Our Fall Home Decor 2018

Hi friends! I took about a week off of blogging since my mom was here visiting. I can't wait to tell you about our trip and show you some pretty Michigan fall color. Before she came, I decorated our little home for fall. You may remember this post where I shared some pretty honest feelings about how I didn't want to decorate for the new season because I would be using all my old decorations. Well, once I got my feelings out there and talked to so many of you who were feeling the same way, I was actually excited to decorate for this new season and use what I had as a challenge. The only new things I bought were for my porch and even that, I stayed in a small budget. 
Today I'm showing you our fall decor, but in another post next week I'll show you some comparisons of this year vs. last year's decorations and how I went about it. But for now, enjoy some simple, neutral Autumn touches!

The first thing you see coming up our stairs is this ledge and two windows. I'm so grateful for these windows because they let so much extra light into our apartment! Our gallery wall of a couple wedding photos are at the top of the stairs, along with a little basket for outdoor gear like mittens, hats, and Lincoln's leash.

After my last post about fall, a sweet reader wanted to send me a gift to help me decorate our apartment for the new season. It was the kindest thing EVER and made me smile all day! Angela of Hand Treated Home made this adorable wood sign for my ledge. I often say "I want to be at home and get cozy" (total homebody here) so it was just perfect! I added some olive branches I had bought earlier in the year (from Hobby Lobby) to a clear vase for some height and texture. I cut a hydrangea off the bush in our neighborhood and dried it for the little white vase. I love the pink color!

And if you love Hand Treated Home's shop as much as me, stay tuned on my Instagram in a couple weeks! hint hint ;)

As usual, Lincoln looking extra stoic for his photo ;)

My bookshelf is really similar to how it usually looks. I just swap out a couple key things: new (but old to me) artwork in the frame at the top, a pumpkin next to it, and then did a vignette of candlesticks, a mercury glass pumpkin, a stack of books with some cute wood houses and a plant from this summer on them, and finally some vases along with my DIY white pumpkins I made 4 years ago. When in doubt, decorate in 3's and odd numbers ;)

In the living room I simply hung my Graced Designs magnolia wreath on the wood sign with a gingham ribbon I had left over from Christmas last year and threw on my "thankful" pillow cover.

Okay, I DID buy two candles from Trader Joe's this season for our house. So I guess I broke my vow there ;) But they've never had candles before and both the vanilla pumpkin and the Honeycrisp apple candle were amazing!! I couldn't pass them up.

My friend who grows an amazing flower garden let me cut a couple dahlias when we were over there the other night. It was such a sweet gift! They lasted for a whole week and I loved every second of them.

gather sign / lamp / wreath
floral pillows / thankful pillow
I also wanted to show you the pretty planter boxes my neighbor gifted me with about a month ago. They are so gorgeous and they make me so happy every time I see them! I zip tied them to our balcony and then tied them tight at the top bar of our railing with twine so they wouldn't slope when I water them.

And if you missed our fall porch, you can see that here!

Thanks for taking a peek!
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  1. I love that ledge and the frame wall as you walk up the stairs! And that sign is perfect!

    1. Thank you!! Yes, I love that ledge! Ours is the only apartment with it :) we got so lucky! I love the sign, too...so fun for the new season.

  2. So pretty friend. I love that ledge that you have. Fun area to decorate.

    1. Yes!! It’s so fun! Thanks Lauren :) Other than the ledge and our shelf, there’s nowhere else to put decorations so I’m grateful for it!


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