Fall Table Scape + Color Palette

bowls // dish towels // owl dish towel // napkins // gold candle vases //  owl plates // mug // pitcher

You know what I'm loving this year more than anything? There are no rules anymore! Let me explain:  The traditional color palettes for each season are no longer the "norm", and instead we're cheerfully ushering in Fall with a fun twist on the colors we're used to laying our eyes upon. Gone are the lone dark shades of brown, maroon, and burnt orange, and hello to a brighter, more fresh palette of tangerine, canary, turquoise, navy, gold eggplant and plums.

As a way to show you these traditional colors mixed in with the new hues we're seeing this season, I've created an Autumn Color Palette guide, using the above inspiration board for your table scape as my color wheel. I may or may not have spent an hour teaching myself how to create a glitter pattern in Photoshop as well ;)  The top four are hues we're used to seeing, but as the color rules go out the window, we're able to play with the bottom seven colors as well.

How do you plan on using these colors this season?!

Have a colorful weekend and don't forget to enter the Holiday Card or Print giveaway from last Tuesday :)



  1. What fun colors!! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. So fun and fresh for fall. It all works perfectly together!

  3. Oh what lovely colours ... I love those towels !!

    Love Chrissi xo


  4. I want pretty tea towels! But mostly, I want a house to put them in! :)

  5. Beautiful board, Michaela!

    This color scheme is already what I'd call the "dominant" one in our home, but I'd love to add to it with a few little fall-specific pieces.

  6. great post! i've been trying to "brighten" up fall myself, so this was perfect! i love those colors.

  7. Ohhhh, love the glitter! You did good! I love the idea of new colors for fall instead of the typical ones!

  8. Beautiful! Love love the owls of course!

  9. Love those colors! I just set out all of my pumpkins and I really enjoy having a little color round!


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