What Inspires You?

You know, I'm inspired by each of YOU each day.  The drive and passion you have makes me more motivated, more eager to learn and create.  I love how fabulous each of you are in your own way.  We all have little things about us that make each one stand out from the other.  We have quirks, talents and characteristics others do not.  And that's what I love about blogging.  Each day I learn something new from someone who continually inspires me.  Whether it be about interior design, crafting, where to shop, fashion, mommy-hood, being a good wife etc., I'm contantly learning, soaking in, and enjoying every bit of knowledge.  So today, lovely friends, I ask you the question: where do you get your drive?  What inspires you

Is it your family?

A graceful photograph?

The colors you see at the market?

Your favorite coffee, or in my case, tea shop?

Anthropologie window displays?

Your favorite coffee table book?



Sweet gestures done specially for you by loved ones? {Thanks mama!}


Is it nature, water, trees, sand, snow, sun, or the beach that your draw inspiration from?

Architecture or your favorite houses in the neighborhood you dream of living in?


Soothing interiors?

Do you find inspiration in just taking time for you?



Or is it the windy road ahead, that comes with bumps and smooth sailing, that drives your soul to keep going?  Is it the joy, smiles, and laughter that keep your passion alive for what you love?

For me, combined with everything else above, the joy that fills my heart, the smile that comes to my face and the faces of others, and the laughter along my journey is what feeds my soul.  People, places, nature, photos, fabrics, tears, interiors, fashion, color, serving, flowers, notes, hurt, need, sweet treats and friends like you are things that inspire me most.  I'm curious as to what inspires you, because you are fabulous, beautiful, and unique.

Love and Inspiration,


  1. love this post and all these pictures! your family is sooo cute! thanks again for the instructions - i added my email for comments so (fingers crossed) it works!

  2. Great post darling!! Inspiration comes in SO many forms for me. I love a baby's smile, well, new life just in general: plants, the smell after a hard rain, baby animals being born, a marriage formed... SO many to choose from.

    Your pictures are lovely!! :)

  3. i am endlessly inspired by my family, design books, sunrises/sunsets on the beach, people watching, a great conversation, rainy days, old movies, sweet treats, and the list goes on & on...

  4. I find inspiration in the sky. Especially in the morning or at sunset when it's pink and orange and red. Sometimes I just stare.

  5. What a lovely post!

    I'm also inspired by the beautiful blogs and the devoted people behind them that I come across every day.

    And I'm absolutely inspired by my friends: how they endure hard times with such grace and kick-assedness, their creativity, their incredible skills, their loyalty, their style! I'm so lucky to have them!


  6. Fabulous post, you are such a sweetie! I find the God's grace inspires me, and motivates me to make each day better than the last. Whether that be being a better wife, mommy, sister or daughter.

  7. Good God is that house in your neighborhood? I want it!

    Everything inspires me. Which is why I find it hard to sit down and become good at one thing. I'm all over mediocre ;)

    Great post, cute family!

  8. This is SUCH a beautiful post. Did you take all these pictures??? They're fabulous!

    I completely agree about getting inspired from other bloggers. I am having so much from learning from everyone. I am personally inspired by my family, random acts of kindness, color, and when it rains.

  9. Michaela, what an amazing post!! So much inspires me....Love, life, family, friends, outside, blogs and so much more!!! You are inspiring! I hope you have a wonderful, New Years!

  10. What a thoughtful post. I am inspired by my family, colour, magazines, blogs, fabric {this one really gets my juices flowing}, and sometimes having to work with a restrained budget gets the creative juices flowing!


  11. Such a sweet post Michaela! I love all this inspiration and that's the beauty in inspiration you can find it anywhere!


  12. In LOVE with this post! and your super cute blog! I'm super excited to read more =)

    I'm inspired by a little bit of EVERYTHING! <3 from my goofy pets to my determined husband to art/photography/design.. really just all of it =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  13. This is a fabulous post. It really got my gears turning. For me, inspiration comes from a good book, a friendly smile from a stranger, love, and music. My favorite thing about blogging too is seeing all the different things people have to offer and they each inspire in different ways.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  14. Great thought provoking post! My inspirations comes in many forms, but they all have one thing in common...the Good Lord put them here on this earth for me to discover and enjoy!

  15. i love this post girly--and all the fabulous picts! i will agree with all of it--family, photos, color, design, it is all so inspiring~

  16. What a sweet post!! Beautiful images. I don't know that I've ever really given much thought to what inspires me. Probably beautiful pictures, words, flowers, people, fashion...I'll have to go and ponder this now... ;)

  17. Hey darlin!

    Love all of the photos...I must say my number one inspiration is my family despite the fact they had me pulling my hair out today.....LOL!

    And of course an Anthropologie window display gets me going too :)

    Take care,

  18. EVERYTHING you posted is now inspiring me! I want to live in that dream house you posted--holy cow!

  19. Great post! I love all those things - especially Anthropolgie window displays ;)



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