She Love Me, She Loves Me Not: Choose to be Happy

After a long week of moving and guest posts over here on MND, it's Wednesday! The craziness has finally ended, and today is one of my favorite days here on the blog because one of my favorite bloggers is here sharing her loves and love-me-nots for the week. Today I have invited Chelsea of Choose to be Happy
 Chelsea is just darling- a total knock out, sweet as pie, and completely stylish. She blogs about life and love and all things happy over at her blog. Let's hear what she's loving this week....

hi! i'm Chelsea from Choose to be Happy and i'm excited to be here today sharing my loves and love me nots!
{but mostly the loves}

She Loves Me:
* white clothing, my favorite! especially wearing it guilt free - thanks to you, mister Memorial Day
* shadow pictures. i really have a thing for them  
* half birthdays. i'm a big believer in these. they are made to celebrate, not just mine, yours too! and since most don't keep track, it makes the element of surprise so much better!
 {and little trips and exclamation points and
books and

  warm weather
but that's not part of this post because its in brackets}

She Loves Me Not:
* traffic.  surely one day we will find a cure for it
* the fact that book 4 of the Hunger Games does not exist..... .... ....  :(
* baseball boyfriend goodbyes. these make my heart sad.  but it has also taught me a lot about myself and life and love :)  and a liiiiittle bit of baseball too.

aaaand there you have it!  thanks so much for having me Michaela! 

Thanks, Chelsea! I love white clothing, too, and traffic is just the worst!
What are YOU loving this week?? Link up with me for next week's She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not monthly link party! {Wednesday, June 20th}

Happy Wednesday!


  1. i love chels! so happy shes here today :) i love that she celebrates half birthdays :) x

  2. I love that chels. Knock out is right!

  3. Aww, how cool is that shadow picture?! LOVE, love, love Chelsea :)

    Happy Wednesday, Michaela!

  4. are there any cities with lots of awesome jobs, cute men, and cool places to live minus traffic? I think that'd be utopia... and I'd be there in a hot second.

    Oh baseball .... Love/hate relationship hehe. You're the most precious ever Chelsea.

    Hi Michaela!!!!


  5. Ugh, feel for me. Toronto has THE WORST and longest commute through traffic in North America! It beats out New York, LA AND Atlanta. The average commute length is over 75 minutes long!

  6. i love chelsea!
    and yeah...there needs to be at least seven HG books. come on, suzanne.

  7. Love the triangle picture collage - how do you do that?

  8. Love Chels! She is so cute!!


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