Fall Faves

wedges // teacup lamp // chevron pumpkins
coffee & boot images via michaela noelle designs

It's October. Wait-- OCTOBER?! Okay, just had to emphasize that! What a perfect day to talk about my Fall Faves.

Lately, I've had a serious shoe fetish.  Boots have been a long time love for me, as I used to live in Seattle and they were the only things that would keep my feet warm! I recently purchased this pair of Jessica Simpson wedges and couldn't be happier. I think they are perfect for the new season and BONUS: they are super comfortable!

My signature drink from Starbucks in the Fall and Winter seasons is a Zebra Hot Chocolate.  That's right folks, I don't drink coffee, so this is my fave :)  Except, here in Los Angeles it's still in the 90's...hotter than this Seattle girl is used to.  So I haven't quite brought out the Zebra Hot Chocolate's yet. Until we get down into the cooler temperatures, I'm sticking with my iced Passion Tea- sweetened, of course.

An adorable teacup lamp adds charm and sophisticated whimsy to any room in any season, but I especially love this piece for Autumn.

Lastly, who doesn't love a little chevron?! Clearly I sure do! I'm thinking this will be my next DIY project...maybe some polka dot pumpkins, too.  Yes, I think so.

Sharing this post with Ten June. What are your Fall Favorites?
Have a great Monday!
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  1. I'm a pumpkin spice girl, and so funny, I'm planning to do a little chevron pumpkin today!

  2. Zebra hot chocolate- sounds yummy! I love how you put this post together- I need to learn how to do that!

  3. October?!! The temps here have cooled off, and I am thankful. The leaves are starting to change color too. And yes, already diving into the Starbucks Salted Caramel Mochas!!

  4. Happy October! What is a Zebra Hot Chocolate?? Do tell!! Inquiring minds want to know. ;)

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. Love those cute pumpkins!


  6. Can't burn through my pumpkin spice candles fast enough!

  7. i think i need to try zebra hot chocolate. but not for awhile. since it's already 85 and supposed to be almost 100 this week. i get the same tea at starbucks. so yummy!

    i really want fall weather. i need to wear boots!

  8. This 90 degree weather here in LA is KILLING me! I want to wear boots so badly :)

    xo Lisa

  9. I agree with Megan, I need to learn how to do post like this. Those shoes are so pretty! I'm tempted to get them now. And those pumpkins are adorable!! I just love this time of year.

  10. Love the teapot lamp! Very Alice in Wonderland :)
    Zebra Coffee, also awesome.
    On another note, I hope you're keeping tally of how many people call you Denise Richards Lol

  11. I'm so happy you live in warm weather now : ) Although I know you will miss boots! I can't wait to see pics from LA! xoxo

  12. I had my dad recreate that anthro lamp for me last summer. :) It is one of my favorite pieces in my room!!

  13. I think fall is my favorite season and unfortunately I really don't get to experience it being a Florida native LOL. I love the passion tea & I drink a lot of sweetened iced green tea from Starbucks too. I am loving all the boots & pumpkin designs I've been seeing all over Pinterest. Hope your orientation went well today :)

  14. Love the teacup lamp! That's so dainty and cute!


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