{Trip Recap Part 2} Portland & a Road Trip Video

Incase you missed the first part of my Seattle adventure weekend with Ashley, go here!

We couldn't leave for Portland until I took Ashley to see the iconic Pike Place Market. I've been to the market many, many times over the last three years, but I've never in my life seen so many beautiful flowers there. I told Ashley she would be in shock and that the flowers go on for miles, but boy did they ever! We also stopped in for a drink at the very first Starbucks- yep, the place it all began- Starbucks Coffee in Pike Place. Did our drinks taste better from this Starbucks, as opposed to the other thousand we've been to throughout our lives? Well, of course they did :)

Before we left Seattle we a bit more fun around town:
seriously, is she not the cutest?! 
in front of one of my favorite houses. 
beautiful city views.

After our Seattle weekend, it was time to take off for Portland!  While there we had the pleasure of meeting and dining with Bonnie from the Whim Wham Life and Nicole of Running in Heels. Both ladies are some of the sweetest, funniest girls- I just adore them! Such a fun blate.

Bonnie, her too-cute-for-words baby Josiah, me, Nicole, Ashley

Because we only had less than 24 hours in Portland, our night wasn't over! After dinner we went to Huber's- a swanky restaurant.  We were told that watching the bartender making the spanish coffee was an experience not to miss! It was awesome...he lit the liquor on fire. Amazing! Although we didn't order the spanish coffee, it was still awesome to see him make it. I had myself a little blended margarita. Yum.

Our next stop was Voodoo Doughnuts- another Portland must-do {or must-eat, in this case!} There were some seriously crazy and weird flavor doughnuts, and after saying "okay, we're here...we HAVE to get a crazy flavor!", we both opted for the plain 'ole glazed.  Boring...but oh-so-delicious!

The next morning we woke up at 6am and were on the road to California.
so many pretty mountains along the way.
pit stop at Lake Shasta
In order to capture the memories of our 14 hour road trip, we documented the trip on our iPhones! If you feel so inclined, here is our road trip 2012 video.  It was a great drive with lots of laughs and memories.  Oh, and an unexpected bump in the road at the very end of the trip!

That concludes our Seattle/Portland Adventures! 
Enjoy your Thursday :)


  1. ooh such great photos! The doughnuts are making my mouth water.

  2. Oh how I love the video! You crack me up...the lap towel :). I'm sorry you had a flat tire so close to home, but it added a little entertainment at least! What a fun trip!

  3. I love all your pictures! But I already told you that! :)
    The video is adorable!! I recently started following Ashley! She seems so sweet and fun, just like you! :)

  4. Your's and Ashley's recaps of Seattle are making me even more excited to go up there this summer! And I LOVED that I was able to finally meet you in person - now I can call you a real-life friend instead of just a blog-friend! Always a plus of the blog world!

  5. This is wonderful! But now you've got me thinking of the 18 hour car trip I have coming up soon. :(

  6. ohhh my! i love roadtrips and yours looks lovely michaela haha..."Oh hey MICHAEL" goodness dont you LOVe when people mess up your name ;) xo

  7. so that pink dress you're wearing in the pic with the balloons... WHERE is it from!? obsessed :) beautiful pics as always lovey xo

  8. You always have the most amazing pictures on your blog! I love it and they always make me feel like I'm wherever you are :)

    After seeing those doughnuts, I really wish I was with you!

    It looks like an amazing trip and I can't wait to watch the video!

  9. Loving all your pictures! You are seriously the most photogenic person ever. Did you know it's on my bucket list to go to the very first Starbucks?! I have to make it happen soon.

  10. i haven't made a roadtrip in the longest time. this has inspired me...maybe soon!

  11. Your pictures are awesome! This post makes me wish I had gone too :)

  12. I enjoyed that movie so much! Glad everything worked out with the flat.

    Silver from A Silver Snapshot

  13. Y'all are such cuties!!!! So glad that y'all finally finally finally got home safe!!

  14. Ha! Love it (not the flat tire however). I might have to video the road trip to Baylor later this summer! Good times!!!

  15. Haha... you guys are too funny. Soo... guess what? MY family ALWAYS travels with lap towels in the car too!!! haha!! I had to burst out laughing at that one. Totally grew up that way. Hugs friend!

  16. I can't believe the officer agreed to be in your video. Hahaha! Um, well, actually I can. Two pretty girls....look out! Lol.

    At least it makes for a great blog post. Isn't that REALLY all that matters? Haha. (Have to look on the bright side, right?)

    You two are so cute. Beautiful pics.

  17. lol...........that video was too funny! I can't believe you got the highway patrol officer to do a little commentary for you!! :)

  18. looks like you guys really enjoyed each other's company...so nice!

  19. those balloon pictures are inspiring <3

  20. Those pictures are gorgeous! I've loved seeing all the photos from Ashley's time in Seattle and your road trip south to CA. I love your video! You two are hilarious.

  21. Cute video!!! Looks like you guys had a blast!


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