She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Marshalls Abroad

Friends! You're in for a treat today. One of my favorite blog friends is here sharing what she's loving and not loving for my Wednesday series.  Meet Amanda from Marshalls Abroad.  
Amanda is the lovely author behind her lifestyle and travel blog. She's a sweet soul who loves cooking, photography, DIY projects, decorating her beautiful home on the water (jealous!!), and so much more. You're sure to adore her and be captivated by her photos. I may or may not read her blog to live vicariously through her each and every day :)

Hi Michaela's readers! I'm Amanda. 
Like you all, I love reading Michaela's blog and finding inspiration each day from her...
and this is one of my favorite series on any blog so I'm excited to be joining.
Thanks for having me, beautiful girl!
1. Finding this driftwood {now our centerpiece} on the beach!
And thinking up my own recipes each day, like this Creamy Butternut Squash Risotto

2. A trip to Kyoto, Japan in the Fall

3. Wearing Orange & Turquoise

4.  Being a fool in love & learning each day to *not* put yourself first

5. Old maps. And building these frames for ours of Europe, Japan & Okinawa

6. Snail mail. Both sending it and receiving it. Shannon Kirsten has an amazing shop on Etsy for beautiful stationary and prints, including this one!

{photo credit: Associated Press}
1. Apathy. There seems to be so many young adults who don't pay attention to current events and could care less about being informed voters, or voters at all. It makes me sad, and I hope that sentiment changes!

2. Personally for me... the Fall trend of dark, dark red lipstick. Some women look absolutely gorgeous in this shade, but I am most definitely not one of them!  I can't pull it off to save my life. I honestly look like I'm trying to be a 90's wannabe vampire in it and it scares my husband. So I will be passing on this popular trend and sticking to more au naturale... and admiring those of you who look incredible in it!

3. Waiting for season 3 of Downton Abbey to hit iTunes!

Thank you, Amanda! I love those of my favorite things to decorate with! I've also been very into the political scene recently so I can vote and know WHY I'm voting for who I'm voting for! Great reminder :)

Stop by Marshalls Abroad today and say hello!

What about you? What are YOU loving this week?
Happy Wednesday!


  1. I love Amanda's blog...she always puts up such gorgeous pictures!

    The Glossy Life

  2. I love Amanda! She is so sweet and gorgeous! Totally agree about the's sad that people just don't care!!

  3. Loved this! I agree about the red lipstick.. It ages me or maybe I just don't find the right shade! Beautiful photo of the orange and turquoise!

  4. totally agree about the super dark red lipstick. not a fan. mainly because i cant pull it off. lol


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