Hair Tutorial: Twisted Chignon Updo

We are back today, just in time for Valentine's Day, with a really cool, fancy twisted updo! With the help of my favorite hairstylist, Hailey Hollstein, and my BFF's talented intern and amazing photographer, Katie Grace Photography, here you have the full step-by-step tutorial of a Twisted Chignon Updo. There are a lot of pictures, because I want you to be able to recreate the look. I personally get frustrated when there aren't enough pictures along with hair tutorials. I'm such a visual learner!

I want to go over my hair care routine and favorite products quickly before we dive in:

- Shampoo: I love Aveda products, as you will be able to tell from the rest of this list ;) I use Smooth Infusion mostly, but sometimes switch to PureOlogy, which I also love.

- Conditioner: Smooth Infusion is my go-to, once again!

- After my hair has dried in my towel for a few minutes, I take it out and immediately spray Damage Control on to it. It acts as a detangler, heat protection, and sun damage. It's awesome.

- This brush is my all-time-favorite! Will hair as thick as can be, I need a good brush that doesn't rip through my hair and give me damaged ends. This one is perfection. Trust me :)

- Before I blow dry my hair and after I have brushed it out, I put 1 pump of style prep smooth infusion in my hands and run throughout my hair. This helps cut down on the frizz, and gives it a smooth finish.

- After I blow dry my hair, I pour about 4 drops of this Dry Remedy oil in my hand and smooth it over the ends of my hair. It smells amazing and protects again heat, keeping my ends nice and pretty.

- I always finish with my favorite hairspray.

You'll need: Redken Push Powder (the stuff that gives your hair volume!), curling ironhairspraybobby pins, comb, rubber band.

Step one: Curl your hair to give it texture.

Step two: pull a small section above your left ear and begin twisting it to the right, gathering hair on your way.

Step three: pin the twisted section on the right side of your head. 

Step four: grab a small section of hair above the ear on the right side and begin twisting it to the left. Be sure to grab the previously pinned section of hair on your way back so it is integrated in the twist (see below).

Step five: twist the remaining hair into a pony tail at the base of your neck.

Step six: make a hole above the pony tail holder, and flip the pony tail through the hole, as if you were doing an inverted twist pony tail.

Step seven: tease your pony tail and flip it up, creating the chignon bun at the base. Pin in place.

This is a really fancy, fun, and glamorous hairstyle! 

Photos: Katie Grace Photography / Hair: Hailey Hollstein, Genesis Salon 
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What do you think? It just involves twisting and flipping...I think I could easily recreate it myself!

Have a wonderful day!


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