Fashion Friday #10: Swapping Closets with my Roommate (:

So happy it's Friday!  Only 5 more days and I'm heading home for the holidays!  Today my roommate, Anna, and I did a closet swap and each picked something out from the other person's closet.  One of the many pluses to having a cute roommate!  The size of my wardrobe has seemed double around here because now we each have the other one's closet to choose from, too! So fun.  Here's what we picked:

Shirt: Anthropologie {on sale of course!}
Belt: Anthro, too!
Skinny Jeans: H&M {She wants me to add that they were only $7.99!}
Brown Boots: Steve Madden {I borrow these often and they are super comfy}
PS. Doesn't her hair look a little like Taylor Swifts curls?!

Shirt: Macy's
Skinny Cropped Jeans: B.P. department of Nordstrom on a MAJOR sale...only $23 {with tax!}
Ballet Flats: DSW

This week I'm going to try some cute hairstyles out just in time for Christmas get-togethers.  Here's some fun ones I found:

I haven't tried this on myself yet, but it looks mildly simple.  Just twist a piece of hair toward your head and keep adding in small sections as you twist.  Once you're at the back of your head, coil the rest of the hair into a simple bun and secure with bobby pins. I'll show you my version soon!

This is a stylish and fun messy bun.  Before pinned into place, the hair was curled and teased.  Then the  pieces were twisted into different directions and some were pulled out for a messy effect.

This is possibly my favorite holiday look. I just love what a flower can add to a simple hairstyle. I love the big flowers at the top of her pony tail. This could work for a holiday party or a fun dinner with the girlfriends.

I like this pony tail because it looks a little edgy.  The hair is taught close to the scalp and secured at the crown of the head.  Then the elestac is wrapped with a thin piece of hair.  After the pony tail is in, lift up the top section of the hair and back comb it a tad to give it some volume.  Give it a try!

If any one of you ladies give this a try, send me pictures and let me know! Maybe I'll do a feature on readers' hairstyles!

What are some fun styles you've tried recently? I'm particularly fond of my 3/4 inch barrel curling iron for lose curls (:

Love and Fashion Friday,


  1. Cute outfits! That's so great you and your roomie can share clothes :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I thought of you this morning when I got dressed and put on my flowered headband with a scarf :)

    Most of my life I had long hair like yours, but this summer I cut like 13 inches off! Just this week it was long enough to actually twist into a bun, but I decided to chop it off again tomorrow morning. I enjoyed my little bob and I'm not ready to give it up! Though I do miss my big curling iron a bit...

  3. LOVE the swapping idea...twice the clothes mean twice the fun (at no extra damage to the old pocketbook :)) Cute outfits :)

  4. cute girls! you're lucky to not only be able to share closets, but have an extra set of hands to help you with those hairstyles! my hubby wouldn't be too much help in that department! It doesn't hurt that you both have amazing hair!!

    happy weekend sweets!

  5. How funny! I was thinking what Cassie said. I remember the days of sharing clothes and doing hair with my room mates. So fun. The second to last hair style picture is gorgeous. Happy Friday.

  6. Very cute you two! I love the hairstyles, and am mildly jealous. I have really thick hair (the last time I donated to Locks of Love, my one ponytail became three heads of hair...) but it's straight as straight can be. No curls will stay. No curls = no cool hairstyles. Sigh!

  7. @Rebecca: Oh my! Make sure to post pictures after your hair cut! You are a better woman than I....too attached to my hair (:

    @Sara: I've got really thick hair, too! But curls seem to hold. Just put a little hairspray in before you curl it then once you curl the small section, don't touch it until it's completly cooled down. It has to set before it will hold. Then a tiny bit more hair spray after. Also, Hot Tools curling irons are the best..I swear by them!

  8. Such a cute idea!

    I l-o-v-e the braided hairstyle!

  9. Both of you have awesome style! Your roomie has great hair, I am jealous of how "beachy" it looks - I mean that in the best way possible!

    I've done the twisty hair style before & it's really simple but has a great impact - have fun!

  10. Oh my goodness you girls are so so cute! And I love your outfits!


  11. SO cute! Love those hair styles! :)


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