9 Favorite Home Decor Items

DETAILSGold Sconces / Octogonal Box / Dachshund / Gold wall Sculptures / Industrial Zinc Top Table / Nailhead Trim Chair / Gold Side Table / Tulip Ceramic Vases / Bike Bookends /

When it comes to home decor, accessories and furniture, I have seen a whole lot of it. Often I get emails from sweet readers asking about my favorite side table, decorative accessories, or furniture. I'm here today to show you 9 of my favorite things as of lately!

Anything gold, you can pretty much count on me loving :) So that art deco side table and fun sculptural wall art were instant favorites. I also LOVE a good decorative box to place on bookshelves or side tables. You can see one of my favorite client looks here! I'm a big fan of nailhead trim on upholstered goods, because it adds that dash of sophistication and gives the piece a nice finished look. I'm also a big believer in accessories that tell stories, which is why I love this dog sculpture so much. When I was in college, my roommate I lived with in this downtown studio loft had two pups that looked just like the above dog. It stole my heart! Finally, that wood table with a zinc top-- meet my dream table. It's absolutely stunning and perfectly my style! All of the items at Kathy Kuo Home are gorgeous and you can bet your bottom dollar I will be including lots of items from this favorite new shop of mine into my client's homes.

Vases are another decor item I love. I'm always switching out vases to give new life to my shelves. I recently added the above Tulip Vases to my collection. I love how they come in a set, so I can group them together for a really pretty, collected effect. You can see how I styled them today on Instagram!

What are your favorite items to decorate with?

Happy Wednesday! (Yay for the middle of the week!)


  1. I am loving those gold wall sculptures! This is such great mental inspiration for when we start decorating our new home!


  2. I love using decorative boxes too, along with fun, colorful books! - Anna (www.anneleeinteriordesign.com)

  3. Great finds! I love the sconces!


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