She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Chartreuse & a Twist

Happy Wednesday, all! I'm so excited to introduce you to one of my favorite people in the blogosphere.  Meet Brynn of Chartreuse & a Twist
Is her header not the cutest thing you've ever seen? I can assure you, the cuteness does not stop there. Brynn has a lovely zest for life and passion for design, events, DIYs and everything pretty. Her own wedding was completely gorgeous, so you should go check out the feature here.  Brynn and I quickly bonded over the little places we love to go in Seattle. I think we'd make great friends. And I think you would, too! Here's what she's loving and what she's not this week...

1. I seriously can't get enough polka dots in my life! I was getting my hair cut on Saturday and I was wearing this top...then, when I went to pull out my wallet to pay, what do you know?! My wallet totally matched my is black with white polka dots, too! Hmm, a problem? I think not ;)

2. I know it is still 2 (long) months away, but I can't help but dream of spring...
slightly warmer & sunnier days, beautiful blooms, hurry up spring!!!

3. It's funny, Michaela & I had a little side conversation over instagram about this photo. It was concluded that we both love Madewell's flats :) I own 3 pairs & I will not stop there! They are the simply the cutest & the comfiest! So Parisian chic :)

4. The chilly weather makes me crave nothing but comfort food! And ramen is most definitely one of my favorite comfort foods! I have been in search of the perfect bowl since my visit to Japan several years ago & I finally found I can not get enough!

1. I can't really complain too much...we have definitely had a very mild winter so far here in Seattle. There have been many sunny days, BUT there have also been a fair share of gloomy & gray ones...
& those are the days that feel like they last forever. I am over it! Please, sunshine, I beg you to come back to us soon!!!

2. I am officially blaming the holidays for raising my sweets tolerance! ;) I have been trying so badly to take the sweet stuff out of my diet...but they just keep smiling in my face & taunting me! 
*Le sigh* Maybe I just need to stop getting coffee at the doughnut shop! (but their coffee is SO good!)

Thank you so much, Michaela, for inviting me over today!
I loved getting to think about all of the things I am loving (and not so much) right now :)
XO Brynn

Thanks, friend! I do agree- those Madewell flats are my favorite. SO comfortable, too! I totally know what she means about the Seattle gloom, and have to say I don't miss that. I'm also not mad about the 80 degree weather here in LA this week :) Isn't Brynn the absolute sweetest?! Go say hello to her today over at Chartreuse & a Twist.

What are YOU loving this Wednesday?


  1. Ahh yes... donuts are my weakness! :) Love all of the photos!

  2. I always look forward to this feature–it's so cute and creative! Love her blog and all of these photos!

    The Glossy Life

  3. Ahhh! Thanks, Michaela! You are too sweet :) I definitely wish that I was soaking up some 80 degree weather & sunshine right now! I might need to book that trip to LA, stat! Thanks so much for having me over today, sweet girl :) XO Brynn

  4. Love Brynn and her great style!! I want those Madewell flats!!

  5. What a sweet post! Today I loved that a cute little lady at the gym complimented my "fitness techniques." Come to find out, SHE is 70 years old (I guessed maybe 49), pumping away at weights, zumba, and cardio. Um. I want to be like her.

  6. Love dots and noodles here too! Donuts I love but not for the figure!


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