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Happy Wednesday all! I'm off to San Francisco today for my first day of my internship with Rue Magazine! I have the lovely Candice of Teatime Thoughts here with you today sharing her loves and love-me-nots.
Candice has a heart of gold, loves to entertain, drink delicious tea and write.  Her blog is one of my favorites for many reasons, so I know you'll love her as well! Take it away, friend.

Hi there! I'm Candice from Teatime Thoughts, a life & style blog where I share my daily musings, style, latest wanderlust location, entertaining tips and any other lovely things that come along! If there's one thing to know about me, it's that I love to host a party! There's always a reason to celebrate, and if not, let's create're invited!

Anyway, I'm thrilled that Michaela asked me to be a part of the She Loves Me series on her gorgeous blog! She's always such a source of beauty and inspiration, and how fabulous is her style?! 

Let's get to some of the latest loves, shall we? 
1. A day spent by the ocean. 
Oh my goodness, I could write a sonnet about how dearly I adore the sea, but to put it simply, I'm basically a mermaid. (all jokes aside, I do LOVE the water!) The smell of the salty air, the consistent kiss of sea to sand, and the brilliant display of colors every evening as the sun melts into the horizon...oh what's not to love? And let's talk about candlelit beach dinners during the summer evenings..yes, please!
2. Hosting Parties
If there's any excuse to have friends over and to celebrate something, I'll be the first to send out the invites and pop the sparkling lemonade! There's such fun in deciding on a theme or color story and then carrying it out in the little details...from florals to food, it's almost an art form! What I love most is the time spent together with friends..talking, laughing, sharing appetizers & sweets and enjoying life! Life was totally meant for celebration! One thing I especially enjoy is eating al fresco (provided it's not too hot!) during the makes an ordinary meal a little more special!

3. Travel
I don't know about you, but I love every aspect of traveling..from packing, to the flights & airports, and obviously the adventure of the destination itself! One of my goals is to eventually live overseas for a year, but until then, I love exploring new places & countries and learning about different cultures. There's something about being in a foreign land that makes you realize that the world is truly extraordinary and far bigger than you!

4. Occasions to dress up
There's something to be said about slipping into a fancy frock & heels for a special occasion or an evening out! Maybe it's the extra confidence you get from standing up tall, wearing something fun, or that break of everyday routine... regardless of the reason, I'm always up for dressing up and wearing heels! If I'm being particularly honest, I'd probably say that I'd choose to wear dresses everyday if I could...sparkly dresses, especially. Perhaps that's because of all the costumes I wore throughout many years of dance. When you feel good in what you wear, you look good. At the risk of sounding cliche, beauty truly begins within, and confidence radiates beauty. So stand up tall, smile and know you are beautiful, friend! 

1. Sleeping In
Yes, I'm one of those morning people...I can't stand to sleep in past 9 am, I know. It just feels like I'm wasting the day, and there's so much I'd like to do rather than just sleep. If you're meeting with me in the morning, there's something called coffee, me, you'll be awake then too! 

2. Fast food & Soda
Cooking is something I really enjoy, and so the idea of getting a greasy burger, when I can play around in the kitchen instead, just doesn't seem to compare. Growing up, I didn't eat a lot of fast food or ever have soda in the house often, so to this day, I'll take iced tea, thank you! 

3. Spiders
I'm not terrified of them, but I do have to say that I made my sister kill a giant one the other day because I couldn't bring myself to get near it..just ew. 

Thanks again for having me today, Michaela! 

Thanks, Candice! I adore her love for hosting parties. I love that as well! No thank you to fast food and spiders as well. Ick!

Go say hello to Candice at Teatime Thoughts today.

What are YOU loving (and not loving) this Wednesday?


  1. I also like to travel. Last time was last October, and next is next month :) I love sleeping in though ;)

  2. Love travelling and an reason to get dressed up! and yes I hate fast food! I love this series! And thanks for the intro to this new-to-me blog!

  3. I love dressing up as well :) And yes! When I sleep in past 9 I feel like such a lazy bum! haha

  4. Fun list, and such a pretty girl, too!

  5. love all of her loves. but i do like to sleep in on the weekend since i'm up at 6 every day.


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