My Life Lately: California Living

I love being home and visiting California. I love so many things about this home town of mine. For one, seeing my family is a treat :) And two, there are so many GORGEOUS places just a short drive away from the Bay Area. Last week my mom and I went to Carmel. Our first stop was the Farmer's Market, per my friend Amanda's recommendation. The David Austin Roses didn't disappoint! 

Hope loved the flowers, too!

She also met a white boy poodle who she played with for a minute. So sweet... 

My mom is so darn cute, especially with our pup by her side.

See what I mean?! These roses are to.die.for. If I could, I would have bought every single bunch they had available. They're only $7 per bunch!

After the market, we ate lunch at Grasings, one of the most delicious restaurants in town! Next, we took Hope down to the beach to run, and boy did she! The beach, much like my mom, is her happy place, that's for sure.

Again, the cutest.

Another shot, because wow.

Speaking of my friend Amanda, she was so kind and drove to down town Carmel just to say hello, even though she should be on bedrest ;) We said hi for a few minutes and I was reminded just how sweet she is. I wish we lived closer!! Follow her blog, Marshall's Abroad for some delicious recipes and gorgeous photos.
Outfit details | Top: Nordstrom / Jeans: AG brand / Sandals: Steve Madden 

We had a wonderful day! Have you ever been to Carmel, CA?! If so, where is your favorite place to eat and shop?

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing, Michaela. I had been living at the Bay Area for so many years before moving to live with my boyfriend-now husband. Sometimes I miss the bay area so much it hurts. Luckily I have friends there I can visit. :-) Enjoy your time!

  2. Your pictures are so dreamy and pretty! And your mom and pup are both adorable! I wish I was from California, it just looks so beautiful. Everything is still brown here in PA.. waiting for those blooms to pop up! ;) Have a great trip :)

  3. I miss Carmel! I may have to take a drive down soon!

  4. great photos and just love those pretty roses!
    ladies in navy

  5. I have yet to visit Carmel but I plan to one day! My grandparents lived in San Luis Obispo, CA for several years and I always loved going out to visit them. CA is such a beautiful state - I would move there in a second! <3 Anna (Anna E. Lee - Interior Design)

  6. Oh my goodness, I'm just shore our lab would love the beach too! Cute, cute pictures lady!


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