{House Update} New Bathroom Knobs

About three years ago I redid our hall bath with my mom. This included tearing down 90's floral wallpaper {the worst experience ever, may I add!}, sanding, repainting, and picking out all new decor.  We were really happy with our bathroom, except that I have always wanted to change out the knobs.  If you haven't noticed, cute little knobs are a total weakness of mine.
My cousin happens to be living abroad working for Google, and while she was on a trip to India, she found a vendor on the street selling Anthropologie-esque knobs for a fraction of the price. And by fraction, I mean the knobs were 80 cents. EIGHTY CENTS, people!!  Why, yes, I'll take 10! It turns out these blue knobs are identical to the ones at Anthropologie. Perfect :)

Today I'm showing off our 80 cent knobs that make our bathroom look like a million bucks. Here's the before and after:

I think it's a small and very cheap update that added a great amount of personality. 
Don't you just love fun knobs?

What's your latest DIY project??
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  1. WOW what a deal! I'm loving the knobs. The blue adds a fun little pop!

  2. They look great!!! I'm so jealous, I paid almost 10 dollars a pop for my anthro knobs!!

  3. LOVE LOVE those knobs! It's amazing how big of a difference those little touches can make. So cute! xox

  4. Definitely love them!! I can't wait to find some pretty knobs to go on E's new dresser...that we are getting tomorrow!! WOOHOO!!

  5. new knobs may be one of my favorite updates! It's amazing how sunch a small thing can make a big difference.

  6. I looooove the knobs! Jealous.
    Also that painting you have in there is really beautiful. I love, GREAT job! :)


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