! Those ceilings are stunning

  7. What a beautiful place and that VIEW is incredible!!!

  8. Hi! I love your blog! I have actually given you an award! Check out my blog for more info! Have a great day! Keep up the great blogging!

  9. Awesome, love the house!!! We have views of the mountains too...I LOVE open spaces! also, I lOved your college apt. mantel!! hahahaha, way to use your space!!!

  10. Gorgeous Michaela... and I agree those ceilings in the kitchen are just to die for! Thank you so much for sharing your grandparents home with us! :)

  11. those sunflowers look so perfect in that beautiful house!

  12. OK,
    first, I LOVE THIS HOUSE!!!!!! I felt like I was right at home while looking at the pics.

    second, thank you sooo much for your words! You are too sweet to me :) Thank you thank you!


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