How to Style Your Porch for Summer + a DIY

*images by Emily of Em the Gem 

A few weeks ago, my friend and amazingly talented photographer, Emily and I got together and crafted a bit.  Gold leaf + terra-cotta pots = love :)  To get the full DIY tutorial and to see how to style your porch for the summer months, head over to The Glitter Guide today! So fun to see our work up there!

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Have you styled your porch for summer? Do share!
Happy July!
PS. You can also catch me over at Candice's sweet blog today, Teatime Thoughts, sharing some of my favorite fashion looks for summer!


  1. Love the gold leaf on the terra cotta :) xo Kristin

  2. Seriously wishing I had a porch of my own to re-create this look!

  3. This is beautiful! Love those pots!!!

  4. Love the gold on the terra-cotta... And those flowers!!

  5. so cute! i honestly don't think i have enough patience to work with gold leaf though.

  6. Love this look and the photography is gorgeous! I can never have enough pops of gold around. ;) Jesse @ Scout & Nimble

  7. I'm loving the gold on the pots! It's the perfect touch!


  8. I've been wanting to try gold leafing for a while. Love the way it looks on the terra cotta pots!

  9. This is so cute! I love your blog! I'm an interior design student as well and I love it! will definitely follow your blog for more updates!

  10. These look great!

  11. Lovely! I love the flowers... I was telling my mumsy the other day that when I make money again, I'm going to have fresh flowers on my table every week. They bring such joy to me, I can't even explain. Congratulations on graduating girly... I've been in such a crazy stressful surgery rotation this last month I've been MIA from blogs and facebook too, so my comments have been lacking. "Many are the plans I have for you says the Lord...." :)

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