50% off Ad Space in July!

Happy weekend, my friends! Just popping in to do some housekeeping here on my blog.

1. I'm now accepting sponsors for July. Ad space is 50% for July only, as a summer special. Book while there are still spaces available! If you think your blog, shop or business is a good fit for my readers here on MND, I'd love to chat about fun ways to grow your traffic and readership.  For more info, visit my sponsor page or email me at michaelawarner90(at)gmail.com

2.  Just a heads up that Google Friend Connect is going away on July 1st. If you follow blogs through your blogger and GFC, you'll need to find other ways to do so from now on. You can follow me these ways:
By email on my sidebar, FacebookBlog LovinTwitter & Instagram
3. Lastly, these succulents in my cute yellow mug are making me smile. If you live in Southern California, check out Pocket Plants and get your very own!

Enjoy your Saturday & Sunday :)


  1. what a super cute idea. so making this today!

  2. Hi...your shots are beautiful. May I know what camera you are using..


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