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You all know I'm a recent convert to safer beauty products. I never looked at ingredients labels even a year ago and now I read them like a hawk because it's actually really important to me!  I'm sharing a couple tried and true products with safe, effective ingredients that I love. They all smell amazing and have been SO good to my skin.
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The Cleansing Balm is a new-to-me product! I just got it 3 weeks ago and love it so much. I used to use coconut oil to take off makeup, but I started noticing I was getting dry around my eyes, so I stopped that. The Cleansing Balm is a 4 in 1 product as it removes makeup (what I use it for every night!), is a moisturizing face wash, and can be used a mask (leave it on for 20 min and rinse) OR you can actually sleep in it and use it as a heavy moisturizer.

If you struggle with acne, occasional breakouts or oily skin, Beautycounter's new CounterControl line is perfect for you. This has totally curbed my oily skin. When I've had a breakout, I wash with this, then put the SOS Acne Spot Treatment on it and it drastically reduces the length of the breakout. Hooray!
It's so important to exfoliate our skin. We can do that a couple ways. The first is with an exfoliator wash and the second is by masking! Our Charcoal Mask is a best seller for good reason. It draws out your impurities and leaves your skin SUPER soft and not too dry after you wash it off (something most charcoal masks don't do!)

Heading into the dryer parts of the year, this Adaptive Countermatch Moisture Lotion is my best friend. It has technology in it that actually knows if your skin is too dry or too oily and it counteracts whatever is going on, giving you an even skintone and skin type throughout the day!
Have littles at home?! The Kids bath wash smells like strawberries and is obviously totally safe! My cousin's son says he loves it because it smells good and makes him all "slippery" ;)

A fun way to finish your look is with lipgloss. I've never loved a lipgloss more! My favorite colors are Peony and Bare Shimmer. We actually have a super fun holiday set with 10 lipglosses, which would make great, affordable gifts when broken up!

Have a wonderful day, friends! And please do share with me your favorite products; beautycounter or not!

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