On My Desk No.8: Residential Thesis Project

Today I'm finally showing you my Residential Interior Design Thesis class project. I loved this class so much, probably because I'd much prefer to do residential design for the rest of my life than commercial.  We had to take an existing condo floor plan, renovate it (move walls and make improvements as we saw fit), then furnish the entire home.  To make things more interesting, we had to pick client scenarios out of a hat. As luck would have it, I randomly chose the family expecting twins, which was perfect for me because I really wanted a couple with kids so I could do a nursery! Woohoo :)

For the final presentation, we had to render the floor plan, kitchen and bath elevations, and do full 3D renderings of our "focus room" which I made the nursery.  I mean, how I could I not?! It's so darn cute.  In addition to what you see here, we had to made physical display boards with the materials glued on the boards and assemble a 100+ page spec book of every single item, piece of furniture, rug, mirror, fabric, and paint color that we put in the condo. A lot of work, you ask?! Oh yes!

I'm excited to share it with you today, though! 100+ hours of work right here, friends!

As most design students will tell you, you become so involved in your project over the course of the class, you really just want to move into your project by the end of it. This was definitely true for me! I loved every square inch of this calm, traditional yet shabby chic apartment. And yes, that is one of my favorite rugs from Lulu & Georgia in the nursery. Told you-- so darn cute. 

So, who wants to move in with me?!
Happy Thursday!
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  1. Michaela I love it! I'm not looking forward to when I start doing specs though...sounds like a tonne of work. Your project is beautiful! How exciting that the next time you do this kind of work it will be for a real client, Miss Graduated! Woo hooo.

  2. Beautiful! Your hard work paid off.

  3. i really love that nursery! just adorable!

  4. This looks amazing!

  5. The nursery is adorable!! This all does seem very complex but I'm glad you love it enough to look past that! I think that's truly a sign that you are on your right path. :)

  6. Loving that nursery! You're going to have to do mine when the time comes ;)


  7. It's beautiful! I'm love the shiny touches in the glass and tiles and beautifully cool colourscheme! And the kids' room's curtains! Plus everything else. Amazing you must be so very relieved and proud. Eeeee I'm excited for you about the future!

  8. Michaela....
    All the colors are so lovely and calming. And the nursery wallpaper and colors are perfect! Oh the work! Oh the fun! You definitely have entered the right line of work. Your passion just oooozes!!!! Congrats on a job well done! No doubt you got an A!!

    Diane | AnExtraordinaryDay

  9. You have the most amazing talents Michaela!


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