DIY Fabric Scrap Journals

About a year ago my two close friends and I started a journal; a traveling journal of sorts {you know, instead of traveling pants:)}. The three of us go to different colleges, and as a fun way to stay in touch and up-to-date with life happenings, we decided to send this notebook around person to person. The first girl would write in it and add prayer requests and then send it off to the next girl.  In one year, each friend received the journal three times. Checking the mail and finding this journal all packaged up was such a joy. As I read words written by my dear friends about their life, I couldn't help but smile. This is something we truly treasure- and there's something to be said about it all being written by hand.

My friend crafted our journal herself by sewing swatches of fabric and paper on the front cover. It's so cute, I thought I'd show you the how-to today so you can make your own!

DIY Fabric Scrap Journal
Materials: Journal, paper, fabric scraps, lace, sewing machine, thread, paint, scissors.

1. Start by gathering fabric, lace, paper and quotes you love. Cut them into squares {easiest shape to sew} and place on the cover of the journal in an arrangement you like.  We also stenciled this little outline of a house on some card stock and sewed that in, too. I majorly heart that part.

2. Start sewing from the bottom layer of fabric, up. Be sure to layer the fabric as you go. We sewed this on thread pattern #4 on the machine- the zigzag one.  It gives it a vintage look.

3. On the first page of the notebook, my friend also sewed in this beautiful saying. Every once and a while we'll add in pictures of what we've been up to.  Below you'll see a cute polaroid my friend taped in of her house so we could see! It's like we were there:)

Crafty, sentimental and perfectly whimsical. My kind of DIY! Do you keep a journal?

Have a great Thursday!


  1. What an amazing idea! This is going on Pinterest right away. Love <3

  2. This is SO pretty, Michaela! I love this are so crafty and talented!

  3. This is an amazing idea. This will be a journal that you and your friends look back on when you girls grow older. I love that it will keep you close even while you are apart!

  4. Hi Michaela:

    I love this post. The journal is so so pretty. What a wonderful way to keep in touch. I am definitely going to do this. Yes, I do keep a journal. I used to write on it everyday. But now I write only every three or four days, and only when God is showing me something about my life or when I am confused and need clarity.

    Thanks for this great idea. Also, I thought you looked very cute in yesterday's outfit but I did not get a chance to comment yesterday. The dress is so simple and sweet.

    Have a great day,

  5. I love! I really want to do this one! I've always thought I needed to get a journal, I just can never find a cute one, but this I could definitely make my own. I really love this. Thank you so much for sharing! We miss you over here, but I'm so glad you're having a wonderful time in LA :)

  6. This is such a cute idea, Michaela!!! I love it and will definitely have to try it :) Such a great way to add a personal touch to a journal. Hope you're having a great day!

  7. These are really sweet. I definitely would like to try this out sometime.

    Love Chrissi xo

  8. This is so cute!! I love this...such a great way of really being a part of each other's lives!!

  9. ok i love this...

    emailing you tonight!

  10. Oh wow!!! I love this DIY Michaela! I really want to get a sewing machine one of these days. I never would have thought to sew a cute journal like that!

  11. Great! I start fabric diary with little pisc of every fabric. Its so lovely but takes some times


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