{DIY} Make Your Own Bouquet + A Blog Date

Last week I had the opportunity to meet up with one of the sweetest bloggers around, Nicole, from Consider the Lilies.  We connected about a year ago and have been blog friends ever since. Because we live relatively close, we finally planned a blog date and it was SO much fun! Nicole is so delightful, talented, genuine and stunningly beautiful. I just loved our time together. 

We met up at the San Francisco Flower Mart to look around at pretty flowers. Let me tell ya, it's blooms for miles there, friends! Any girl's dream :)  Because we were in the midst of so many flowers, and because Nicole is a wonderful photographer, we put together a Do it Yourself bouquet. With just three types of flowers, we created a lovely, whimsical bouquet -- perfect for your dining table, centerpiece at an event, or for a bride perhaps.

Bouquet Recipe:
1. Veronicas
2. Lisianthus {new favorite flower}
3. Hydrangea
4. Finish it off with a few more Veronica and Lisianthus on the outside
5. Wrap tightly with twine
all photographs taken and edited by nicole

After the flower mart, Nicole and I went shopping at the big mall in SF. It was such a fun-filled day! I'm so happy blogging has brought so many wonderful girlfriends into my life. Nicole is no exception! Go say hello to her today:)  Have you ever been to the Flower Mart in your city?

Have a beautiful Thursday!


  1. My BFF is a wedding planner in SF so we go to the flower mart all of the time. Girls' paradise!

  2. Such a beautiful bouquet and it looks like a perfect day for you girls!!! :)

  3. I have been DYING to visit the NYC flower market--I only hear amazing things, and being surrounded by all those blooms would make me one happy girl. I love the bouquet you pulled together. So gorgeous!

    The Glossy Life

  4. oooh, i would love to hang out in that place!

  5. I love that sweet bouquet! (And your polka dot jeans). :)

    One of my brides this summer did all of her own floral arrangements and bouquets for her wedding. She went to the SF Flower Market a day or two before and nearly cleaned the place out!

  6. Those bouquets are beautiful! Now I'm dying to find a local flower market. If I ever make it out to SF I'm so there. And I spy some cute polkadot skinnies. Where are they from?! Too cute.

    Bailey Jean

  7. These flowers are beautiful!!! I love fresh flowers. They add so much to a room :)

  8. The Flower Mart looks amazing!! How much fun! You did an awesome job for arranging flowers for the first time!

  9. I love fresh flowers. My faves are peonies but this bouquet is absolutely lovely!

  10. Y'all are so cute!! So glad y'all finally had a blate!

  11. This looks so perfect. I need to find a Flower mart. What a fun blate!

  12. What a beautiful arrangement! I would say that is a grand date:) And your girls are so cute! Love your polka dot jeans!!

  13. I haven't been to the flower mart near my city...but i'll be googling one and most definitely visiting it soon! I love fresh flowers in our home :) Your arrangement is just gorgeous.

    I hopped on over from Nicole's blog, and I'm so glad I did. You have a lovely blog!


  14. What an absolutely stunning bouquet! you are very VERY talented

    PS. Love your blog soooo much that I'm definitely staying ;)

  15. my secret wish in life is to be a flower arranger! this post made me so happy :)


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