What I've Learned in Los Angeles

Well, I've been living in Los Angeles for two whole weeks now, which is clearly enough time share my knowledge on the city with you.  If I may, let's begin.

In Los Angeles:
- A yellow light means HURRY and get through the intersection!
- Left hand turns should be avoided at all costs, as we do not have separate arrows for turn lanes.
- Right lanes are for buses, left lanes are turn lanes {mentioned above}, so I've learned there's no win here!
- Weaving in and out and changing lanes constantly is normal. Especially if you want to get anywhere on time. I think by the end of this year I'll be a greaaaat defensive driver.

Are you wondering why these are all about traffic so far?? 
That's because I've spent 90% of my time in Los Angeles on the roads. Oh joy! ;) Moving on...

- The Grove shopping center is by far my favorite place to be.  They have Anthro (the associates know me now!), J. Crew, Madewell, Nordstrom, Gap, and a variety of yummy restaurants!
- Rodeo Drive is for the rich and famous. The cheapest store on the street is Juicy Couture....
- I've been asked if I'm Denise Richards about 20 times so far. One of these times I'll put on my poker face and sign an autograph just for fun.
- I'm definitely not up to par with my sun-kissed glow. I have Washington to thank for this!
- I love my school. Everyday I'm so excited for class.
- I've discovered that through moving for the 4th time in 4 years, it is a big deal- one that shouldn't be passed off for something other than a big deal. Starting life over again is huge; it's draining, it's confusing, it's liberating, it's scary, it's exciting. I'm excited about life and design and everything that's in store!
- Apparently The Coffee Bean is the new Starbucks?? I'll stick with Starbucks :)
- The sunsets are beautiful and the palm trees have my heart. I think it's safe to say God is my favorite artist :)
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Remember the part about me loving my classes and all? I'll be sharing more about each of my classes soon, but for now, here's a project I just finished for my photoshop class.  We had to render a blank room, adding in 6-8 different items. I turned my room into a glam sitting area complete with fancy gold wallpaper, a perfectly pink couch and pretty french doors:
if you want that gold wallpaper as much as I do, go here to buy it.

I'm sure I'll be back with more LA knowledge in a few weeks.  What are your plans for the weekend? Anything fun or Fall-ish up your sleeves? I'll be doing homework, hanging out with a friend who's coming in town and working on some projects that I'll reveal real soon!

Happy Friday!


  1. I'm so proud of you!! I can't imagine all the moving and adjusting you've done throughout college. I can't wait to hear about all your classes! Happy Friday, friend!

  2. i'm sure LA is such a fun place to explore & go to school! can't wait to see all the beautiful things you come up with there :)

  3. people in LA LOVE their coffee bean.

  4. DENISE IS THAT YOU!? Hahah too funny girl. Don't people know she is over 40 now? I'd still take it as a compliment though, she's a babe and you do resemble her! Please sign an autograph one day! LA sounds fab, but the driving sounds terrifying!

  5. Sounds like an awesome place to travel around, even with all the traffic. Love that room cant wait to see what else you share :)

  6. Sounds like you are settling in. We are at Baylor, just waiting for Katie to get out of class later.

  7. That Oh joy wallpaper is a real darl, but it is so expensive :( Oh look you are sunbathing booo i'm in a sweater here in England ... Have fun and good luck with the driving I remember it being a nightmare when I was there !

    Love Chrissi xo


  8. I love the sun bursting through the palm trees and your project is so pretty. Loving that gold wallpaper too!

  9. I'll always be a Starbucks girl too. In San Diego we have Coffee Bean as well as Pete's Coffee and I've had both and don't like them as much.

  10. i LOVE that denise R bit ;-) have a great wknd!

  11. Yeah, I'd say 80% of my life has been spent in my car. That's the life of a Californian ;-) Glad you're enjoying your classes...where are you going to school? I'm getting my BA in Interior Design from the AI, and I absolutely am loving it!

  12. You totally a mini-Denise Richards! Love that you're getting settled into LA. And Coffee Bean is really amazing! Wish we had one up here!

  13. Seriously could not imagine moving four times in four years! Starting over is hard work. So way to go lady! :) Can't wait to hear more about how you are liking the city.

  14. Oh my gosh it sounds like life is just amazing for you. I'm so happy for you, with the exception of the traffic. Lol Your photoshop skills are amazing, and I am very jealous that you get to be living your dream right now!

    On another note, I forgot to tell you when we went to the PBC meeting, your dad drove, and he had his little "lap towel" and also we listened to girly country music the entire time, it was hilarious Lol

  15. So glad you're loving it! I love LA & The Coffee Bean ;)

    And your photoshop room is beautiful!

    Looking forward to reading more about your LA adventures.
    -Danya @ PinkPeonyStyle.com

  16. haha i think all of my initial 'what I have learned about LA' things were pretty similar to yours -- all concerning traffic!

    I have run more just turned red lights in one single day in LA than I have in my entire life combined when I was living in MN. You will never get anywhere if you don't push down that gas pedal when you see a yellow light :) I find myself constantly swerving between lanes too.. bikers, buses, random cars! You have to swerve to avoid hitting anything :)

    Glad to hear you are enjoying your classes and life in LA so much! I love the Grove and am jealous you live so close!!

  17. that gold wallpaper is amazing.

    and i want some so-cal now.

  18. God is my favorite artist too! And living in L.A. we get to experience such a variety of His creations. I moved to Marina del Rey 8 months ago and am still in awe of the beauty. I hope I never will grow tired of it. I plan to head to the beach and enjoy the warm sun and sand this weekend!

  19. I could NOT drive there...I'd be so scared! Haha! And I think E needs that gold wallpaper in her room!

  20. Im also an interior design student. Currently studying at the Art Institute online, because I live in MT but my hometown is near Seattle so I feel your rainy blues. Did you transfer to a new school in LA?

    new follower openspaces

  21. I love me some french doors!!! They are on the list for my dream house :)

    I'm from So-Cal, and not gonna lie Coffee Bean has LEGIT hot chocolate. Starbucks's hot chocolate is too bitter. Don't write off Coffee Bean just yet.

    Hope you are enjoying the California sun!

  22. I live just outside of LA and I can definitely relate to your post! Glad your enjoying school so far! I love how you said God is your favorite artist. That was beautiful!

  23. I feel the same way about LA...it was a big change from Seattle for me too. I'm with you...coffee bean is nothing. I'll take Starbucks any day :) hope you're well!

    Xo Lisa


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