What Would You Say?

Forever And Ever by He Is We on Grooveshark
These are the lyrics of one of my very favorite songs from He Is We. The words are completely cute and catchy, but also totally make you think. One breath.  Just one...what would you say?? I would have so many things to say....

1. Know & love God
2. Do what you're passionate about in life
3. Be kind to people & smile
4. Eat dessert often
5. If you're in a rut, or a trial, or in a season in life that is troubling: don't fear. It will get better. You will get through it. God is love.  He will deliver you.
6. Puppies make everything better, usually :)
7. To my family, I love you with all my heart

Your turn to tell me what you'd say in the comments!
Happy Saturday!

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  1. Love this Michaela!

    I would definitely have to say, "you are a blessing to those who know you!"

    Hope you are having a good weekend. Katie is home for her birthday. It is sooo good having her home for a few days.

  2. Oh I just love this song...thanks for sharing! Looking up He Is We now. :)

  3. I'd want to tell everyone I know I love them and appreciate them. That's something I don't say enough. Happy weekend, sweet friend! xo

  4. :) Love. Well girly! I've been thinking of you this week as you've made this big transition! You are in my prayers, and I hope everything is working out well with the living situation, room-mates, all that stuff. Enjoy the adventure! If I come out to that area at all, we will totally have to meet up. You will do great with your last year, I have no doubt. Just remember Who it is that is walking with you each. step. of the way. :)

  5. I would say that I love my family dearly and to pray for love and light for everyone :)

    Love Chrissi xo


  6. This is perfection. Love that you did this and share your heart with us :)


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