Top Design Trends of 2012

I love keeping an eye out for trends and hot topics in the design world. Here's a round up of my favorite design trends from 2012:
Top: one, two, three
middle: one, two, three
bottom: one, two, three

-Metallics were everywhere. Gold took a serious liking toward the latter half of the year. This girl isn't mad about that!
-Peach, tangerine, blush pink...whatever name you want to give the pretty hue, it was one of the main players in color this year.
-Gallery walls galore! I'm not sure about you, but I loved seeing the different curations of gallery walls. From themed photos, black and white, to family photo galleries-- I love them. I don't think this is going away anytime soon.
-Ombre here, ombre there, ombre everywhere. The beginning half of 2012 was filled with all things ombre.  This cake image being one of my favorites.
-White walls took over interior design and allowed furniture, art and architecture to shine.
-There are no rules anymore. 2012 taught us it's okay to paint kitchen cabinets. I especially love this minty color.
-Long head tables or "king" tables became very popular in event and wedding design.
-Bold wallpaper and flooring were back in action.
-Pretty dessert tables was one of my favorite trends of 2012. There's a little something for everyone that way :)

What was YOUR favorite design trend of 2012?!


  1. My fave was white walls, but I love the blush and gold too! Great round up, what a stylish and pretty year it was!

  2. I hope these trends stick bc I don't want to have to redecorate my whole house! Great post :)

  3. Gallery walls will always be a favorite of mine! Also loving all the gold lately!

    Happy New Year! xo

  4. I really love the idea of painted cabinets. And a two toned kitchen? Perfection.
    With Luck

  5. You totally nailed it! Gallery walls, ombre, and mint! So many pretty trends!! xo

  6. i love the gold and white walls. and dessert tables rock.

  7. I am certainly on the gold band wagon, I cannot get enough!!

    Happiest new year to you, Michaela!!

  8. I loved ombre and the metallics! I hope those don't go anywhere soon.

  9. This are all simply gorgeous. But I'm thrilled that white walls are in now! I have always loved white walls and have refused to paint any of the walls in our house since purchasing it in May!! Okay, maybe I'm just afraid to make a commitment ;)

  10. White walls! I've always loved the look. With scrapped wood floors and accents of black, tan, and gray... i die.

  11. Been loving the light colored walls & white furniture. So chic! :-) Happy 2013!

  12. I think I need to go with the gold trend. Of the wallpaper trend. Or heck I'll run with them all! I think 2012 was a pretty stellar year on the design front :)

  13. What's not to like about a dessert table?!!

  14. So true on all of these! They were everywhere! I love the bold wallpaper. I wish we could have done some in E's room...if only we weren't moving!!

  15. I love the glamour that gold brings to a room and on the other end of the scale Im also a sucker for the girly look with groups of pretty vases and mixed flowers :)

  16. My favorites were the gold tones and ombre. That cake is too gorgeous. Must try that sometime!!


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