She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Caught On A Whim

I'm thrilled to introduce you to one of my new favorite bloggers, Erica from Caught On A Whim.
Caught On A Whim
Erica is beautiful and oh-so-creative. Her blog is filled with cute crafts, hair do's and do-it-yourself projects. You should probably head over there today and say hi, because I'm giving this new blogger only a few weeks before she explodes in blog land and is all sorts of famous :) Let's hear what she's loving and not loving this week!

Hi guys! My name is Erica and I blog over at Caught On A Whim.  I'm thrilled Michaela asked me to share my 'loves' and 'love me nots' with you today.  And, get ExCiTeD, because I'm a DIY kinda girl, so a lot of the loves you can make for yourself.  Let's start with the good stuff, shall we? Here are a few of my latest loves...

She Loves Me:

Can anything else make jeans and a t-shirt look more glamorous? I think not.  

P.S. You don't have to get a pricy brand.  There are some great bold colors at your drugstore.  I'm wearing Cover Girl's Lip Perfection Lipcolor in Hot. And, best of all, it only cost a few bucks.

Nothing makes you feel more feminine than a pretty flower in your hair.  This hairstyle is surprisingly easy to do. Check out the tutorial here.  Just be prepared for a 1980s flashback.  You've been warned ;)

Just a touch of bold color is all you need.  I love how neon can even make storage boxes fun. Wanna make your own neon edged storage boxes? Here's the tutorial.

I've been obsessed with these ever since I saw this photo by the street style photographer Vanessa Jackman. So far these mint ones are my favorite.  An added plus... they are really easy to make in any color your heart desires.  Want to make your own?  Hop on over for the how-to.

Alright, ladies, we talked about the good.  Now it's time for the bad and the ugly...
She Loves Me Not:

Ick! Luckily, I have a simple remedy... baby powder and dry shampoo.  These two have been my hair's best friends and have given me many a good hair day without the need to wash my hair. (TMI, I know, I know.) Just apply to the roots and you're good to go. 

These I could definitely do without.  Especially when they cause you to lose power for a week.  Not fun.  Uggg!  Mother Nature, why are you so cruel?!!

Thanks for hanging out with me guys!  It's been fun.  And a special thanks to Michaela for inviting me over today.

Thank you, Erica! Told you she was creative- look at all those tutorials she linked to! Check them out.  Dirty hair is the worst...but baby powder is a great remedy. Go say hello to Erica today!

Happy Wednesday! What are YOU loving this week?


  1. Thanks for having me over Michaela! I had so much fun with your love me/love me not theme! :)

  2. What we do without dry shampoo?! Loving those neon trim boxes Erica! Fun series as always Michaela!

  3. I'm with you on the storms :( I've always wanted to try the baby powder thing but I have black hair, I feel like it wouldn't work out, haha.

  4. i am so with you on the storms!

  5. Special thanks to Michaela for her inspirational blog and also for spreading Erica's contents, she is always so smart and creative...
    Big kisses to everyone!!

    Giveaway during this week, come in and participate!!
    DIY & unique pieces

  6. I'm a big fan of Erica - I'm so glad you featured her!

  7. Love her Blog and thanks to Erica i'm now discovering yours!!! Good Work!!! xoxo from Rome

  8. I´m sure that she´s going to be a famous blogger too... I´ve being following her for a couple of weeks and I´m in love with her and her projects, but what I like the most is her personality.... she´s a beautiful person =)
    congratulations Erica
    and BTW great blog Michaela!

  9. Storms are nice when you are inside but not when you are outside ... sends my hair frizzy boooo ! I am loving everything Benefit right now !

    Chrissi xo

  10. love some caught on a whim! erica is like a diy genius and this post is great! ps - so glad you had her now because i found out about your blog! :)

  11. I la-la-love red lipstick, but having a 16 month-old has made it impossible (with the exception of date nights with Mr. M) ... She will try to rub it off my lips, onto her fingers, and onto her lips! Such a little diva already. ;)

    Fabulous! Off to check out Erica's blog!

  12. I love the boxes. In fact, I love "things to be things in." I always think that they will make me more organized in a fashionable manner, but they never do. (My fault, not the boxes...)

  13. *put* - not *be* - long day. Sigh.

  14. Love Erica! And glad to find your blog - this is a fun series! I'm so in agreement on the red lipstick :)

  15. Oh I love the red lipstick...and the romantic hairstyle...and well, all of it!!

  16. I definitely second red lipstick! Although crazy storms would be on my 'LOVE' list- when you're tucked up inside under a duvet of course!

  17. Hi Erica, how exciting to be invited over here - well done! Crazy storm, but gorgie photo - sooo moody and love the colour tones

  18. I love red lipsticks and feminine hairstyles too. xx

  19. I love the romantic hairstyle. It looks so feminine and old fashioned.

  20. Hi Michaela! I'm a big fan of Erica's... loved her guest post and I'm so glad to have discovered your blog too!


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